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A Guide To The Aion Classes – A Breakdown Of Which Is The Class To Play

Aion is a game where your initial choice of class then leads to another new class later on. So playing with the Aion Online classes can be a little daunting. There are several to choose from, and each one can then become one of two separate classes. This makes it incredibly important to know just what you are getting into with each class. Worry not, your choices are now in front of you in a clear and easy-to-read guide. After all, when starting with a new class in Aion it is nice to know what you’re getting yourself into.  


Warriors are what you would expect them to be. They are a well-balanced class that are good in close combat. They are the foot soldiers and the all-around class that are the bread and butter of any party. They wield a sword or a mace, wear plate armour and use shields. Standard stuff. At level 10 they can become one of two separate classes.

Templar is the first of these, they are more focused on the defensive aspects of the fight and can shield their friends. They can also use their strength to turn these shields into weapons capable of stunning opponents.

Gladiators, on the other hand, are much more about the offensive. They utilise a wide array of weapons and techniques in order to crush anything in their way. They can also use Polearms which a Templar can’t. It makes them one of the most aggressive Aion classes by far.


Scouts are the Aion class most closely aligned with a rogue. They specialise in subterfuge and speed. The aim is to avoid being seen and certainly to avoid being hit. They have a good variety when it comes to play methods as they can use daggers, swords, and bows. So you can either be a close quarters fighter or a long range sniper. At level 10 you can ascend.

Ranger is the long-range class on offer from the Scout. They make the most of their bows by unleashing a barrage of arrows against one or multiple targets. They can use traps to protect them at close range, and if all else fails they are pretty handy with a dagger too. This is basically for the Legolas fans in the audience.

Assassins aim to be completely invisible, never making themselves known until their target is already dead. They aren’t very strong, but they make up for this by being hard to hit and hard to see. They utilise daggers in a way that no other class can touch, and they can still wield a bow if needed. This is the sneakiest of the Aion classes.  


The Mage is the offensive magician of your choices. They have spell books that give them access to the elements of nature and allow them to turn the tide of a battle single-handedly. This comes at a cost though, as they are incredibly fragile due to their dedication to the arcane. At level 10 you can become even more powerful.

Sorcerer is the class to choose if you like the feel of controlling nature itself. They take everything the mage does and turn it up to 11. Fireballs become wildfires, blasts of winds become tempests. They are easily one of the weakest Aion classes when it comes to defence though, struggling to stay alive without a companion.

Spiritmasters have a deeper respect for the power they wield, and choose, instead, to talk to those it comes from. They deal with the elements that the strength belongs to and learn to summon them instead of wielding it themselves. This is a class that takes a little time to grow in strength, but once they do they are hard to stand against.


Priests are healers of the group. They wield a mace but most of their strength comes from their party, not from themselves. Choosing the Priest is choosing a commitment to keeping your friends alive and healthy. Once you reach level 10 you can decide to go all in on healing, or else broaden your horizons.

Clerics are the full healer class. They become strong enough even to resurrect the dead eventually and have access to a few buffs and debuffs too. This is a good class if you like to keep everyone happy and also sling out a few powerful attack spells.

Chanters are much more focussed on doing a bit of everything. So they can attack, debuff, buff, heal, break-dance, you name it. This comes at the loss of some potency in each area, but it is hard to deny the usefulness of this Aion class.


The Technist is a new Aion class that specialises in charging skills that deal heavy DPS. They use both pistols and aethercannons to keep enemies down from afar. The range makes them a good pairing with a Warrior. As ever, they can ascend once they reach level 10.

Gunslingers are incredibly powerful damage dealers. They go all in on dealing as much damage as possible from afar and tearing enemies to shreds. They have a few abilities that can lock a target down, making them powerful even when alone.

Aethertechs are Technists that really love technology. They gain the ability to summon magical mechanical mounts to aid them in battle and become capable of both short and long-range attacks. They even have a good defence, making them wonderful companions. Just be aware that if they aren’t in a mount they are one of the more vulnerable Aion classes.


The Muse isn’t a band that used to be good but have gone horribly awry, it is, in fact, a musical class dedicated to the ways of the harp. These musicians are a brilliant support class, focusing mostly on helping the other members become stronger. They can also do some lyrical healing as well. Unlike the other Aion classes, the Muse can only become one class: the Songweaver.
Songweavers are a fairly well-balanced support class that can either be a support class or even become a bit of a DPS monster. They utilise their harps to keep on top of the mounting threats that face them, and help their friends to survive any encounter.