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Company of Heroes 2: Case Blue DLC




After the long winter of 1941, the German Wehrmacht launched a massive summer offensive in June of 1942 codenamed “Case Blue”. The goal of this operation was to capture the oil-rich lands of the Caucasus region.

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After the long winter of 1941, the German Wehrmacht launched a massive summer offensive in June of 1942 codenamed “Case Blue”. The goal of this operation was to capture the oil-rich lands of the Caucasus region. Case Blue achieved spectacular early gains, but met with strong resistance around Stalingrad.

Take part in a series of scenarios, challenges and battles based upon this operation. Command of the mighty German war machine and lead their forces from spring through to the harsh winter of 1942.

  • Co-Op Scenario: Voronezh

    VORENEZH, RUSSIA, USSR June 28 1942. Germany’s summer offensive aims to secure multiple routes to Stalingrad, but the Red Army holds defensible positions along the Don River. Team up with a friend to capture and hold the large Russian city of Voronezh, one player must defend the city with infantry forces while the other breaks through Soviet defenses with heavy armor support. Bring armor into the city and secure victory for the Wehrmacht. Play with a co-op ally: Player 1 (top) commands vehicles; Player 2 (bottom) commands infantry.

  • Solo Challenge: Tiger Ace

    VOLGA RIVER BASIN, RUSSIA USSR. It is September 1942 and the Wehrmacht has nearly reached Stalingrad. The Soviet forces pushed back by the Case Blue advance have dug in and prepared for the upcoming German assault. As the commander of a prototype Tiger Tank you are at the spear head of Army Group B.

  • Solo Challenge: Destroy a Convoy

    NEAR STALINGRAD, RUSSIA, USSR. It is November 1942, the Soviets tenaciously hold on to Stalingrad, despite terrible losses and scarce supplies. To finally break the defenders and drive them from the city you must break their supply lines. Use a small force of Pioneers and Grenadiers to prevent Soviet supply convoys from reaching the city.

  • AI Battle: Don River

    DON RIVER VALLEY, USSR. The Russian winter of December 1942 has halted German advances into the Soviet Union. Taking advantage of the treacherous conditions, the Red Army has launched a massive counter offensive. Along the Don River the Wehrmacht’s flank is under coordinated attack from two Soviet battle groups. Marshal your forces and wield the power of your devastating howitzer artillery to stem the Soviet tide.

  • AI Battle: Kharkov

    KHARKOV, UKRAINE, USSR. It is May 1942, the Red Army has retaken the industrial city of Kharkov and is beginning to take initiative in the second year of its war with the Third Reich. Marshal Timoshenko’s forces are overextended, take advantage of this and recapture the city with the Wehrmacht’s sixth army. The defending Soviet forces will not give ground easily.

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Relic Entertainment
Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Requires Company of Heroes 2 (base game) to use this DLC
  • OS: Windows Vista (32bit), Windows 7
  • Processor: 2Ghz Intel Core2 Duo or Equivalent
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 20GB
  • Video Card: 256MB Direct3D 10 capable video card (GeForce 8800 or RadeonHD 2900)
  • Additional: Internet Connection

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Enjoyable but still comes up a bit short

The little orphan brother of the CoH2 mission packs. The base game has nothing in the way of campaign missions for the Wehrmacht faction, which was a disappointing omission. At least the Case Blue DLC does its best to make amends for that, even if it could afford to have a bit more to offer. It's a pretty light in the content department, with only 5 missions to choose from, which isn't really a lot. You get a little bit of everything, at least, from challenge maps to new skirmish missions. The two challenge maps in particular are fun, if not particularly inspired. Fans of the game who are looking to expand the scope of the campaign should be sure to pick this up, but be aware that it doesn't bring particularly much new to the table.

Relive the winter offensive

Fall Blau or Case Blue was the code name of German offensive on oil-rich Caucasus area. This expansion for Company of Heroes 2 adds a selection of scenarios based on battles of this offensive. Some of them are co-operative, like the Voronezh battle, some are intended for solo play, like the 'Tiger Ace' scenario taking place near Volga, and another one from the Stalingrad area - 'Destroy a Convoy'. Then there are two AI battles as well, expanding the replayability of this expansion. I think for a WW2 strategy gamer this expansion is a must-have, especially if they're interested in the Eastern theatre, but I doubt it could be any different now after playing the excellent Company of Heroes 2 game.

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