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Game description

City Bus is NOT a bus simulator. If you want to follow traffic rules, drive safely and avoid upsetting your passengers -find another game. If you want to rampage through the city, ignoring traffic regulations and destroying everything in your way, you just found a right game for you. Delivering your passengers on time is the only thing that matters, and anything stopping you from that goal is your enemy. Plow at full speed through traffic jams, crash through the buildings, outrun the police patrols, level the whole city if you want to.


  • 5 Buses
  • 5 Cities
  • 6 Lethal Weapons
  • 6 Different Types of Missions
  • Highly Destructible Environments
  • Cartoony Graphics
  • Extremely Fast-paced Gameplay
Game info
  • 73

  • 0

  • Rating
Friday, July 23, 2010
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • Windows Vista
  • 2 GHz
  • 512 MB
  • 200MB
  • Pixel Shader 1.2 compatible (GeForce 4, Radeon 8500 or newer)
  • DirectX compatible
Recommended Requirements

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User score

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Reviews for City Bus

Could be better.

The first thing you will notice about this family game is the cartoon graphics. They work will this kinda game and add a certain charm to it. Gameplay-wise, this game doesnt offer much, but its great to relax and do what every child dreams about: Driving a bus. The free roaming serves this game very well as it lets you explore this fictional city, there is always something for you to do. Its not a very well known game or one people anticipated, but all in all this is one of the best bus simulations/children game hybrid I have ever played, it certainly excells in this category. Gets boring after a while though, when you have seen most of the game.

Crazy Taxi for aspiring bus drivers

First off, this game is very odd. The cartoony graphics and overall premise is just strange, and seriously wacky, and that's why it's so much fun. City Bus is one of those things you'll turn to after a rotten day at work, or in between the current AAA games as a good, solid time waster and a decent way to cool off. Controls are straightforward, the buses are easy to move around, and anything that gets in your way can just be run over. Sounds pretty simple, right? Wrong - this one will keep you coming back for more, trying to rack up the destruction with different routes, and at the same time trying to shave off just one more second from the time of your last run. The sound only adds to the mayhem, with lots of crashing and explosions to be heard. The various cities can be mangled beyond belief, and there's always new stuff around to try and drive your poor bus through. This is probably one of the cheapest, yet most amusing games available on GMG, and one you should most certainly buy.

funny little game

This is obviously not highly anticipated or a best seller, but provides some cheap thrills for when you are bored and there is no food in the fridge to keep you occupied. You will probably appreciate the cartoony style graphics if you played games such as Micro-machines or Crazy Taxi, but the graphics are not really that pretty. Overall the game is good in short bursts, it won't keep you hanging out for more however, but its a good buy considering the good price!

Fun little ride

With its cartoony graphics and fun design. City Bus offers a unique and adrenaline filled gaming experience. You are a bus driver and your goal is to ... well guess... deliver your passengers to there destination in shortest time possible. There is a lot of environmental destruction and with fun art style, game never gets old. Camera is from a top down perspective. This game is somewhat similar to 'Crazy Taxi' but none the less very entertaining.

Great fun, but not for long

Have you finished all your "big" games and still have some money? You should try City Bus. It doesn't cost much and gives much fun! Your only target is to deliver passangers in time. Nice graphics and music. The game is quite short. But when you finish it, you can play once again - it's addictive!

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