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Inspired by chess, but adding combat that YOU control, Archon was the original Battle Chess. You must try to outmaneuver your opponent using teams of fantasy creatures or monsters in this epic struggle of Light and Dark.

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Game description

"Archon Classics is a triumphant remake of a great game." - GamingXP.com

Inspired by chess, but adding combat that YOU control, Archon was the original Battle Chess. You must try to outmaneuver your opponent using teams of fantasy creatures or monsters in this epic struggle of Light and Dark. On the chess board, when you challenge a piece, you are teleported into a Combat Arena where you fight in REAL-TIME until only the victor emerges to claim the square on the chess board. Conquer your opponent by defeating all of their pieces on the chess board or claim all the Power Squares for a quick victory! You can play Free-For-All mode, where it's everyone for themselves, or play using teams and gang up on your opponents pieces in battle (2 vs. 1.)

Archon:Classic can be played using USB controllers (the best way) or with keyboard and mouse. First developed in 1983, Archon quickly became a hit and instant classic because of it's unique combination of action and strategic gameplay. We've recreated it to play just like the original, but we've added enhancements for today's gamer. So grab some friends and experience the classic game that started the Action/Strategy genre.

Key features:

  • Up to 4 Player support...pure mayhem in battle!
  • Play in "Free-for-All" or "Teams" mode
  • USB controller support
  • Optimized to run even on on netbooks
  • 3 Different Boards (Modes) to play
  • 4 AI settings with 3 different personalities
  • Various spells to use
  • 18 pieces per team, plus others you can summon
  • Pieces gain experience and level up
  • Primary and Secondary abilities
  • Choose modern or classic icons
  • Fully Featured 1 Player Campaign called, "Conquest"
  • Conquest features 4 campaigns (over 60 quests)
  • Over 16 hours gameplay on Conquest alone!
  • Tracking and Statistics per game (fully featured)
  • Achievements and Leaderboards

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Headup Games
React Games
Strategy, Simulation
Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Win Vista or later with .NET framework installed
  • Processor: x86-compatible 800 mhz
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Graphics: At least 64MB memory
  • Hard Drive: 250 MB
Recommended Requirements

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It is the classic game


Pro: It is the classic game archon. Still fun after all these years. con: broken sound and one heck of an intrusive bloated DRM setup that playfire brings. Conclusion: not worth keeping around with playfire DRM on it.

Great Game!


Archon Classic looks and feels like chess in many regards but has some very interesting concepts. Every time a piece lands on another the game takes you into a battle arena where you fight it out. The many different piece types bring many different strengths and weaknesses into play, and you need to be strategic in how you plan your advance. To make things even more strategic, the majority of the game board changes from dark to light to neutral over time, bringing battle advantages to either light or dark in particular battles. There is also a fairly large array of game options available, ranging from campaigns, leveling up pieces games, and hot seat games where you can play with a friend. The graphics engine is also quite nice plus you have the option of showing the retro graphics if you prefer the old look. The music is also quit catchy, especially the music that plays when battle engages.

A Classic remastered


Archon classic is an entertaining game, that combines core aspects of strategy and action games, into a surprisingly fun and addictive package. Being a remastered edition of an old classic, archon has pleasant graphics, which suitably play homage to the original giving a nostalgic feel to the game, which returning players will appreciate. The game has significant value, as it has several modes of play which are great fun. The game features a helpful tutorial mode supported by several fully fledged campaigns which introduce units and game mechanics at a good pace. However, the game truly shines in hot seat mode, which is impressively fun, features extensive customization to change the experience just enough, and allows for the addition of AI players to fill in extra numbers if needed. As it originally appears as a modified chess game, Archon possess significant strategic depth, but also requires a knowledge of the classes limitations. As a package, Archon classic offers something for everyone and is well worth the investment.

A Classic!


This game is like chess, except it's more strategic. Yes, it's more strategic than chess. It's a great game where you have to defeat your opponent using different creature pieces and powerup type pieces. There are plenty of modes that make this game brilliant, such as the multiplayer (free for all and team) modes. It's quite a long game but it never gets dull. Definitely reccomended for chess lovers and strategy lovers alike.

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