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Exploring the world of extinction

Extinction is a brutal world of conflict, a land besieged by giant ogres known as the Ravenni. Since the dawn of time, this world has been at war. Humans battled each other for wealth and land, dwindling away at their resources, unaware of what was to come. They had forgotten the real enemy, the one lumbering towards them from the horizon - the ones known as the Ravenni.

Once there was an ogre

The Ravenni are a ravenous race of ogres who are hellbent on ending humanity. Standing 150 feet tall, a single one of these creatures can lay waste to an army of men. One swipe can wipe out a unit, one stomp can break bones, one flick can send a human soaring through the skies.

Only the strongest humans dare to oppose them. Taking on the role of a warrior named Avil, you must use your wits, your agility, and your speed to take these powerful foes down and save humanity from extinction.

You are the Sentinel

Avil is one of the world’s last remaining Sentinels - a band of elite warriors who are uniquely equipped to fight these hulking enemies. The reason the Sentinels exist has been lost to time, lost to human greed, lost to our hubris. At least it was, until this threat resurfaced. You must remind humanity why the Sentinels existed in the first place: you are the wall that protects mankind from doom.

The Ravenni come in many forms, and these patchwork armour-clad brutes will stop at nothing to cause destruction. Each comes decked in its own armour, handling its own weapon, and requires different tactics to defeat.

Ravenni culture and customs

The Ravenni are not just brutes, however. They have their own language, their own customs and culture. They have vulture and jackal minions - enslaved races of lesser animals - that work towards their cause. Their objective might be unknowable to humans, but there is thought behind their actions, their is a purpose. We are simply in their way.

Fast like the wind

Using a whip and superhuman agility, you must negate the size advantage these creatures have, wall-running, jumping, and climbing up to their level. Every battlefield and every enemy requires different tactics, so you have to think fast to take them down, all while keeping mobile to avoid their bumbling attacks.

Watch out for spiked armour, break locks on iron chest plates, and snuff out flaming skulls. Every ogre is a combat puzzle, and a variety of weapon types makes each one a unique and terrifying danger to Avil.

Save humanity from extinction

Outside of your personal safety, you must balance all this quick thinking with trying to rescue the civilians caught in the crossfire. Do you sacrifice a chunk of your health to protect a civilian being eaten by a jackal, or do you make a run for the main threat before it causes more carnage? You brain needs to be as fast as your feet. Welcome to the world of Extinction.