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The 2013 sequel to the successful Agricultural Simulator series is ready to roll – with updated agricultural technology from well known partners.

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Game description

"A different but enjoyable business simulation." - IGN.com

The 2013 sequel to the successful Agricultural Simulator series is ready to roll – with updated agricultural technology from well known partners.

Go farm on idyllic pastures surrounded by inviting virgin mountain panoramas, or alternatively the fabulous landscapes of Tuscany and the USA are waiting with un-worked fields for all agriculture fans.

At their very own farm hobby-farmers undertake the daily tasks of running the Farm: The production of food, sustainable resources, and the delivery of eco materials.

Fields have to be worked and farm animals cared for. The dynamic ground makes the whole game more realistic! Future farmers have to invest tactically and with foresight – the rapid spend of budgets by running costs and seed bills must not be underestimated. To realize a profit takes financial and tactical skill.


  • More than 70 vehicles and extensions
  • 3 different environments including towns, villages and farms (Tuscany, Alpine, United States)
  • Dynamic, realistic ground
  • Realistic “dirtying” of ALL vehicles (visually and in handling)
  • 6 different animal species (cattle, bulls, sheep, chickens, horses, deer)
  • Extensive help system, including transport tasks
  • new plant species (eg sunflower)
  • Sales hot spots on all maps for all products - quick sale for inexperienced players
  • Interactive tutorial missions for all beginners
Game info
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Friday, January 25, 2013
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • Windows Vista/7/8
  • CPU: 2,4 GHz Pentium or. 100% compatible CPU
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Videocard: Nvidia Geforce 6800GT, ATI Radeon HD3650
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Agricultural Simulator 2013

Fun but a little short

Agricultural Simulator 2013 is a great game, the graphics are nice, the sound is amazing. At first the game is amazing there is alot of stuff to do but all that stuff does get boring after sometime. The interactive tutorial is great, it's really easy to learn the game that way. There are sales all over the map, which is good. There are more then 70 vehicles which is more then enough. There are towns, city's and Farms (DUH). You can get some hours out of this game but after that it does get boring.

Not Bad, Could Use Some More Work

The Graphics are Nice, But look bland and boring at some parts. The physics are amazing though, you can see dirt fly up and the grass shape itself as you go over it in a tractor. The tractors drive just like a real tractor. There are quite a few glitches and the whole trial and error part of the game gets very old fast. Unless you are a fan of games like this, you should really consider before getting it.

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