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Raid: Shadow Legends Tier List

Raid: Shadow Legends is a character based strategy RPG that sees your selection of champions face off against monsters and other champions in a fight for victory. With a huge roster of champions to choose from, you’ll need to know who to keep and who to discard as you gather more champions to your side.

Thankfully we’re here to help you dispel any confusion you might have. Our Raid: Shadow Legends 2020 tier list helps you separate the best champions from the crowd. It doesn’t matter if they’re legendary, epic, or rare – our list focuses on the best champions out there and helps you make informed decisions on which champions to put into battle.

Raid: Shadow Legends – Legendary Champion Tier List

Arbiter – Void Affinity 

  • A strong all-rounder with high base stats, this support champion is great at reviving dead allies, debuffing foes, and buffing allies with her brilliant speed aura.

Bad-el-Kazar – Force Affinity

  • One of the best support champions in Raid: Shadow Legends, Bad-el-Kazar can remove debuffs from your team, buff your team’s damage, and heal allies.

Big’Un – Magic Affinity

  • This attack champion deals heavy damage with a chance to stun foes, attack all enemies, and inflict debuffs.

Dracomorph – Magic Affinity

  • With a high attack this champion will be dishing out loads of damage, with a heap of debuffs to pile on enemies too. Dracomorph’s Baleful Eye debuff may be the most powerful debuff skill in the game.

Duchess Lilitu – Spirit Affinity

  • A huge amount of health means this support champion will be staying alive for a long time. With her revive abilities and team buffs, she can perform as a supporter and protector with equal ease.

Krisk the Ageless – Void Affinity

  • This champion specialises in defence, with their selection of buffs and debuffs they can keep your whole team alive for longer in almost any situation.

Lyssandra – Spirit Affinity

  • Lyssandra is great at disrupting your opponents whilst building your own turn  meter, this support champion is a great inclusion at any time.

Martyr – Spirit Affinity

  • With extremely high stats across the board, Martyr can be used in any situation with confidence. Her Bastion of Faith ability which buffs your team with counterattacks and improved defences is a particular highlight.

Ma’Shalled – Spirit Affinity

  • This versatile attack champion can flip the tide of battle quickly by stealing buffs from opponents, as well as healing themself.

Nethril – Spirit Affinity

  • Their stats and speed aren’t great but where Nethril shines is in their skills. They can poison, stun, and deal major damage whilst lowering their turn meter. This means they’re extremely versatile across the board in almost any mode.

Raglin – Void Affinity

  • Perfect for use equally in all dungeons and when grinding, Raglin is a great support champion who makes your characters’ turns arrive faster and heals up your team for even better survival.

Siphi the Lost Bride – Void Affinity

  • One of the fastest champions in Raid: Shadow Legends, Siphi the Lost Bride can disable opponents or heal allies with equal aplomb. If you get Siphi the Lost Bride on your team you’ll be using her wherever possible for her brilliant skills.

Turvoid – Void Affinity

  • This attack champion can buff their own damage and speed whilst dealing large damage to opponents. They can even remove the cooldown of their most powerful attack when killing a target, meaning they can deal even more damage.

Valkyrie – Spirit Affinity

  • Designed to be brilliant in defence, Valkyrie can deal constant damage to foes meaning they’re whittled down quickly and efficiently.

Venus – Void Affinity

  • With high defence and brilliant speed, Venus is great in almost any mode and in any fight. She works well with Cupidus with a particular synergy set up via their Pure Partner ability.

Warlord – Void Affinity

  • This tank has a huge health bar and a brilliant defence, meaning they can take damage all day and still keep on ticking. Warlord’s Protection of the Gods ability is one of the most crucial and important abilities in Raid: Shadow Legends.

Zavia – Force Affinity

  • Our final Legendary champion in our 2020 Raider: Shadow Legends tier list is Zavia. This attack champion has amazing attack power and can poison opponents consistently, giving you an essential edge in battles.

Raid: Shadow Legends – Epic Champion Tier List

Madame Serris – Void Affinity

  • This Epic support champion is perfect when you’re planning a spot of grinding. With the ability to fear enemies, steal buffs, and remove all enemy buffs, they’re great at making foes that little bit easier to deal with.

Miscreated Monster – Magic Affinity

  • Miscreated Monster can help keep your team alive through shielding them, protecting your team, and healing themself. With tremendous flexibility, they’re great in almost any mode.

Peydma – Void Affinity

  • Great at grinding, Peydma can decrease enemy attack and defence whilst stealing buffs for their own use. This keeps them alive, and helps you smash your opponents.

Sinesha – Force Affinity

  • Another support champion who’s brilliant when grinding, Sinesha can disrupt your foes whilst healing your team, making her an ideal choice for anyone needing a competitive edge.

Stag Knight – Spirit Affinity

  • This support champion is an ideal debuffer, helping you get the jump on your opponents and making them just a little bit more squishy.

Tayrel – Magic Affinity

  • Whilst Tayrel is on paper a defence champion, their stats and abilities give them a remarkable amount of flexibility, letting them pick up the slack of almost any role. Their skills and stats make Tayrel an ideal all-rounder.

Raid: Shadow Legends – Rare Champion Tier List

Apothecary – Magic Affinity

  • Most of the time you’ll be wanting to find stronger champions than rares, but Apothecary can hold their own with almost anyone. Great across grinding and dungeons, with a little speed boost they can support you right into the late game.

Athel – Magic Affinity

  • Athel you’ll be able to pick at the start, and they specialise in dealing devastating critical hits whilst also buffing their own attacks. This means if you get all their skills off correctly you’ll be dealing colossal damage. This alone makes them viable right up to the late game, when used appropriately.

Kael – Magic Affinity

  • The other prime option for starting champion is Kael, an attack champion who can deal savage damage to entire teams. Best used when grinding, Kael can also be kept right through to the late game with a little care and attention to their progression.

Now you should have an idea of which champions in Raid: Shadow Legends to keep an eye out for, across Legendary, Epic, and Rare tiers. After all, knowledge is half the battle – the other half of the battle is, of course, winning battles.