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Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood™





Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood adds new features and game modes and builds upon the elements that made Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 a runaway success.

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Game description

Mit der Kombination von Authentizität, fesselnder Story und Squad-Action hat die Brothers in Arms Serie die Meßlatte für militärische Actiongames hoch angelegt und hat die höchsten Wertungen für Konsolen-WWII Spiele erhalten (www.gamerankings.com).
Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood fügt diesem Erfolg einige Neuerungen und weitere Spielmodi bei und verfeinert die Elemente, die Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 zu so einem Erfolg verhalfen.
Enthalten sind eine neue Einzelspielerkampagne, neue Mehrspielermissionen und ein ganz neuer Co-Op-Modus, sowie neue Waffen und Fahrzeuge.
    Die nächste Generation von Brothers In Arms - Der mehrfach ausgezeichnete WWII-Shooter kehr zurück mit mehr Action, Story und Authentizität und lässt Fans und Kritiker vollkommen überschnappen.Die neue Einzelspielerkampagne führt Sie hinter Hill 30 - Spielen Sie als Sergeant Joe Hartsock und führen Sie Ihren Squad hinter Carentan. Es liegt an Ihnen und Ihrem Squad die feindlichen Stellungen zu schlagen und die Normandie zu befreien.Neuer Co-Op-Mehrspielermodus - Treten Sie dem Feind mit einem Freund entgegen. Arbeiten Sie zusammen und nutzen Sie die Hilfe beider Squads - Einzelgänger finden hier den sicheren Tod.Unvergleichbare Authentizität — Kämpfen Sie die Schlachten vom D-Day unter der Direktion von Author, Historiker und Airborne Ranger Col. John Antal; tausende offizielle Fotos, Karten und Kriegsberichte sowie Augenzeigenaussagen dienten als Vorlage.Neue Mehrspielermissionen - Taktisches Onlinespiel auf neuem Niveau: Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood bietet ganz neue und einzigartige Mehrspielermissionen.Scharmützel-Modus - Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood bietet einen brandneuen Scharmützel-Modus, in dem die Spieler sich den Herausforderung des Krieges in einmaligen, in ihrer Schwierigkeit ansteigenden Missionen beweisen können.Neue Waffen und Fahrzeuge - Bewaffnen Sie sich mit neuen Waffen wie dem M3 und steuern Sie neue Fahrzeuge wie den M10 "Wolverine" Panzerzerstörer.Mehr Kampfgeschehen - Im Nahkampfeinsatz in städtischen Gegenden und mit neuer künstlicher Intelligenz bietet Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood authentische militärische Action der nächsten Generation.

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Gearbox Software
Action, Shooter
Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2005
Spanish, Italian, French, English
Digital PC Download
Customer notes

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Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows 2000
  • Processor: 1 GHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon (2.5 GHz Pentium IV or AMD recommended)
  • RAM: 512 MB (1 GB recommended)
  • Video Card: 32 MB Direct X 9.0c compliant (64 MB recommended)
  • Sound Card: 16 bit DirectX 9.0c compliant sound card
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c
  • CD-ROM: 4x CD-ROM (8x or better recommended)
  • Hard Drive Space: 3.5 GB hard drive space
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood™

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Great Sequel


It's just like Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30. It features gritty action, believable characters, and great gunplay. It doesn't really change much or do anything new. Regardless, the new campaign is a welcome addition to my beloved Brothers in Arms series. If you liked the first one, you're bound to like this one. It's often on sale and very inexpensive. I heartily recommend it. 9/10

It's Hartsock turn now


Brother in Arms: Road to Hill 30 was a big success and Gearbox Software inmediately started develop another expantion of the first game called: Earned in Blood. Now you can experience the same story of Road to Hill 30, but with eyes of Joe Hartsock and his squad. With new locations and now mates, you take a step once again in the cruel war to lead your squad to victory. I recommend this game if you a tactical approach instead of more of arcade shooters. Recommended.

Tremendous Game!


Starting right after the first Brothers In Arms finished, you get to witness another great game from the series. It still got that realistic authenticity the first one had and it still has those mechanics the first had. They didn't disappoint with this one either. I remember I first played Earned In Blood back in the PS2 days in a demo and it caught my attention. I used to play back then the Medal of Honor and the old Call of Duty games, but this one still had elements that neither of those series had. The environment, the shooting mechanics, the attachment the game makes you have towards the characters that you don't wanna see them die, the 'commanding the squads' addition, it's all there. Let's say you came to check Earned in Blood after finishing Road to Hill 30... yes, it's similar! It won't disappoint you. Earned In Blood got the Skirmish Mode, which Road To Hill 30 didn't have. It adds more gameplay and challenge to it. There's no way I wouldn't recommend this one to a fan of shooter/WWII games. It's an old gem (yeah, I guess I can say now that a 2005 game is an old gem) and it shouldn't be missed! My rating for Earned In Blood: 94/100

As good as COD or Battlefield


Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood for me is undoubtedly one of the best FPS that have been created as much for its realism as for its mechanics of game it hurts that this great saga has stopped to take new titles and is a pity that there is not As long as it is called as a call of duty or battlefield, with this saga step as well as with the saga of medal of honor since they are good sagas of FPS but to not have as much publicity as COD or Battlefield with the time are forgotten, the Truth is that I would like to see a new title of this saga with the technology of now

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