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What Is Extinction? Release Date, System Requirements

Other than being the evolutionary blight that did for the dinosaurs, Extinction is an upcoming action game about battling towering ogres from Killer Instinct developers Iron Galaxy. There’s a little fighting game in Extinction’s DNA, too: precise, tactical combat is the name of the game here. After all, you can’t afford to just flail around vaguely when your opponent is literally big enough to use you as an ear plug. As intrepid hero Avil, you must defend your homeland from the eponymous fate via Shadow of the Colossus-like fights and brave wave defense stands.

Extinction's Combat

It’s your classic David versus Goliath setup: lumbering brute with raw strength advantage against (much, much) smaller, nimbler chap with fancy moves and clever tactics. Guess who wins.

Actually, scratch that. There’s no guesswork to Extinction’s combat, because Iron Galaxy brought the skill-based interaction from Killer Instinct into this project. Combat is about combining your skills with the right timing - wall-running, doub-jumping, climbing on enemies, stunning and dismembering them - while juggling variables like saving civilians, keeping an eye on the Jackals who follow ogres into the fight, and dodging building-sized feet as your opponents attempt to stomp on you.

Extinction's Characters

Avil and Xandra are the primary characters, and before the first Ravenii attack they’re simple labourers working in the fields, before a monk whisks them away to train in the time-honoured art of giant killing. Avil specialises in melee combat, Xandra in magic. The monk himself carries a dark secret about the true bloodthirsty nature of the Sentinels, who everyone today reveres as mythical martyrs. King Yarrow is, as you’d expect from his title, the ruler of the land - Avil and Xandra take their orders from him… via Commander Abner, the chief of his royal highness’s armed forces.

Extinction's Modes

In addition to a campaign focused on rescuing innocent lives and felling ogres, complete with side quests, is Skirmish mode. Here you set up a scenario, beat it as quickly as possible, then challenge the masses to beat it after sharing and uploading it online.

Extinction's Setting

For centuries, the people of Extinction’s picture book fantasy world Dolorum have been infighting, crossing swords over territory and trivial disagreements while all the while a great throng of 150-foot ogres known as the Ravenii lurked just out of sight in the woodland. There was once an order known as the Sentinels whose job was to protect the world from the Ravenii, but as time went on people forgot about the threat they posed. Now they’re back, and they’re coming to wipe humanity out.


Announcement trailer:

Here’s where it all begins - the first look Iron Galaxy gave E3 viewers in 2017 to their new fantasy action hopeful.

E3 2017 gameplay walkthrough trailer:

An extended gameplay demo that drills deep into how Avil battles his oversize adversaries and examines ogre-climbing and dismemberment mechanics.

Gameplay trailer 1:

An overview of Avil’s abilities and the many trials Extinction throws at the player.

Skills and strategy trailer:

There’s more than one way to skin a Ravenii. This trailer demonstrates just that.

Features trailer:

A quick video rundown of Extinction’s narrative and mechanic elements.

Story trailer:

Want to delve a bit deeper into the world of Dolorum and become acquainted with its inhabitants? This trailer will scratch that itch.

Extinction Release Date

There’s not long to wait to save Avil’s treasured homeland from rampaging Ravenii - and just as well because they already look absolutely furious - the game’s out April 10, 2018.


In addition to the standard edition priced at $59.99/£54.99, a deluxe edition is available for an extra $10/£10 which includes all forthcoming DLC. A season pass is available separately for £12.99/$15.