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Archeage Beginners Guide – Archeage Builds, Tips, Tricks, and a Good Way to Start

You know you want to play Archeage, you just don’t know where to begin. The class system is unique, but also kind of confusing. Where on Earth should you start with Archeage builds? If this is your first time jumping in then it is nice to have a few pointers to set you off facing in the right direction. So read on to find an Archeage guide designed to help you find your footing in this incredible free-to-play MMORPG.

Who to Be?

When starting off Archeage you will have to choose a race. There are six to choose from, and each one offers one of two bonuses. Nuians have a deeply spiritual culture and as a result, have a small boost to all of their stats. They can also build efficiently. Elves are naturally very athletic, and they can hold their breath for a long period of time and swim faster. Dwarves are short and angry, they are a blunt race. They’re also master artificers, they can craft machines quickly, and also call in a mech suit.

Firran are nomadic and believe all life matters. They are used to climbing and so have reduced fall damage and can climb ladders and trees faster. The Harani are survivors and heroic people. They are good at fast-travelling and are good at logging and gathering. The Warborn seek to redeem a bloody past and can move faster while carrying a trade pack. They can also call on their tainted blood, they can improve their combat abilities by turning into a Ravager.

So, you can see that many of the bonuses are small things here or there, it largely depends on two things: what do you plan on doing while playing, and who you like the look of. So make the decision based on those factors.

Skills to Pay the Bills

Next up is choosing your starting skill set. There are 10 to choose from and you get a second choice at level five and a third at level ten. You can re-spec during the game so you can experiment a lot. It is best to just choose the skills you like the sound of to start with and just mess around with the rather unique system. There are over one hundred Archeage builds thanks to the various combinations so there is plenty of room to play in.


Possibly the most important bit of advice is this: talk to everybody. This is a big and very in-depth game, you can do an absurd amount within it. So make sure you chat to everyone you come across. You never know when someone will give you a useful hint, find a quest, or get an item. So be friendly and talk to literally everyone you find. They might have the answers you’re looking for. This applies to other players too, there will be plenty of chances to make friends and enemies so just enjoy the whole thing.