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Zombie Army Trilogy





The cult horror shooter series comes to an apocalyptic conclusion with an epic new third chapter, a heart-pumping new horde mode, and remastered editions of the best-selling Nazi Zombie Army 1 & 2.

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Game description

Der Kult-Shooter findet seinen apokalyptischen Abschluss – neu gemastert, neu geschnitten und entfesselt mit einer brandneuen dritten Kampagne!

Zombie Army Trilogy ist ein Third-Person-Shooter, der ein chaotisches Koop-Gameplay mit brutalem Horror und das Blut in Wallung bringende Intensität verschmilzt.

Kämpft gegen unbändige Wellen von Zombies und okkulten Schrecken in den verstrahlten und von Dämonen heimgesuchten Ruinen von Deutschland im Zweiten Weltkrieg – in dem verzweifelten Versuch, der Höllenmacht, die ganz Europa heimsucht, ein Ende zu setzen.

Metzelt euch durch 15 qualvolle Missionen, verteilt über DREI epische Kampagnen für bis zu VIER Spieler, und kämpft gegen ganze Legionen an untoten Super-Soldaten, gepanzerten Skeletten, Zombies, Snipern, Kettensägen-Eliten und vielem mehr, bevor ihr Hitler selbst gegenübersteht, um in einer letzten entscheidenden Schlacht das Schicksal der Menschheit zu entscheiden!

Wiederbelebt. Neu Gemastert.

Ihr habt die Serie bereits gespielt? Dann erlebt die Zombie-Army-Spiele wie nie zuvor und mit neuem Gameplay – darunter zerstückelte Zombies, neue Avatare, verbesserte Grafiken und Furcht erregende neue Gegneranimationen sowie neues Gegnerverhalten –, und stellt eure Fähigkeiten mit dem neuen konkurrenzbetonten Punktesystem, neuen Kombos und Bestenlisten auf die Probe.

    Beinhaltet neu gemasterte Editionen von Zombie Army 1 & 2 und eine exklusive BRANDNEUE DRITTE KAMPAGNE.
    15 angespannte Missionen über DREI Nerven zerfetzende Kampagnen für 1-4 Spieler.
    Hordenmodus mit fünf eigenen Karten und endlosen Gegnerwellen.
    Die berüchtigte X-Ray-Killcam von Sniper Elite mit einem bösen neuen Feature – seht zu, wie eure Kugeln die Innereien der Untoten durchsieben.
    Taktische Zombie-Zerstückelung: Entfernt Körperteile und -glieder, um die Horden zu entwaffnen oder zu verlangsamen, und erlebt voller Grauen, wie sie trotzdem Jagd auf euch machen.
    Wählt zwischen 8 spielbaren Charakteren, darunter 4 neue weibliche Avatare.
    Vernichtet die Untoten mit 25 Waffen und mächtigen Sprengstofffallen.
    Anpassbarer Schwierigkeitsgrad, darunter 4 verschiedene Einstellungen sowie ein zusätzlicher Gegner-Multiplikator: kämpft gegen bis zu 4x so viele Zombies.

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Action, Shooter
Freitag, 6. März 2015
English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS Version: Microsoft® Windows® Vista (Service Pack 2) or Windows® 7 or Windows® 8. Windows® XP is NOT supported.
  • Processor: Dual-core CPU with SSE3 (Intel® Pentium® D 3GHz / AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 4200) or better
  • Graphics: Microsoft® DirectX® 10.0 compatible graphics card with 512 MB of memory (ATI Radeon™ HD 5870) or better
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Network: Free STEAM® account and internet connection required for activation. Broadband connection and service required for multiplayer connectivity.
  • DirectX Version: 11
  • Disk Space: 15GB
  • Sound Card: Microsoft® DirectX® 10.0 compatible sound card or better
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Zombie Army Trilogy

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Great Co-Op Zombie Killing Fun


This collects and remasters the previous Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army games 1,2 and adds a new 3rd one. This game is just like the Call of Duty Zombies mode but with a campaign and numerous maps so you're not just staying in one spot the whole time. The graphics are really nice and there's even a new co-op Horde mode style added with waves of zombies attacking you and having to survive. They even added all the Left 4 Dead characters as playable characters in the game which is great. Great game to play with friends and get spooked out with, especially with the great music similar to old horror movies.

You have to get this!


The game itself is so much fun! It's easier when playing with more people from what I've noticed, it's actually the only way to really beat the game on max zombies and max difficulty otherwise its completely impossible. If you enjoy sniping you will really enjoy this game. The slow motion x-ray bullet cams you can get are tons of fun to mess around with. There are a couple of glitches and problems that exist in the game. In particular one towards the end. The glitch causes your game to crash and go back to syncing forever and it never loads which results in you having to repeat the entire level over again. Otherwise, the game has a great story, plot, graphics, weapons, blood, gore, zombies, death, and of course lots and lots of sniping.

They just keep on coming


Zombie Army Trilogy is an offshoot of the Sniper Elite series, which is a game where you are a sniper who’s job it is to kill everyone around you by sniping them or laying traps to kill them. Zombie Army is that, except this time you are sniping zombies. In the original Sniper Elite games, you are a lone man who is very good at sniping, but you are not a one man army. In Zombie Army, you feel like a man who is very good at sniping and is a one man army. This is because in Sniper Elite, if anyone got close to you, unless you were very fast and/or good at laying down traps, you were as good as dead as soon as they started firing their machine guns, and these enemies could be intelligent. In Zombie Army, however, few zombies if any pose a real threat to you and most of them just charge at you and you just mow them down with whatever you have. It ruins the feel of the original game. Granted you are fighting off against nazi zombies, which is a ridiculous premise, but even in other zombie shooter games this isn’t too big a deal, but in Zombie Army, a game that takes the system from a game where you are supposed to take your time against intelligent enemies, sniping them from a distance and places mobs of unintelligent zombies and makes them bull rush you, the two different styles don’t mesh well. Zombie Army is a mess, a hot mess that tries to be something it isn’t, fails at it, and does nothing to differentiate itself within the overflowing horde of zombie games.

It's got Nazi Zombies!


First, let me just address the elephant in the room. This game coolection of titles is based on the Sniper Elite games, however unlike the Sniper Elite games, these toss the stealth aspect out the window. It's basically Run from point A to point B survive a rush of Zombie Nazis, rinse and repeat, then go to safe room to restock. No sneaking, no timed snipe shots. Nothing. Still, it's got ZOMBIE NAZIS! I mean really, what more do you need??? The game can be played SOLO but is intened(and I highly suggest it) to be played in co-op mode(preferably with friends). Overall, if you like Zombie shooters like Left4Dead, and enjoy games set during WWII, then get this game! It can be frustrating, but in the end it's very rewarding.

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