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Who Are The Ravenni? Exploring The Enemies You'll Face In Extinction

Although it’s the David versus Goliath combat that stands out in Iron Galaxy’s action-RPG, there’s more to Extinction than the same old ogre boss fight. There’s plenty of variation between the ogres, known as the Ravenii, and a few other enemy types besides to keep you on your toes.


The Ravenii are the driving force behind the eponymous Extinction. An ancient force of 150-foot ogres, they’ve been keeping a low profile for the past few centuries - so low, in fact, that humanity had all but forgotten about the threat they pose. Unbeknown to the denizens of Dolorum, the game’s quasi-middle ages fantasy setting, the Ravenii have actually been plotting humanity’s ultimate downfall all this time. The beginning of the game sees the commencement of that dastardly plan.

Fortunately, they’re not the smartest bunch. Ravenii are all brawn and very little brain, able to craft armour and weapons but too dumb and ungainly to use much in the way of tactics in a fight. Therefore their behaviour doesn’t differ hugely from one to the next, but the way combat plays out will definitely change according to their armour and weapons.

Most Ravenii can be climbed during combat in order to reach the armour on their limbs and break it off. But some Ravenii wear spike armour to the fight which damages the player on contact. A different, airborne approach is required to take them down. Similarly, gold armour isn’t damaged by Rune abilities, so the player must use the Grapple Whip instead to get up close and personal with the locks holding each armour piece in place.

Deadliest of all, Ravenii in bright steel armour are impervious to Avil’s attempt at disarming them. In some situations it might even be best to flee the fight rather than attempt to engage an ogre shod head-to-toe in bright steel armour.


Following their much bigger comrades into the fight, Jackals are goblin-like creatures that can be killed with a few well-timed hits, and don’t wear armour into battle that needs to be removed. Jackals might try to capitalise on the player being distracted by bigger foes and launch their own attacks on the ground. Or, they might make a beeline for the hapless civilians of the town in which the battle’s playing out.


Posing a similar threat level to Jackals - in other words diminished compared with Ravenii - Vultures are airborne pests who add still another dynamic to the fight. If you’re concentrating on the giant ogre, the Jackals will attack from your blind spot on the ground. If you concentrate on /them/ Vultures are there to capitalize on your vulnerability just above ground-level. A mastery of all Avil’s traversal and jumping abilities is needed to see these pests on their way.