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Prey 2017 Release Date, Pre-order Bonus and Gameplay

Prey 2017 is the new first person sci-fi shooter from Bethesda Studios and developed by Arkane. Players take on the role of Morgan Yu, a TranStar employee living aboard the Talos 1 space station.

The TranStar Corporation are attempting to contain and extract abilities from an alien race they have captured and named the Typhon. After a failed attempt, Morgan Yu must uncover the secrets on Talos 1 and get to the center of the Morgan Yu’s past and what it really means to be a TranStar employee.

Prey 2017 will release on May 5th on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Pre-order bonus

Prey - Pre-order bonus

If you pre-order the game, you’ll have access to exclusive weapon and booster features to get you started in Prey including,

  • Margrave Shotgun & Ammo Plans
  • 2 Medkits
  • Starter Fabrication Materials
  • 3 Transtar Neuromods
  • 1 Recycler Shielding Chipset

First hour Prey 2017 gameplay

You can check out the first hour of Prey 2017 gameplay below, with a demo for the first hour coming to consoles on 27th April 2017.

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Prey Weapons

As you’re thrust into Prey and the increasingly darkening reality of main character Morgan Yu, the good news is there are a series of powerful weapons waiting for you on board Talos 1.


Who will you play as in Prey?

As the Prey main character, Morgan Yu. You discover early on that you are aboard Talos 1, working with the TranStar, standing proudly in your uniform to help the team carry out their experiments.


Who are the Typhon?

Prey is a new first person shooter from Bethesda and developed by Arkane Studios. It’s set in 2032 in an alternate timeline where JFK wasn’t assassinated and instead, went on to invest heavily in the space program.

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