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Mitra, yama, qsiti, sovani... These four races exist in one world. A world filled with Remnants — mysterious artifacts from an ancient era.

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Game description

"For those PC gamers who are willing to try out a new style of Japanese Role Playing Game this is a great game to play with its strong mechanics and story.- gamefocus.ca

"The PC version of this fun and fascinating role-playing game is far superior to its Xbox 360 counterpart.- gamespot.com


Mitra, yama, qsiti, sovani... These four races exist in one world. A world filled with Remnants — mysterious artifacts from an ancient era.

Who created the Remnant? How long ago? And for what purpose? With these questions left unanswered, the Remnants became beneficial tools used for the good of civilization. The world was at peace...or so it seemed. Who was to know such darkness lay in wait?

The powers of the Remnants slowly began to change the world's balance. A rift slowly formed between those who ruled and those who obeyed. This was the dawning of a new era — an era of countless frays that would be brought upon the world by those enslaved by their own lust for power.

A thousand years later, the journey of one young man begins.

Featuring an enthralling story, countless characters and an intricate battle system, Square Enix brings the RPG experience known as The Last Remnant to the PC. Discover new strategies in the improved battle system.

Key Features:


    The dynamic game world revolves around the awe-inspiring Remnants. They vary in size and shape and it is said that there are thousands or even millions to be discovered. Each Remnant contains a unique power that affects the abilities of those around it -but the powers of many Remnants remain unknown-


    The game's innovative command system allows 70 units to engage in a bloody and balletic battle to the death. In the midst of the carnage, with visceral finishing blows landing left and right, players will experience the exhilaration of a soldier on the battlefield.


    First class writing is complemented by top quality vocal talent and direction, delivering spectacular drama which fully immerses you in the world of the Remnants.

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Square Enix
Eidos Interactive
Square Enix
Thursday, April 9, 2009
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements

- Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2/Vista® SP1 *1 *2
- Intel® Core™2 Duo (2GHz) / AMD Athlon™ X2 (2GHz)
- 1.5GB RAM
- 15GB Available HDD Space
- NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600 VRAM 256MB or better *3
- 100% DirectSound® compatible sound card (DirectX®9.0c or higher)
- DirectX® 9.0c

Recommended Requirements

- Microsoft® Windows Vista® SP1 (32-bit/64-bit are supported for Windows Vista®, Windows® XP Professional x64 Edition and server-related OS are not supported)
- Intel® Core™2 Duo (2.4GHz or higher) / AMD Athlon™ X2 (2.4GHz or higher)
- 15GB Available HDD Space
- NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 VRAM 512MB or better (Laptop versions and onboard video are not supported. Video cards that share the same VRAM as the main memory are not supported.)
- 100% DirectSound® compatible sound card (DirectX®9.0c or higher)
- DirectX® 10 (OS Default). The version used is DirectX® 9.0c


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Great game, if you like games like FF this is a need to play game.


I love it, the graphics are great, storyline is ok. likeable characters to recruit, it feels like a grind but with or without the grind the boss battles are a challenge. it doesn't explain every little detail and that is what I am impressed with. Simply play the game and watch your characters grow. Sooooo many weapons to choose from, sword and shield, one handed, one handed power grip, two handed or dual wield, swords, daggers, mace, staff, pick your poison and go kill something. I play games for fun and this delivered.

Interesting combat system but plot is lacking.


Good but old JRPG from the early period of XBOX 360 with a specific combat system that adds strategy elements. The graphics are nice but it's a bit dated, music is pleasant though there could be more battle tracks. As for the plot, well at times it's interesting but it lacks the epicness that JRPGs are known for, especially Final Fantasy series as this is also a Square game.

the game is excellent for those wanting a good challenge.


Despite the amazing depth of the game, or rather, due to it, the game will eat you alive if you don't know what you?re doing. The game does not make obvious certain crucial information from the get go. Playing the game with a lack of information can lead to a really bad experience, especially if you play this game the way you would a normal RPG. With that said, the game is excellent for those wanting a good challenge. There is a vast amount of content within the game, and it should keep someone busy for the next 100-200 hours. This game is a true gem. It is nothing less than a crime that a game of such originality is not mentioned in conversations of JRPGs more often. This is the JRPG that I hold every other JRPG up to--and until we get another game in this universe, I see no other game coming close. I cannot recommend this game enough.

Understated Game


While it maybe not as hyped or great as other Square games, it certainly holds it own and truly is an understated title. It has its a rich depth and complexity in its combat system, and a sense of replayabilty in wanting to find new characters and explore their backstory. The graphics are nice for its time, and the details in their character design and environment are outstanding. The music good but having subtitles with the original voices actors is a feature that can not be overstated of how well it ties the atmosphere of the game together. All in all, if you like JRPGs, this is a game worth checking out.

Will Keep You Glued To Your Screen !!


When The Last Remnant came out in 2009, I decided to put it on my to-play list, considering how much I love RPGs. However, thanks to the overwhelming number of great games nowadays like the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, and due to the lack of time, I didn't get to try The Last Remnant...that's until one month ago i decided it's about time to give it a try, and it didn't disappoint ! The good things in The Last Remnant cold be summed by: - epic story - attractive design style - addictive combat ( once you know what you are doing ) - long series of satisfying boss fights - tons of varying monsters and opponents, each requiring a different strategy to beat - Replayability: I've spent about 120 hours playing this game, and tried (not too hard) to be a completionist, but despite that, it seems that I have missed a lot of quests and much content. Beside that, the hard mode is unlocked once you beat the game, and you can do a second replay of the game without losing your stuff, so it is tempting to do a second replay. The shortcomings are: - Limitation of customization: you can only change the equipment of the main character, Rush Sykes. - Despite the good cut-scenes, there tended to be long pauses between the speech - You have to do too much fighting to raise your battle rank so that you can face the ridiculously tough bosses - Lack of a proper documentation or manual explaining how exactly the combat mechanics work, and you have to do a lot of searching in the forums and Wiki to learn detailed information about weapons, formations and combat mechanics. I've had a lot of fun playing this game. However, it can be true that this game may not suit everyone, because it's not your typical role playing game. I kept thinking of this game as a deck card game in first person.

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