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Embark on a journey in the world of Luxendarc, the welfare of which relies on four elemental crystals. Follow the quest of Agnès Oblige, the Vestal of Wind, and her companions, as they race to restore balance in Luxendarc by awakening the crystals.

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Game description

Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies is now available exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.

Embark on a journey in the world of Luxendarc, the welfare of which relies on four elemental crystals.

According to tradition, crystals are looked after by chosen priestesses, the vestals, who all bear the name Oblige. As of late, terrible events have befallen the land and the power of the crystals seems to be waning.

Follow the quest of Agnès Oblige, the Vestal of Wind, and her companions, as they race to restore balance in Luxendarc by awakening the crystals.

Key Features:

  • Traditional JRPG feel with an inventive storyline involving parallel worlds.

  • Ground-breaking Brave/Default system makes for engaging battles.

  • Exchange profiles with other players to learn abilities or summon them in battle.

  • Take a break from the main adventure by rebuilding the village of Norende.

  • Choose between many jobs, equipment and abilities to customize your party.

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Square Enix/Silicon Studio
RPG, Adventure
Friday, December 6, 2013
Digital Nintendo Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements

Requires a 3DS Console and Nintendo Network ID Account

Recommended Requirements

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Throwback that outstays its welcome


Bravely Default makes me kinda sad because we don't get old school AAA JRPGs anymore. This old style of JRPG's is usually left for indies, handhelds and budget titles these days, and the biggest name in the genre, Square-Enix, has abandoned old school JRPG's almost completely. Bravely Default is one of the few they've done in like a decade, and it is a really good throwback to this genre I love so much, despite me wishing it was a bigger title on consoles and PC. It doesn't come without problems though. It is simply way too long for its own good. There is a lot of stories here, but a lot of it is also rambling on endlessly about nothing, a sad trend I've seen in modern JRPG's these days. It moves on at a snails pace, it makes you backtrack way too much content(thankfully you can disable fights whenever you want to get on with it), and the nice gimmick of Brave and Default mechanics in battles wears off quickly, and just becomes a hassle in every other fight except bosses where you have to use it to its fullest potential. This is a very hard game on hardest difficulty which I like, as most JRPG's aren't that hard, and you really need to know how to use the combat mechanics and jobs to your advantage. As for good things, the combat mechanics give new life to an old genre, jobs interact with each other more than in any Final Fantasy game as you can use skills from 2, and pick and choose however you want the characters to play. The story is interesting and there are different endings, and you thankfully don't have to play the whole game from the beginning just to experience all of them. I got genuinely invested in the 4 main characters, especially Edea who's easily my favorite and her story was the best. Only annoying one was the sidekick Airy who sticks around the whole way, I hated her and you can figure her role right when you clear the first crystal, it was just too obvious so it's just annoying to hear her constantly rushing Agnes. Towards the end, I was already getting bored until I got to the next story bits, particularly ones involving Edea, and boss fights, and it's not even that long of a game in the end, it just has too much pointless stuff. The good still far outweigh the bad though and I had fun.

Blast from the past


If you miss good old days of JRPGs, you absolutely must pick this game up! It's as classic and traditional game in the genre as you can get. No action rpg that is popular nowadays, it's good old amazing turn based action and it just feels like Final Fantasy VII with how camera is placed. Graphics for 3DS are pretty good, although it may require some getting used to how pixelated characters look, especially in cutscenes, where the jaggies could actually jab your eyes. Soundtrack is downright beautiful and even after you will complete the game, you will probably go back to it just for to listen to it. The only major draw that could turn impatient people off is the story, which starts pretty slow, however this game is incredibly forgiving for beginners and it introduces nicely the fighting system, brave points and all the meat of the game. It is a nice homage to games of old, without feeling ancient. Strongly recommended.

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