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Now enhanced for Windows PC, FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 is created with the aim of surpassing the quality of its predecessor in every way, featuring new gameplay systems and cutting-edge visuals and audio. In this game the player has the freedom to choose from a range of possibilities and paths; where their choices affect not only the immediate environment, but even shape time and space!

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Jetzt verbessert für Windows PC, wurde FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 mit dem Ziel kreiert, die Qualität seines Vorgängers in allen Punkten zu übertreffen, inklusive neuer Gameplay-Systeme und innovativer Grafik und Vertonung. Der Spieler hat die Freiheit, aus einer Reihe an Möglichkeiten und Pfaden zu wählen; die Wahl wird nicht nur die direkte Umgebung, sondern auch Zeit und Raum beeinflussen!
Sich dem Schicksal zu stellen war gestern. Erschaffe eine neue Zukunft und verändere die Welt!

    Jetzt für Windows PC verbessert
    Inklusive einer Auswahl an herunterladbarem Inhalt der ursprünglichen Konsolenversion, plus entweder englischen oder japanischen Stimmen, 60 FPS-Grafik und anpassbarer Rendering-Auflösung (720, 1080 und mehr).
    Weite, interaktive Umgebungen
    Orte, an denen einen mehrere Pfade zum Erkunden offen stehen und an denen viele Geheimnisse darauf warten, entdeckt zu werden, geben Spielern die Chance, ihr Abenteuer ganz nach ihrem Geschmack zu gestalten.
    Zeitreisen – Eine neue Dimension des Erkundens
    Die Ausgangssituation, Szenerie, Flora, Fauna und das Wetter ändern sich abhängig davon, wann Orte besucht werden. Die Entwirrung der Zeit ist notwendig, um die ganze Geschichte zu erleben!
    Verbessertes Kampfsystem
    Das Spiel bietet neue vielseitige Elemente wie den dynamischen Aktionsmodus und das innovative Mogronometer, das den Spieler je nach dessen Reaktionsvermögen bestraft oder belohnt.
    Meister der Monster
    Mehr als 150 verschiedene Monster sind in der Spielwelt anzutreffen. Diese können in die Gruppe und die Kampfstrategie des Spielers integriert werden, wobei jede Kreatur ihre eigenen Fertigkeiten mit sich bringt.

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Square Enix
Square Enix
Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2014
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
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The following languages are available for this title: ROW Package: Audio: English, Japanese Text: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish Asia Package: Audio: Japanese, Text: English, Japanese, Chinese & Korean text You will receive the Package that applies to your country of purchase.
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So much better than FFXIII


FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 in term of sequels are much better than FFX-2 was and better than original FFXIII will ever be because of one but a crucial thing, namely freedom which the first part lacked. Here is so much better, the game finally does not resemble 40h tutorial allowing the player to do things according to their will. Worth checking out just to see what happened after the main game.

Very Different from 13


When I first played this game, I felt like Square Enix had an idea they want to sell and they just wanted to see if it works by slapping the title "Final Fantasy" on it. The story is about a lot of time-travelling to save the world essentially. The beauty of this story is about the story telling. You time travel to different timelines of the same places (as FFXIII) to learn about what happened before and after to piece the story together. I generally think time travelling is a dangerous topic because it often leads to loop-hole i.e what happens to the other timelines if you changed history? One way the game does explain the loop-holes is by adding alternate endings. Another great thing about this game is that you are constantly filled in on what happened in the previous game. This makes it easier for people who haven't played the first game to jump right in this one. The story expands from FFXIII regarding what happens after the events of the first game. Two "new" protagonists are used in this game: Serah and Noel. Serah is looking for Lightning and Noel was sent by Lightning to help Serah accomplish her goals. The game plays very similar to FFXIII but they tweaked the gameplay slightly. Instead of 3 people with unlimited possibility of class combinations, your third character is a monster. Monsters are limited to their own class and you are allowed to set up to 3 monsters only. This limits the combinations of classes you can do and it also means you have to set more specialization points towards your main characters. This game also has the hardest puzzle minigame: the clock tower. Basically, your goal is to be able to touch all the numbers on the face of a clock and your moves are limited by the number you touch. It's a very logic based mini game and it adds a layer of challenge to this game. The ost is once again fantastic in this game. There were many moments where I just wanted to listen to the music instead of advancing the game. One of the issues with this PC port is the frame rate. 10-20 FPS is not acceptable anymore for PC games and it significantly hinders enjoyment.

Is it really better than XIII? Let me tell you why it's not.


Posted the same review (this one is slightly editted) to Steam under the name W r a i t h, which is me of course. TL:DR at the bottom (paragraph). Alright, first things first, the thing everyone wants to know about. Is the port good? Does it provide graphics options like they promised? Well, people got ahead of themselves. They promised they'd patch FFXIII and release FFXIII-2 with resolutions options a couple of other things. Well, they did. We got resolution options, we got shadow resolution, we got AA, and we got jap audio at only half the size of the original. However, what remains is the multithreading issues and underperformance due to the game not making use of all the PC's power. Well, if I sit back with a gamepad the 30fps (since constant 60 fps is probably impossible for most PC builds) becomes tolerable, I suppose, it's still a pain. Graphically, it's an improvement over the first, but that comes with its own problems due to the optimization. Can't imagine playing without a controller, because the fps ain't as bad when looking from a greater distance (assuming you sit back further with a gamepad like me). Let's start with a comparison with FFXIII. You play as Serah, Lightning's sister who you never thought you'd want to play as, and probably still don't after going through this game. Yeah, the characters aren't any better this time around. At least it's less linear, yay! The best comparison for the jump from FFXIII to FFXIII-2 is to the jump between FFX and FFX-2. In FFX, they never gave you the airship to travel around until the last act of the game. In FFX-2 they give it to you right away so you can explore. Here it's much the same. Once you unlock a time period and its corresponding location, you can travel there anytime you like and those locations won't bog you down in a tight corridor nearly as much. Course it still has its fair share of linear paths, it's a FF game after all. Combat is a slightly more polished, the animations feel for fluent and everything is a tad more responsive. Since Noel and Serah are the main 2 characters you'll ever control, the game allows you to train monsters you've obtained throughout battles to act as the third member of your party. It's actually better than you think since you're always on the lookout for better monsters that have good stats and also have good synergy with Noel and Serah in the respected Paradigms you've created. Last note for this section, the camera seems to control better. I had an issue where it would constantly drag to the left or right depending on the location and direction of movement, but that seems to have been resolved. Actually, let me put it like this, was FFX-2 enjoyable for you? If the answer is yes, this is straight up your alley. If it's no, then stay away, especially if you loved X a lot more than XIII in which case this will DEFINITELY be unworthy of your time. ----- The game's side content consists of replaying areas and travelling to other timelines and areas to collect items or skills required to complete quests from other areas. Basically a fancy way of making you do slightly-more-interesting-than-the-average-fetch-quest type of quest. Sometimes, you'll have to reset entire timezones by "closing the gate" resetting all progress you've made (although quests and items collected will be kept). This is largely to repeat "Live Triggers." LT is essentially cutscenes where you'll be given prompts to ask or answer questions with 4 different choices. Each one gives you new dialogue and answering them all nets you a reward at the end of each mission depending on how many you answered and how you answered them. Hardly a deciding factor in convincing you to replay missions over and over however, they are required to collect fragments and for certain paradox endings. Fragments are basically the collectables, but also unlock more content and ahem, endings. Fragments are scattered everywhere and WILL require you to repeat areas and do quests to obtain all of them (160 in total). Wow this really sounds like FFX-2 right now, but IMO it's better. It feels like less of a chore and a grind because well, it's more interesting. But if you're expecting new stuff to pop up every single time you visit that's actual worthwhile 100% of the time, welp, wrong game. Not the story though, the story just there, no magic happening here. Snow is still the same meathead, Hope is Hope but older and somehow less interesting (impossible, you might say). Noel is better than Tidus, oh wait, every male MC is better than Tidus, hehe not biased at all. Speaking of which, the game has 9 endings. The 8 other variations aside from the original require you to have done certain things throughout the game as well as having the Paradox Scope I believed it was called to change timelines or whatever. Each other ending is really just extra. But again, the gamer OCD all JRPGs tug on comes into play here. The ending of the DLC, Requiem of the Goddess, apparently contains the true ending, which really just sets up FFXIII-3/Lightning Returns with an extra scene. Speaking of which, there's DLC in here. Though it's mainly just outfits and the actual "story" ones are just really shorts battles and stuff. ------- SO! Do you want to buy this game. Well, do you like FFXIII? Well, this one has improved gameplay and is less linear. It's also less of a grind, still is, but there's more lore to be uncovered and mini-stories to hear unlike the bland side content of the first game. Do the Live Triggers make this into a Dragon Age/Mass Effect game with lots of multiple outcomes and character relationship? Absoutely not. Is everything so compelling you'll want to 100% the game? Maybe, maybe not, depends on your connection with the game and where it stands in your mind. Is all that DLC definitely something that adds more value? No, not really. Is this a bad game.......no, I would say it isn't. It is a competent game that learns from the mistakes of the first, keeps a bunch of other stuff the same, and doesn't do a lot of stuff worse. However, the characters are even worst, considering any shred of development and interesting tidbits were revealed in the first game, the maps get old, collecting is a hit or miss. I'm not ashamed to say I enjoyed it, and I'll definitely recognize it as a game allowed to bear the FF name. It's far from terrible, just open up a little to it. If you're a gamer who believes FFVII and FFVIII are the greatest and the rest are terrible then this is not for you. If you enjoyed FFXIII then this is for you. If you're like me and have played multiple FF games and have understood this game isn't the "cream of the FF crop " but want to play a AAA JRPG (because wow, there aren't many on Steam), check it out. It's worth its price if you just let go of all that hate, and just play. You'll get mad, you might facepalm or SMH at some of the scenes, you might laugh because something is so stupid, but you'll hopefully have some good ol' fun. I Like This Game. It's A Good Time.

A really solid sequel


So FF-XIII-2 continues the story of FF XIII, in a way, if you know a little bit about alternate universes (from movies) you'll understand why it is both a sequel and an independent game. One of the main critiques of FF-XIIi, was that is a linear game and the developers tried their best to make this game as non-linear as possible. We have different protagonists this time: Serah (which you should know from the first game) and Noel. Once again the characters are really well done, to the point that you care about their fate and you want to make them achieve their goals. The combat is almost the same, but with a few tweaks, now you can add to you parry monsters, in the number of 3,but only one at a time will be active. The story takes a darker tone, it also adds alternate universes and time travel to the mix. You can travel to different periods of time anytime you want (once you unlock it) and do secondary quests. A nice addition is the mix of old & new music themes which make for a pretty memorable experience.The graphics are updated and it still looks very good & it also runs pretty decent. In terms of scale it's not as epic as the FF-XIII but it's definitely a good game. In the end I'd say FF-XIII-2 is a worth playing game, few games have such unique characters & story, it is also a solid RPG experience.

Jump around time as much as your framerate!


As you might recall, Final Fantasy XIII was pretty much reviled everywhere. As a response, Square-Enix released a sequel that promised to fix everything that was wrong with the previous game. Did it work?...sort of. The first thing that is immediately apparent with the game is that there is no longer any linearity.In fact, the game is the opposite of XIII, with both the story and game systems taking a free-form approach, allowing you to level your characters the way you want, and tackle the story chapters with quite a bit of degree of freedom, though this freedom also means there's some tedious back&forth in some sections. Speaking of story...it's still nonsensical, with a LOT of reading done through datalogs to get the gist of it,like XIII was.Liked it more than XIII, but that's mostly due to being a sucker for sci-fy plots (like time-travel). Graphically, the game's a bit worse than XIII, but nothing serious that could distract you.Some places look just as great as XIII did (Academia looks pretty gorgeous). Graphical Settings are a exact carbon copy from XIII, with nothing to set both of 'em apart in that regard. The performance did change though...for the worse. This game runs even worse than XIII did, on the exact same hardware. Expect your framerate to be both lower and even more jittier than XIII was.

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