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In 2455 AD, Kage Mishima used the magical powers of Daikatana, the most powerful sword ever forged, to alter time and establish himself as supreme dictator.

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Game description

In 2455 AD, Kage Mishima used the magical powers of Daikatana, the most powerful sword ever forged, to alter time and establish himself as supreme dictator. You are Hiro Miyamoto, one of the few people on earth who knows what happened. You and your two friends Superfly Johnson & Mikiko Ebihara must travel through time to find the corrupted dictatorship and right the wrongs inflicted on the world.

Key Features:

  • Two highly-trained sidekicks to watch your back

  • More than 50 superior enemies to slice and dice

  • 25 glorious weapons to collect and utilize

  • 24 huge levels that span four time periods

  • Killer multiplayer capabilities for free network play

Game info

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Square Enix
Ion Storm
Tuesday, May 23, 2000
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Processor: Pentium 4 1.8 GHz
  • Memory: 512MB of RAM (1 GB recomended)
  • Hard disk space: 1GB
  • Video: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9.0
  • Sound: compatible with DirectX 9.0
  • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Daikatana

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John Romero will make you... cry


After John Romero left idsoftware, he announced his new, ambitious project, Daikatana. It was supposed to be fast paced, mindless fun of Quake mixed together with RPG, all with tuned state of the art graphics and sountrack. Sadly, it is far from it. Graphics were pretty huge disappointment, since there was nothing to write home about, but worst part was it is just painfuly average, undercooked fps. It wasn't even in the same league as Strife or Hexen/Heretic in RPG department, it was just incredibly buggy mess of a game with incredibly boring gameplay. Curious piece of history and soul crushing letdown, but nothing more. Pick it up on sale if you want to see one of the worst FPS ever made. Other than that, there is no reason to get it.

Look at the freak!


This game is best used as a prank. Kinda how i got it. I never heard of this old title before, and when it got released on steam, a friend of mine bought it for me for like 20 cents or whatever. They should've filmed my reaction, when i first played it, 'cause they keep telling the story for years, and still laugh about it. Anyway, this game is bad. It's every bit as bad as it's fame, and even more bad in ways you can't even imagine. It tried to be so ahead of it's time, that it's painful, and also, the elements it implemented doesn't really work in an environment, where you can sprint, and jump holding a bazooka. Oh my god, the weapons! That's the most painful part. The melee saw gauntlet or what is inaccurate somehow....and everything else is trying to kill you! The exploding weapons keep blowing you up, or your sidekicks, plus most levels are in close quarters anyway. The others tend to hurt you as well, and the chain shotgun....holy crap...i once shot and jumped, and it kicked me back into damn pitfall! 10/10 would watch others play with this for the first time any day.

Way better then i expected.


I kinda see why this game was such a disappointment at the time, i felt the same way, just the other way around. This one supposed to be the worst fps of all time, yet when i bought it here in a bundle, and tried it, i was actually surprised. Don't get me wrong, there are problems still but...the game should't be infamous on it's own right, and it isn't of course, but judged only as a game, it's not bad... The graphics are old, like the kind of old, and not the timeless kind. Visuals are usually the least interesting thing for me, but these guys look so ugly the could't get in a Lego game, and the fact their lips never move is creepy. The environment is also ugly, but you can get used to it...eventually. The weapons are interesting, but overall, they can be useful. The enemies on the other hand...you have to fight mutant acid spitting frogs! Not giant frogs, regular sized frogs! And, those flying buzz things....and this is just the first level! As you progress, things get weirder...a lot. The story is...i can't even....i mean, watch the intro on youtube. Come on, I dare you! It's like a parody of itself! I couldn't believe my eyes! Go on, check it out, i won't even say anything about it, because it's unbelievable! There is multiplayer allegedly, but no one will play with me, so...yeah, there is multiplayer option in the main menu.... :( Yet, despite all this, i still gave it a better score then Black ops, 'cause, i do believe, if they released this now, as an indie game, the bad graphics, the hard levels, and the fact that it feels like they stiched 4 games into one would made this into a cult classic. +I'd really much rather play this then any COD game.

Only Okay


It would be unfair of me to comment on the graphics and sounds especially since this game has aged quite a lot from since it was first released. I suppose back then it was passable, but even back then there were games that were steps ahead of this already. But at least we have the story, right? Nope. Story is your typical "bad guy finds legendary weapon and uses it to make himself ruler"-type of story, with a time-travel twist. Levels feel somewhat repetitive, with the major difference being enemies and location. I guess what's really repetitive is the action in the game. Monsters appear, kill with sword, lather, rinse, repeat. It's not a bad game. It's no good either. If you want something to play, and this is on sale, then maybe it might be just for you. Other than that, I wouldn't recommend it at all.

Back to the future.


This is a strange game. I remember it was announced by Ion Storm as something new, never seen before. Well, in my humble opinion, they didn't live up to those expectations. Story revolves around Daikatana - ancient and powerful sword. The game is set in four time periods. Futuristic Japan, ancient Greece, middle ages - Norway and "present times" - San Francisco. Each period features its own weapons and enemies. We jump through time, fighting demons and "normal" enemies in order to recharge Daikatana and jump to another period of Earth's history to repeat the process. Same thing. Four times. Graphics is well... It's a game from 2000, so what do you expect it to be? But even back then it was bad, as there were few games which had better engines. Daikatana features Quake II engine, and at the time of its release it had to rival, and inevitably lose, to Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament. This game is no more than curiosity. I have it in my Steam library, and I played it years ago on a DRM free copy. Like I said - a curiosity, nothing more. If you're a collector though, you might consder getting it. With a label: "A game on which Romero tripped himself and bruised his knees."

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