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Chernobyl Commando





The terrorists want a war? Let them have it!

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Game description

The terrorists want a war? Let them have it!

26 years after a fatal accident in Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant that covered half of the Europe in clouds of radioactive smoke, a large group of terrorists took over the area, trying to steal all the remaining radioactive waste - and use it.

Ukrainian and Russian forces hit them with all they could, but the enemy was well prepared and the small war raged on. Two of the best Spec Ops agents move in on their own, hitting the enemy hard before they can escape with the loot. This is a no-frills, old style, gun-blazing and explosion-roaring attack against multitude of enemies. While sometimes helped by the Army, you are mostly on your own. Hit them hard where it hurts and become a legend for generations to come!

Key Features:

  • Become one of the best soldiers today, facing multitude of opponents in the battlefield.

  • Explore carefully recreated Chernobyl area, and chase your targets to the Middle East - after some of them manage to escape.

  • Combat heavily armed enemies powered by sophisticated AI.

  • Play along an AI controlled partner,also helping and being helped by Russian army and US Marines.

  • Use 4 different scoped rifles altogether with close combat handguns against your enemies and selected targets.

  • Learn to use gravity and wind to your advantage, as the game simulates real-world bullet ballistics.

  • Adapt to many challenging tasks as you progress your missions.

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Action, Shooter
Friday, June 6, 2014
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: Pentium Dual Code processor or similar
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Video Adapter compatible with DirectX 9.0c (Pixel Shader 3) with 512 MB RAM
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Chernobyl Commando

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Not worth the money


When I saw this game I tought it would be good. I got it on Steam, and what do I see? a fps game with a bad gameplay and a lot of bugs. The story isn't anything special, but the gameplay.. just bad. It has a lot of bugs, this is the most buggy fps game I have ever seen on my life. Actually it's a fun game to play a little bit, you have a lot of snipers and weapons to use (even if they're all the same), the enemies are smart, but you move really slow, even running you take 10 seconds to run 5 meters, and the bugs are terrible. The game isn't anything special, but you can have some fun on it. I recommend getting it on sale, 10 euros for this is way too much.

Not bad, but not great either!


This game is well it's normal. The story has no peaks it's just a straight line. The combat is done well but it's nothing special. The graphics aren't the best of the world but they go through with it. I would recommend getting this on a sale if you're familiar with these kind of games.

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