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In Party Hard, you play as someone who is really tired of the neighbors having loud parties.

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Game description

In Party Hard spielen Sie dem Person, der von lautenden Nachbarn müde ist, die die ganze Nacht Party machen.Statt der Polizei anzurufen, entschieden Sie sich mit dem Messer und anderen Handmitteln allen zu töten.Sie werden sich die Serienmorde auf vielen Parties auf dem USA Territorium erledigen.

Party Hard generiert die Levels und die Lage, stimulierend die Suche von verschiedenen Mordweisen. In der besten Traditionen der Geheimoperationen ist das Hauptziel nicht reinzufallen, den folgenden unverdächtigen Opfer anzufassen. Man mischt sich mit der Masse und man tanzt nichts ahnend.

- (nicht) seriöse Geschichte über die Serienmorde in der USA
- Levels mit den zufällig generierenden Objekten
- benutzen Sie die Fälle, zünden Sie die Bomben, werden Sie Ninja!-ein paar Personen, die Gameplay wechseln
- die speziellen zufälligen Ereignisse
- der Bär kann zu Ihnen kommen und alle für Sie töten
- rufen Sie SWAT, Polizei, Ärtzte, Feuerwehrmänner, Spezialagenten an -sie werden Ihnen helfen die Party zu verbocken!

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tinyBuild Games
Pinoki Games
Dienstag, 25. August 2015
English, German, Russian
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Processor: 1.4 Ghz and up
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated with 128mb of vram
  • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: AlienFX enabled
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Party Hard

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Minimalistic stealth game


There isn?t much to say about the game. It?s like playing a horror game in which you are the killer. You must be creative using traps in the environment to kill people. You can use Stun bombs or smoke grenades, or you can even poison the food. A big part of the party will change if you fail, some traps might not be there, the item pickup will be different. So something you did that worked before, might not work again. All that matters in this game is that you don?t get caught by the cops. In harder levels you might have to wait for a random generation that works in your favor which can be a bit frustrating but the graphics are nice to look and the music is very awesome so you should definitely try it!

A great game the stays true to it's stealth formula


Very fun game. Great mix of stealth, fun and a gorgeous pixel art. The game is full of tiny little details that make you smile. The story's great and there's also a full world map here, and, of course, the music is GREAT, it's groovy influences matches well with it's 80s influence. Also, i played it on a gamepad and it works great. It's a great game. Interesting idea, great music, fun realization mixed with fresh gameplay.

Party hard till you drop dead, literally!


Party hard is an action stealth strategy game , you play as a sleep deprived murderer ,that can't sleep because of all the parties in his neighborhood, unfortunately for the party people he decides to murder all of them , and that's where you come in to help him get his peace and quiet. after each successful blood bath you get a cut scene of an interrogation which give you an insight on the story , before I go on I must mention one of the most interesting aspects of the game , which is the ability to link your game to your twitch channel and by that you allow your twitch audience trigger different events and dispatch swat teams, bouncers and even go go girls which is a very interesting and unique idea which I've never seen in a PC game before. gameplay is diverse with one simple objective , kill everyone in the club without getting caught , you'll visit different locations and you'll unlock them progressively and each time you replay a location it will spawn items and people randomly and even change some minor details in the environments for more replayabilty value , your basic weapon is your knife which instantly kills any drunkard party person standing in front of you , you need to watch out for other people witness you kill someone because they will run for the nearest phone and call the police , and if the witness identifies you the police will find you no matter where you're hiding , he will give up eventually and go back to the station empty handed, but he will look for you longer every time the police are called, you can kill him using environmental traps that will electrocute , blow up ,crush , shred him and even feed him to sharks if you're on a yacht party ,but killing him will send out special agents that are difficult to deal with . some levels are really hard to pass on the first try and require you trying different approaches and tactics to kill everyone successfully . the random generation makes the game a bit too difficult and in harder levels you have to wait for a random generation that works in your favor which can be a bit frustrating, the 2D graphics are nice to look at and the clubs colors and music are very nice , gameplay is very strategic and fun.

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