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The year is 2008. NATO intelligence reports that, for some unknown reason, the Russian army has destroyed one of its so-called "secret cities" known by the code word 'GORKY 17'.

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Game description

November 2008. Die Geheimdienste verschiedener NATO-Staaten berichten, daß das russische Militär Gorky 17, eine seiner "geheimen Städte", dem Erdboden gleich gemacht hat. Die Gründe dafür sind unbekannt.
Im Jahr darauf übernimmt die NATO einen ehemals russischen Geheimstützpunkt auf polnischem Boden. Spähtrupps entdecken in der völlig verwüsteten Stadt einen Laborkomplex. Nach einer Untersuchung beschließt die NATO, die Labors vorerst so zu belassen, wie sie sind. Nur wenig später werden auf den Straßen der Stadt Horden von monströsen Kreaturen gesichtet. Das Ereignis erregt die Aufmerksamkeit der Medien. Es ist nun unmöglich geworden, die Stadt einfach zu zerstören. Sofort riegeln NATO-Truppen das Gebiet hermetisch ab.

Ein dreiköpfiges Team aus NATO-Spezialisten unter der Führung des Kanadiers Cole Sullivan wird ausgesandt, um den Vorgängen auf den Grund zu gehen. Werden sie das schreckliche Geheimnis von Gorky 17 lüften können? Und viel wichtiger: Werden sie diese Mission überleben? Intrigen, Verschwörungen und große Gefühle - Im Laufe des Spiels entsteht eine starke emotionale Bindung zu den Hauptfiguren des Abenteuers. Zahlreiche Multiple-Choice Dialoge stellen den Spieler vor folgenreiche Entscheidungen.FEATURES:
    Es ist die einzigartige Kombination aus Adventure-, RPG- und Strategieelementen die Gorky 17 seine Originalität verleiht.
    Die Story ist im Grenzbereich zwischen Horror und Science Fiction angesiedelt. Sie wird durch spannende Dialoge und spektakuläre Softimage-Cutscenes vorangetrieben.
    Ein schnell erlernbares, intuitives und doch vielseitiges Benutzerinterface.
    Ein gruseliger Soundtrack verleiht jeder Location ihre eigene Atmosphäre.
    3D-Beleuchtungssystem inklusive Schatten, die sich auch gekrümmten Oberflächen anpassen. Charaktere können sich in dunklen Ecken verbergen.
    "State-of-the-art" Hintergründe, gerendert mit Real3D. Meist isometrisch, Zoom-Ins und variierende Kamerawinkel in besonders wichtigen Szenen.

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TopWare Interactive
RPG, Strategy
TopWare Interactive
Freitag, 27. September 2013
English, French, German, Russian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows 98 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Processor: Intel/AMD Single Core CPU with 1.0 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 3D graphics card with 64 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 650 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
  • Other: Keyboard, Mouse
Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Windows 98 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Processor: Intel/AMD Single Core CPU with 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 3D graphics card with 128 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 700 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
  • Other: Keyboard, Mouse

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Brings back best memories!


Great game from my youth, worth every dollar although you can have it for dirt cheap. Despite the linear plot and graphics made the game looks like a thing of the past but it's really good. The story itself is addictive, the music turns fit the depressing atmosphere. The game is very climactic. I sincerely recommend, I've played hundreds of times and will play again. Give it a chance!

Worth it if you're a fan of the genre


This is a weird Polish turn-based squad tactics game. The graphics and mood are both like the original Resident Evils - dark, but cheesy. The game does a good job of keeping you off balance, not knowing who to trust, or how to survive each new horror you come across. Each boss is unique, and every few battles you'll fight a new type of monster. Combat is a little weird. Weapons have distinct attack patterns - pistols can only be fired in four directions, while rifles can also be fired diagonally, etc. That restriction (and the weird camera angles) can make it difficult to make sure that you're on the right spot to be able to shoot an enemy, but you don't have to use all your movement at once, so you can adjust as needed. (I've seen videos of the original Polish version of the game where there's a visible grid in combat, but that seems to have been removed from the English version). Ammo (and healing items) are often scarce, but you also get some reusable weapons that can be used every few turns for free. Stupidly, this includes tasers that lets you stunlock some bosses (many are immune) to the point where they can't ever attack you or move. You get to choose how your characters improve when they level up, but the choices are pretty basic. Increasing health is mostly a waste because there's nothing that can one-shot you, and healing items just heal a fixed number instead of a percentage of your health. Max out accuracy for your shooters, reduce calmness for melee guys (so that they rage out and do bonus damage easier), and then go with either luck for bonus damage or improve your counter-attack chance. (Counter attacks are free actions, but you can't switch weapons or change your facing, so plan ahead. You can face your character by clicking on him). Make sure to save after every fight or event. There are some times when you blatantly should have been given a chance to reorganize your inventory but weren't, so just reload instead. If this doesn't run properly in Windows 7, add it to the DEP list, use Windows 95/98 compatiblity mode, and use software rendering. This game is very old and rough around the edges, but it's a hidden gem.

Resident evil, isometric rpg version


Okay, so, if you like old rpgs, this game is truly a hidden gem. It's graphics are crude, and always were, the voice acting is below average, but the game itself, and the story are worth it. Now, some warning, for those, who consider buying this: -The game is hard. I would actually say, this is a survival horror as well as an rpg. Your health won't grow back on it's own! -Also, save a lot. IT's really easy, to turn the wrong corner, and find yourself in an unwinnable battle. -Also, decide who uses what weapon. Don't give the same gun to two different soldiers. They gain XP for the weapon they use, plus ammo is pretty scarce, so distribute the guns by ammo type. -Have a melee fighter. -Oh, and final warning, this game has puzzles. The kind, where you have to find items, to use in the other part of the map. And again, this game is really, really hard! If you're up for the challenge, go for it!

Not the best turn based strategy game around


You control a group of NATO soldiers who are called in to look into a paranormal situation, where some mutants have been giving the local populace a bit of bother. The exploration mode allows you only minimal room to move around in, and once you enter the action mode you control your squad, who each take turns to shoot or in some way inflict damage on the enemy. The graphics aren’t bad. Character models are decent enough as is the animation, but nothing mind blowing. The texturing of the surroundings you find yourself in could be better. This certainly isn’t the best TBS title I have played, but it can be quite challenging, so for TBS fanatics, I would say give it a try. For the challenge and the creepy atmosphere the game possesses, it isn’t that bad. Just don't expect a masterpiece of the genre. And it is rather difficult too.

Very good production ... so few words specifically.


The game is set in 2009 , somewhere in Poland ( from one of the designers we learn that the city is Lubin in Lower Silesia ) . Branch consisting of three commandos NATO forces ( composed Pole , an American and a Frenchman ) are designed to find out why the town was devastated , what happened to the residents and why previous intervention group did not give any sign of life . This is not a typical survival , as the game is organized in a tactic - RPG , but it does not mean that it loses its climate, and even the opposite. Pressing problem during the whole game is annoying lack of ammunition and therapeutic agents. It is true that sometimes run into the box from fantami , but found equipment must be divided into 3 -5 -person team . In total, the team members do not have any distinguishing features. Exceptions are women . They can not use heavy weapons , but it is the first I encounter on the road, is a bonus for treatment. Invariably, the team always stays Cole Sullivan , Jacek owicz and Thiery Trantigne , and other forms of exchange . During the fighting each character gets experience and proficiency wielding a particular weapon , depending on how much damage inflicted . With increasing experience increases the level and amount of damage and accuracy for a weapon . With each increase in level can increase your rates . All we visit look like in reality nothing had happened , only residents jumped out at the moment . So it might seem at first glance , but the impression destroys the already encountered the first enemy that resembles a crossword puzzle dog and a lizard. The second thing edifying atmosphere is pervasive gloom : portraits form to send a shadow, in most locations there is darkness , something seen only by some small lampeczce even figure in the inventory is half obscured by shadow . The game comes from the period when the game actually was still difficult, which additionally been building the impression of survival, and the dynamic story tells us trudge forward. I think you should play " Gorky 17 " from the ground that it will never be gaming at such a level . Very good production .

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