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Broken Sword 4 - the Angel of Death





After reluctantly battling dragons, Mayan gods, and becoming a knight of a long lost Holy Order, unwitting hero George Stobbart determines to settle down to a life of mundane 9-5 office work.

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Game description

After reluctantly battling dragons, Mayan gods, and becoming a knight of a long lost Holy Order, unwitting hero George Stobbart determines to settle down to a life of mundane 9-5 office work. Who would have thought that a mysterious and beautiful woman would enter his life; a woman whose sudden disappearance draws him into a desperate search for a nefarious artefact of great and terrible power?

As forces of ancient worlds and past forgotten myths clash, current emotions will conflict with past regrets. Emotion, humor, and puzzling combine to draw the player into a dark world of conspiracy theories, daring adventures, and ancient societies. For George, it looks like the world needs saving. Again.

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Revolution Software Ltd
Sumo Digital
Friday, September 15, 2006
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP thr Windows 8
  • Processor: Pentium
  • Memory: 64 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Any video card with 64 Mb video RAM
  • Hard Drive: 15 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Any
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Here we go again.


Broken Sword 4 is considered by me as the worst part of the series. It's a prime example how not to make a good game. While I barely got used to new 3D approach this part somewhat looks even worse than the Sleeping Dragon was, mostly due to bad facial animation that will randomly make you laugh or sad during the gameplay, that's how bad they are. Also, the controls are frustrating which makes the overall experience even worse. Sadly if you want to play the whole you need to finish this as well.

Way better then 3!


After the negative reaction to 3, i feared the series will be over. I actually was surprised, when this came out of nowhere. The 3D visuals stayed, but this time, it's a point and click adventure again, without stealth portions, platforming, and QTEs. This time, this is a pure adventure game, with the usual superb writing, and the characters we loved, plus a new blonde one, that i actually didn't care for too much, but maybe that's cause i liked Nico way better anyway. This time, the hunt is for a relic, that i will not spoil, but i can tell, that when i found out what it is, i slapped my forehead. I should've figured it out way sooner.

Problems again, Mr. Stobbart?


The fourth BS game! I think the developers balanced a little bit more the point and click with the 3D on this one. Actually, you can play it with your mouse. The voice acting is brilliant, and so is the story (nothing new coming from the Broken Sword series, they're all amazing). The puzzles are hard sometimes, but there's one which is kind of repetitive, and it can get boring. Fortunately, you don't have to do it too many times (at least for my taste). This game makes you think, teaches you a few things about ancient history and has a huge replayable value. What else could you expect?

Could have been better...


Broken Sword 4 is an Indie action styled game in which you need to save the world again, just like the other game from the series. This game has very disappointing graphics since they are bad as the previous games. The soundtrack got a little better, making the game a bit more intense to the player. But on the other hand the gameplay is still basically the same, which is not good for all players out there. The story is not so bad, but could have been better, since it is still a little repetitive and gets you bored after a while. Anyway, I do not recommend this to anyone, not even to those who have played the previous games from the series.

Raiders of the Lost Mobster


Once again, good old George Stobbart got himself in trouble. Thanks to his new friend Anna-Maria, our beloved tourist/adventurer is hunting a treasure one more time and the mob wants to obtain a piece a that cake too. The story is as nice as you would expect from a Broken Sword game and it's packed with jokes, conspiracies and mysteries. The puzzles are quite challenging and the gameplay has returned to its point'n click roots. However, while the game looks decent it lacks the charm of the first two episode. A better instalment than The Sleeping Dragon but not as excellent as the two original Broken Sword games.

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