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Magicka: Final Frontier DLC





This pack contains an all new map, the Vulcanus Arena, both for the Versus and Challenge game modes.

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Game description

Das Final Frontier DLC Paket beinhaltet eine brandneue Map, die Vulcanus Arena, für Versus und Challenge Spielmodi. Zudem enthalten sind eine ganz neue Garderobe und Ausrüstung. Die Vulcanus Arena ist der perfekte Schauplatz, um Ihre Ehre zu beweisen. Zauberer, die sich in dieser Arena gegenübertreten und überleben, haben die Tendenz weiterhin ein blühendes Dasein zu zeitigen.

    Neue Map für Versus SpielmodusNeue Map für Challenge SpielmodusMaps beinhalten fantastische ObjekteNeue Sci-fi RobeType 2 Plastic Prop permanent auf Betäubung und der tödliche Duel Stabgesteigerter Nerdfaktor

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RPGs, Action
Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011
Digital PC Download
Customer notes

Magicka erforderlich zum Spielen dieses Zusatzinhalts.

Minimum Requirements
  • Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7,
  • Intel® Pentium® IV 2.4 GHz or AMD 3500+,
  • 2 GB RAM, 2 GB HDD, NVIDIA® GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon® X1900.

Integrated Graphics (laptops) are not supported. Direct X-compatible sound card. DirectX® 9 3-button mouse, keyboard and speakers

Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Magicka: Final Frontier DLC

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Must buy for all the Trekies.


If you are a Star Trek nerd you must buy it for sure, it's funny how a game placed in a fantasy setting can spawn so many DLCs not connected with core environment. This time we get new maps and enemies related to a cult classic tv show. I would say it is worth getting it just for the versus map that is very detailed and interesting. Not much and very fun.

Great little addition to the World of Magicka


I must say this DLC adds an enjoyable map for Versus and Challenge modes. I took my time to review this as this is one of my favorite maps when online with friends, and it would be usefull for people not to accidentally skip this content. The full three dollars might be a bit much for some, so it might be smart to get it in a 33% or 50% off. But if you miss this content in your list I do advice you to pick it up any time soon!

Just for parody's sake...


...this dlc is worth it. Provides more content than the average "just one map" dlc and it's really well made. You're gonna like this new equipment, depends of course on your treknerdmeter. As for the price, most preferably get it on a sale or something, if you can handle the absence of an existing Magicka dlc from your hard drive.

Get It On Sale For The Map


DLC like this is a bit of a mixed bag for me; the little extras are nice and all, but are they really worth the cost of admission? Maybe at around a dollar (sales, discount codes?), but for $2.99 I'd have to say probably not. Here you get a new versus and challenge map, a new Trek-flavored robe, and a phaser. I generally find cosmetic items kind of useless, so the robe doesn't really do anything special for me. The phaser, in my experience, kind of sucked; it didn't seem to do much damage, which makes it also largely cosmetic. The map ends up being the greatest addition to gameplay. I'm tempted to rate this lower because it lacks in the content/functionality department, but I am a fan of Magicka and--let's face it--phasers *are* pretty cool. Thus, a fairly generous 70/100.

Excellent Parody DLC


The PvP map is a faithful recreation of the infamous arena battle between Kirk & Spock from Star Trek. In addition to the map, this DLC includes Federation robes and phasers for that extra bit of detail. Worth a purchase alone for the robes and weapons but as a package it's highly recommended.

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