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Guild Wars 2: Heroic Edition





Guild Wars 2 is redefining the future of online role-playing games.

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Game description

"ArenaNet has built one of the most exhaustively detailed and rewarding MMOs in existence, one that never unfairly penalizes and fosters an incredible urge to explore through a generous reward system and achingly pretty environment design." - IGN.com

"A paradise for explorers and thrill-seekers alike, and the best online role-playing game in years." - Gamespot.com


Enter the award winning Guild Wars 2, now featuring the bonus Heroic Pack!

  • Suit of Legacy Armor

  • Mithril Box, 18 slot inventory expansion

  • 10 x Experience Boosters

A Truly Living World

Adventure in a living and ever-expanding world that is constantly evolving with new and frequent content updates!

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Events:

    Explore an ever-changing fantasy world where your actions have a real and persistent effect on your surroundings. Dynamic events respond and change based on how you react to them. Will you defend that village from rampaging centaurs or let it burn? The choice is yours!

  • Personal Stories:

    Your personal story begins with key decisions you make when creating your character’s biography and then evolves with each fateful choice you make in the game. You decide who lives, who dies and what path you’ll walk in life, and those choices have a lasting effect on both your personal story and your private home instance.

  • Action-Oriented Combat:

    Experience a new kind of high-impact, fast-paced combat. Attack on the move, dodge and roll away from enemy blows, team up with other players for powerful combos, take advantage of handy environmental weapons, and unleash spectacular skills and spells. Guild Wars 2 is putting the fun back into fantasy combat.

  • Sprawling Dungeons:

    Only the most experienced groups of adventurers dare enter the dungeons, huge private adventure areas where the risks are immense but the rewards are great. Dungeons take many forms, but in each you follow a gripping plot in story mode and then branch into the even more challenging free-roaming explorable mode.

  • Competitive PvP:

    Face off against small teams of other players in intense matches where skill and audacity determine the victor. Battle over key objectives on a wide variety of maps loaded with game-changing secondary objectives like cannons and trebuchets. Make a name for your team during the daily, weekly and annual PvP tournaments.

  • Worlds Collide:

    Prepare for battlefield combat on an epic scale! In world vs. world, armies of hundreds of players from competing servers wage war across four sprawling maps, seizing objectives and scoring points for their side. Lay siege to castles, raid enemy supply caravans, build weapons of war and clash with other players in truly massive battles. There’s always something to do on the battlefield and new players can start WvW right away!

  • No Subscription:

    Get the game and play online for as long as you want. It's that simple.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • Windows® XP Service Pack 2 or better
  • Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz, Core i3, AMD Athlon 64 X2 or better
  • 2GB RAM
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800, ATI X1800, Intel HD 3000 or better (256MB of video RAM and shader model 3.0 or better)
  • 25GB available HDD space
  • Broadband Internet connection
  • Keyboard and mouse

  • Due to potential changes, system requirements may change over time and you may be required to upgrade your current system (or obtain a new system) to continue to play the game

Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Guild Wars 2: Heroic Edition

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A different game


I started playing this game on a trial, since then i got hooked to it. What makes Guild wars 2 different then others games ,what the reason you want to play it and perhaps why you should actually buy it Let start with the good about the game : 1. The game doesn't have a subscription base, you buy it ones and you play forever. You may say but there are other games like this free to play. I will tell you the shop from those game make you abandon faster then you think. Guild wars 2 has a shop but it pure cosmetic, you don't need half of the item listed. In case you want to buy something you can convert the gold that you collect into gem, and gold is easy to be made. 2. Crafting system is different then other games, in here you need to discover recipe in order to level faster, not to mention you get xp from it which allows you to level. 3. Personal quest which are the most interesting part of the game, allow you to create your own hero and the decision that you made influence the game and brings you different quest,. 4. The quest from this game don't need for you to go to the npc and talk with it. If you are near the zone where the npc is, you automatically take the quest. If you finish it you don't need to speak with a npc, this allows you to not consume time. 5.Exploration brings you rewards, gear and not to mention you get xp from it. 6.Living story are events for 2 weeks where you will face different challenge from defeating a boss to find some objects. 7. Auction house on the game is server link, and you can sell anywhere you are, you don't need to visit a capital in order to sell your items. What is different from others is that you can post the item that you want , and in case a sellers agrees with your price you get your items 8, Banks have a special deposit for the crafting materials, you can send it directly from your inventory, without of need to visit it. 9, In case you are more PVP then PVE, the game has a special feature where you can join a battleground and be 80 directly with full pvp gear and skills. And so on.... The bad about the game : 1. After you are 80, you get bored fast especially after you get your exotic gear. 2. If you are not into PVP, and not good in instance, the only way for you to obtain gear is from champion runs. 3. Living story is bad if you miss it since you will not understand what will happen in the next patch or you will miss some great rewards. 4. 5 slots for characters is to limited especially since you have 8 classes and you can't play with all of them

Better then most of MMO's out there


Beautiful looking game that has some of the best mechanics in the entire mmorpg genre. The best thing about it is that it lacks most of the tedium and busy work that is so typical for these types of games. It works in such a way that it is impossible to kill steal, ninja loot, steal resources etc. thus the griefing and frustration is minimal. Also, there is no monthly subscription so you can play at your own pace as you see fit. It does get a little stale as you get closer to the end game, but that is the problem that I have with all mmorpgs in general. Overall a very enjoyable experience with nice customization options and class variety. It doesn't require you to put your real life on hold like some other similar games and can almost be played and enjoyed as single player game.

Something for everyone


Guild wars 2 is really something different than other mmorpgs out there. First account I bought was in January, I encountered "problem" at the beginning not being able to pick race/profession because all seemed awesome. Picking first profession I started playing game and the more I played the more I was amazed. Since I came from different type of mmo (World of Warcraft) I was sceptical how will this work with so "little" skills I have to use. As I played I learned everything, from blast combos, questing, activities and all that on my own so when we talk about learning curve this game has very beneficial learning curve for new players. When I first time encountered World boss (pretty early in game around lvl 15) I had goose bumps, because one moment I was doing some caravan escort with other players in starting zone not expecting anything to happen, next moment you see something HUGEEEE appearing and we are all running there, literally there was 50-80 ppl doing the world boss event. Game is really amazing, although at some point you will feel bored since there is no actual end game content everyone is used to in other mmos. Game constantly gets updated and most of all, game developers actually read feedback from their users making game better. Like all games this one is not perfect either, there are things that can be annoying, depending on play style, since recently arena net made some changes making this game less casual as they promoted it. Bottom line is, there is plenty of stuff to do and get you involved, from amazing PVE content to legendary WwWwW fights that involve over hundred people and of course competitive PvP in arena that everyone is familiar with, this game will definitely keep you occupied for more than 1000 hours of gameplay, I know it did me.

A lovely MMO


Guild Wars 2 is a stunning and interesting MMO and for me, it's one of the best MMO-s out there. The visuals and audio is magnificent and i just loved the colors and music, that this game has. The storyline is quite good and has lots of interesting and not so typical missions and objectives so luckily it doesn't get repetitive. For me, the best part is the WvWvW. Me and my friends spent hours in there. Just capturing towers and supply camps and defending castles. In WvWvW the combat shines, the boons start playing a role and dodging becomes an important part of the game. You can have very long battles and fight a long time and it just doesn't tire you. The reason why i like Guild Wars is because it is different, isn't a monthly subscription and is a fun experience. For me, Guild Wars is a shining and fun MMo

A disappointment


I bought this game right when it came out, back in I guess it was September last year. Honestly, I am still regretting the money i spent on it. The game was over - hyped and I was watching everything I could about it. I was really really pumped to get into it, so I installed it and... Well, personally, I thought it was mediocre at best. I was through many MMOs in the past, spent a few years in WoW, a year or so in LoTRO and even in SWTOR. But I only spent a few days in GW2, trying to find out what was almost everyone seeing in it. Where was the revolutional combat ? I mean, it was not appealing at all to me. Sure, there are no monthly subscription fees, but what to do in a game that bores you to death ? Everything I have seen in it was done better before. Maybe it got better after the initial release, but I probably will not be able to force myself to get back into it.

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