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It's time for rehabilitation! You're a recovering amputee, fitted with the latest modern technology. The KS-001 Robo-arm is capable of delicate tasks if used efficiently.

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Game description

It's time for rehabilitation! You're a recovering amputee, fitted with the latest modern technology. The KS-001 Robo-arm is capable of delicate tasks if used efficiently.

What better challenge for the son of an Earl than to make tea for his father?

Good luck son. You'll need it.

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Projector Games
Indie, Simulation
Friday, May 30, 2014
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP or later; Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • RAM: 512Mb
  • CPU: 1.2ghz Intel Compatible CPU or better
  • HDD Space: 1GB free
  • Video Card: Supporting TnL (DX9 or newer)
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Ampu-Tea

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Might be good title for Let's Play.


Simulator on which you can easily get upset. Our task is to lead and set up a mechanical hand to prepare a cup of hot British tea. Control does not quite satisfy me, but I think that was the founder's idea to make it not too easy. I'm definitely not a fan of this types of games but if you are a YouTuber and want something to make fun out of perhaps this is a game for you.

Could be better


The game aims to be funny in a way that Surgeon Simulator is but unfortunately stumbles and falls. First of all, the game performs much worse than Surgeon Simulator and the aesthetics are not that good that it would have to perform so poorly. The hand is hard to control which is mostly the point, too, but it is much harder than Surgeon Simulator to the point that you will soon lack any incentive to go on. Cannot recommend.

How To Make a Cup of TEA


I have this game last month ago, And i have download this after i redeem this game. If you can't make a cup of tea, you must play this game. First thing that i was on this game, it's serve two hands. And second thing that you'll do is make a cupe of tea. Step : 1. Move right hand onto a cup. 2. Broke all things all over there. :D So funny :')

Cute TEA simulator


Very cute simulator of making tea. You are a robot, and you SHOULD follow some orders of tea making : more sugar, less milk etc. PROS +better hand's control than "Tea Party Simulator 2015?" +many cups to choose +easy achievements +has trading cards CONS -simple theme (less than the tea party) -hand's control are hard to learn I rate it 6.7/10

Like Surgeon Simulator, but worse


Ampu-Tea tries to be like Surgeon Simulator, but it is just not. Surgeon Simulator’s weird controls added to the charm of the game, but here the weird controls just make it frustrating. In Surgeon Simulator you are performing surgery in the most ridiculous of locations doing everything from performing a heart transplant to an alien autopsy, and that’s what made it fun: what you were doing was completely ridiculous, which again added to the charm of the game. In Ampu-Tea…you are making a cup of tea. That’s it. No variation, not ludicrous objectives or locations, just making a cup of tea with a prosthetic arm. Only play if you can’t afford the money to buy Surgeon Simulator. Otherwise buy Surgeon Simulator.

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