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ESO: Templar Class Guide

by Gina Lees

The Templar is one of the ESO classes, playable in the current game and new Morrowind expansion. They are a knight class, who use the power from light and sun to deal large amounts of damage, whilst acting as a healing and buffing class.

The ESO Templar is a highly defensive class, who aids those in battle whilst strengthening themselves. They are heavily armoured and protective of their allies, intercepting harmful attacks and fighting of large, powerful foes.

ESO Templar Skills

Aedric Spear

Offensive spells using light magic to deal damage and stun enemies.

  • Radial Sweep - damages all enemies around you.
  • Puncturing Strikes – unleashes a series of four attacks that damage multiple targets in front of you, and the last hit knocks your closest enemy back.
  • Piercing Javelin – you throw a spear which deals damage and knocks back a single target.
  • Focused Charge – you charge to a target enemy and interrupt them, dealing magic damage.
  • Spear Shards – Deals magical damage and disorients one target. An ally can pick up the spear which grants both of you additional damage.
  • Sun Shield – conjures a magical shield that hits all nearby enemies and absorbs incoming damage.
  • Piercing Spear – increases your critical strike rating with all spear spells, in addition to making your spear spells more efficient against enemies who block.
  • Spear Wall – increases your block amount against melee attacks if you have a spear ability on your action bar.
  • Burning Light – your character has a chance to deal additional damage every time he hits an enemy with a spear ability.
  • Balanced Warrior – increases the power of your weapons and your resistance to spells.

Dawn’s Wrath

Offensive spells to weaken opponents.

  • Nova – deals damage and decreases their damage.
  • Sun Fire – snares the target and deals fire damage, as well as additional fire damage over several seconds.
  • Solar Flare – deals magic damage to your enemy, and the next attack made against the same target and other nearby enemies will deal additional damage.
  • Backlash – stores damage over a short period of time, and when the effect ends nearby enemies take additional damage.
  • Eclypse – targeted friends reflect negative single-target spells. Each subsequent cast has an increased magicka cost.
  • Blinding Light – enemies affected miss all attacks and have a chance to be set off balance when they miss.
  • Enduring Rays – increased the duration of your Sun abilities.
  • Prism – when you activate a Sun ability you gain additional Ultimate Points.
  • Illuminate – enemies afflicted with your Sun abilities deal less damage to you.
  • Restoring Spirit – whenever you activate an ability you gain a small amount of magicka.

Restoring Light

Enabling allies and removing negative effects to support the group.

  • Rite of Passage – significantly decreases incoming damage for all nearby allies except you — you simply get healed. It also immobilizes you while channeling this ability.
  • Rushed Ceremony – heals a nearby wounded ally for a set amount of health.
  • Healing Ritual – heals nearby allies and yourself.
  • Restoring Aura – when on your action bar it passively gives you stamina and health regeneration, and when activated it increases the regeneration of nearby allies by an additional 60%.
  • Cleansing Ritual – removes a negative effect from your character and heals allies in an area. With synergy allies can activate Purify which removes all negative effects.
  • Rune Focus – creates an area that increases your armor and spell resistance while standing in it, as well as giving you immunity to interrupts.
  • Honor the Dead – heals a wounded ally, and restores 15% of the spell cost every 2 seconds for 8 seconds if you heal a low health target.
  • Battle of Life – heals a nearby ally, and two other nearby allies for a lower amount.
  • Mending – increases critical strike chance of Restoring Light abilities on allies who are on low health.
  • Focused Healing – increases healing done by your Restoring Light spells if an ally is standing inside of your area of protection (Rite of Passage, Cleansing Ritual or Rune Focus).
  • Light Weaver – improves your abilities; Restoring Aura has an increased duration, Healing Ritual has its cost reduced, and Rite of Passage decreases damage taken while channeling.
  • Master Ritualist – increases resurrection speed, resurrects players with more health, and gives you a chance to gain a soul gem when you successfully resurrect an ally.

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