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Earn rewards while spending time on our website
Exclusively for Green Man Gaming’s Community - our regular visitors and community members.
How it works:


As you become more active in the community you will collect Green Man Gaming Community rewards called Greenbacks.

You can earn Greenbacks by getting involved in our community forum and other community activities including surprise rewards.

Once you’ve earned enough Greenbacks, you’ll be able to take a spin on our Wheel of Mystery to get rewarded with free games and extra goodies.


There are a few ways that you can earn Greenbacks today:

  • Make a post on our forum and get one Greenback (you won’t be credited with a Greenback until we complete our spam-sweep each day)
  • Link your Steam, Twitch and Facebook to your GMG account and get ten Greenbacks for each task (just go to your account settings to do this)
  • Surprise community activities (you’ll get surprise Greenbacks)
We’re working on even more ways to reward you but in the meantime, get started on our forum! Start a new topic, reply to an existing one, help out other commenters - everything counts!

Check out the forum to get involved.


Once you’ve earned 100 you’ll be able to redeem a reward we think you’ll be pretty happy to receive.

Rewards are selected at random by spinning the Wheel of Mystery. There’s a choice of five rewards on the wheel and 20% chance that you’ll get one of them with each spin.

The Wheel of Mystery is changed every month. If you don’t like our current rewards, just hang on to your Greenbacks and wait for the next mysterious Wheel.

Keep an eye on all Green Man Gaming channels including our forum, social channels and store to find out when the next wheel is live.
Examples of Previous Wheels:
Games that were included:
Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Prison Architect, Deliver Us The Moon, Hitman 2, Hell Let Loose
Games that were included:
Monster Hunter World, Code Vein, Generation Zero, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, Conan Exiles
Games that were included:
GreedFall, Blasphemous, Devil's Hunt, NBA 2K20, Borderlands 3
For more information, read our Terms and FAQ
You can check how many Greenbacks you’ve earned by going to your profile page or looking at your avatar on the community forum.