Community Rewards

Green Man Gaming Community Rewards exist to enable regular visitors and members of our community to earn rewards while spending time on our website. A huge number of rewards are up for grabs, from forum profile images to store vouchers, to in game DLC items and full games!

As we develop the rewards program further you will also be able to join exclusive events and competitions in what we hope will make your time with Green Man Gaming all the more entertaining and enjoyable.


As you become more involved in the community you will collect Greenbacks . These can be earned by winning competitions, completing tasks or by getting involved in various activities that happen within the Green Man Gaming community - there’s a good chance you’ve earned a few already.

Greenbacks can earn you free games, extra goodies to dress up your profile, entry into contests, tournaments and other mystery events.


Initially there is only one way to earn Greenbacks - make a post on our forum. One post, one Greenback, simple. Your post will appear immediately, but you won't be credited with a Greenback until we complete our spam-sweep each day. Sorry, spamming gets you nothing (and might get you banned). Instead, go get involved in conversations.

Start a new topic, reply to an existing one, help out other commenters, enter a competition, everything counts!

Check out the forum to get involved.

Wheel of Mystery

Once you've earned 100 you'll be able to cash in for a reward we think you'll be pretty happy to receive.

Rewards are selected by making a spin on The Wheel of Mystery, an ever-evolving prize wheel with plenty of good stuff hidden in between its spokes. The Wheel of Mystery will be changed regularly, and in each case we'll clearly display the exact likelihood that any of the rewards will come your way.

If you don’t like the current range on offer, just hang on to your Greenbacks and wait for the next mysterious Wheel - we’ll hit something you definitely want before too long.

You can start earning Greenbacks right now! The first Wheel of Mystery will be released as soon as it's ready!

Profile page

check how many greenbacks you have

Check your profile page to see how many Greenbacks you have. Your avatar on the Green Man Gaming Forum also show yours and others too.

Wheel of Mystery

Coming Soon

Once you have enough Greenbacks you can exchange them for your first spin. Be sure to let us know what you received!