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Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare

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Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare realises a future dominated by powerful combat technologies which create opportunities to deploy brand new tactics in the global war arena.

Academy Award® winning actor, Kevin Spacey, delivers an epic performance in this all next-gen delivered masterpiece developed by Sledgehammer Games (co-developers of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3).

Purchase the digital version of Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare and receive the bonus Digital Edition Personalization Pack with a custom weapon camo, reticle set and playercard.

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Sledgehammer Games
Monday, November 3, 2014
English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
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A Cinematic and Epic Call of Duty game!


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a leap forward, the title that saved the famous Call of Duty series from falling apart and rescued the franchise ins some way. As expected, the positive changes made by Sledgehammer Games in the gameplay made it more distinct and more appealing than its previous ones. Along with the changes in the gameplay, the game's improved graphics and story were another reason why the game was welcomed by the audience, and especially for the fans like me. However, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is still not a MW2 of it's kind and is not a revolutionary one that turns the series into one of the worlds of best games, but is currently one of the best-made shooters ever made.

Do not Miss The Best Call Of Duty MultiPlayer the Advenced Warfare!


The Call Of Duty series has always had a fascinating online part, and in the Advanced Warfare, the situation in the Multiplayer section is also very good. Apart from the fact that Dozen Perk has been added, this time we see a lot more classifications, and along with this categorization Game maps also help you with different classes. For example, if you are sniper or an intruder, you have the ability to plunge into your style. This time the weapons are much better and the maps are much more beautifully worked out. So online fun is much more. But among all the points in the online gameplay, the best part is the same exo-suit that you wore during the campaign. it has many capabilities. imagine what could you do with the jet pack and invisibility and being able to climb high obstacles, and you could do a lot different in the 8th to 8th War. Thousands of strategies in the online part are waiting for you. You can power Upgrade your ghosts ability and keep the whole game stealth and be a ghost assassin, or you can bustle and constantly jump from one side to the other and use your characters power punch.

Still better than Infinite Warfare.


This isn't the type of COD I remember playing, not at all. After Modern Warfare 3 or Black Ops 2, things fell apart. The quality, the themes, the content it all changed. Now, Advanced Warfare does manage to go beyond my expectation? No. But (for me) it's still better than Black Ops 3 or Infinite Warfare. I found it boring & didn't like it that much in many parts, but maybe that's because I didn't like the change that occured with the COD games or because I'm not that much of a fan of the Sci-Fi genre. To begin with, Advanced Warfare is bombarded with MORE than 30 DLC's (unbelievable...), with a few of them giving extra content and the rest adding cosmetics and such. This, is one of the big cons that I found. TOO MANY dlc's, for real. The story is not a big mess, but it's very short. Graphics were nice, I'll give them that. Mechanics/controls felt nice, so nothing negative about that. Multiplayer had some issued a while ago, I think it's fixed now. I don't play AW nowadays (and nor will I again), so, I don't know the Online part is dead or if it's still active, but it was kind of fun for those that like the game as it is. If you'd like to give it a shot, go for it but be aware (though, this isn't Infinite Warfare, so...). If you're a collector of DLC's and don't like to play a game without owning all of them, you've been warned what lies ahead. It has it's intense moments, but feels like a generic game to me. It's up to a point now that I truly believe Activision doesn't release the same quality games they used to (and it's not Sledgehammer's fault this time). Not the same effort, not the same quality, and they certainly doesn't listen to the feedback. Nevertheless, on the whole, it's worth on sale (you might wanna be careful with the DLC's though), but don't expect it to be the best COD ever. The best thing I could say, is that probably it's the best COD in the "Sci-Fi" category.

Advanced Warfare's stronger than before!


great gameplay! in COD series we always expect the best gameplay from it but surely the ghost took that away and made the cod series a nightmare! the Exo suits are very fun to play with! boosting and dodging in firefights really makes it fun! Exo Survival, mode is the other fun part of the game! this mode can challenge you and your friends among the leaderboard! the variety of guns and gadgets perks are really good and a lot acutely, even the dialogues are the best in the series! best character models and facial animations! CoD definitely needed some new improvements and AW did that for now, really like it!

COD AW is better than Ghosts in most every way


I haven't beaten the entire single player mode yet, but this is one of the better FPS games I've ever played. The game looks great. The new exo-suit abilities are awesome. You can jump boost, dash, and do a variety of other things. I found the single player to be fresh and varied. The multiplayer game is typical COD but with the exo suits its tough to not get taken advantage of sometimes. It's very customizable like Ghosts online multiplayer. Bottom line this is a great FPS and one of the better CODS I've ever played.

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