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Sorcerer Class Guide

The Sorcerer class is one of the magic-based classes in Elder Scrolls Online. They utilise the elements of the world such as lightning and tornadoes to deal damage to enemies. They may also call upon Daedric forces to help them, and summon armour and weapons.

The ESO Sorcerer has less armour and is weaker than other classes, but their damage output can be much higher. They normally equip a staff, and deal damage through AoE attacks and debuffs on their enemies. They can learn skills from three different magic schools, or stick to just one.

ESO Sorcerer Skills

Deadric Summoning

Offensive spells that interrupt and stun enemies using a pet.

  • Summon Storm Atronach - Ultimate spell, summons a Atronach that sits in one place and deals Shock damage and stuns to enemies.
  • Unstable Familiar - Summons a Daedric familiar that deals damage and fights at your side.
  • Daedric Curse - Puts a curse on an enemy, dealing Magic damage to it. After 6 seconds, it deals damage to other nearby enemies.
  • Summon Winged Twilight - Another pet to summon, this time a Winged Twilight that deals shock damage.
  • Conjured Ward - A defensive spell that summons a shield. It absorbs damage from you and your pet for 6 seconds.
  • Bound Armour - Summon a suit of Daedric mail armour that grants Minor Resolve, increasing your Physical Resistance.
  • Rebate - Passive spell, when one of your summoned creatures is killed, you receive some of your Max Magicka.
  • Power Stone - Passive spell, reduces the cost of your Ultimate abilities.
  • Daedric Protection - Passive spell, increases your Health Recovery and Stamina Recovery when you have a Daedric Summoning ability slotted.
  • Expert Summoner - Passive spell, increase your Max Health if you have a Daedric pet active.

Dark Magic

Supporting spells that remove conditions and effects from allies, as well as heal them. Can also stun and knock down enemies.

  • Negate Magic - Ultimate spell, creates a globe dispelling all debuffs on allies. Enemies within the globe are stunned for 10 seconds. Enemy players will be silenced.
  • Crystal Shard - Bombards enemies with crystal s that deal Magic Damage, and stuns them for 2 seconds.
  • Encase - Immobilizes enemies in front of you for 4.5 seconds using Daedric Shards.
  • Rune Prison - Trap an enemy in a magical prison, disorienting them for 16.6 seconds. The effect is stopped when the enemy takes damage.
  • Dark Exchange - Restores Health and Magicka.
  • Daedric Mines - Place 3 mines around you, that arm after 3 seconds. When they explode, the deal Magic Damage and immobilizes the enemy for 1.5 seconds.
  • Unholy Knowledge - Passive spell, magicka and Stamina costs are reduced.
  • Blood Magic - Passive spell, hitting an enemy with a Dark Magic ability heals you.
  • Persistence - Passive spell, Increases the duration of Dark Magic spells.
  • Exploitation - Passive spell, using a Dark Magic ability gives Minor Prophecy to nearby allies, increasing their Spell Critical.

Storm Calling

Strong AoE offensive spells.

  • Overload - Ultimate spell. Light attacks become lightning bolts dealing Shock Damage, and heavy attacks cause AoE Shock damage. Both attacks deal more damage.
  • Mage’s Fury - Call down lightning to deal Shock Damage to an enemy. If the targets Health falls below 20% within 4 seconds, an explosion deals more Shock Damage to the target and to other enemies nearby.
  • Lightning Form - Deals Shock Damage to nearby enemies every 1 second for 15 seconds. You also gain Major Resolve and Major Ward, increasing your Physical and Spell Resistances.
  • Lightning Splash - Creates a surge of lightning that deals damage to enemies nearby every 1 second.
  • Surge - Grants you Major Brutality, increasing your Weapon Damage by 20% for 33 seconds. Critical Strikes heal you.
  • Bolt Escape - Flash to a different location, stunning enemies near your original location for 2 seconds. Casting again within 4 seconds costs 50% less Magicka.
  • Capacitor - Passive spell, increases Magicka Recovery.
  • Energized - Passive spell, increases your Physical and Shock Damage.
  • Implosion - Passive spell, when you deal Shock Damage to an enemy with less than 15% health, you have a chance to instantly disintegrate them. You can do the same with Physical Damage.
  • Expert Mage - Increases Spell Damage and Weapon Damage by 1% for each Sorcerer ability slotted.

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Sorcerer Class Guide

The Sorcerer class is one of the magic-based classes in Elder Scrolls Online. They utilise the elements of the world such as lightning and tornadoes to deal damage to enemies.


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