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The sequel to the million-plus selling Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 takes the zombie survival horror to Fortune City, America’s latest and greatest entertainment playground.

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The sequel to the million-plus selling Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 takes the zombie survival horror to Fortune City, America’s latest and greatest entertainment playground. Featuring a new story, two online multiplayer modes (2-player co-op campaign and a 4-player “TV show” themed Pay-Per-View event that pits humans against zombies), thousands of on-screen zombies and more, Dead Rising 2 takes zombie survival horror to a whole new level. As Chuck Greene, you have 72 hours to save your infected daughter, clear your name and survive the hordes of hungry zombies before the military comes in and nukes the city. To ensure your survival, you can combine everyday objects to create numerous deadly combo weapons and slaughter the ravenous zombies. Dead Rising 2, it’s where Creativity Kills.

Key Features:

  • Sequel to the critically acclaimed and 1 million+ selling Dead Rising: Dead Rising 2 is bigger and better in every way, adding new custom combo weapons, multiplayer and thousands of zombies on-screen at once!

  • Thousands of Zombies On Screen: The undead are everywhere creating a dynamic and challenging zombie-killing experience for the player as weapons will be created to kill massive amounts of zombies at one time!

  • Combo Weapons: Players can combine two everyday items using duct tape to create the ultimate zombie killing creations such as the Portamower and Paddlesaw. Unlocking combo cards along the way will give players the advantage as the helpful cards will show you what items are best for combining.

  • New Storyline and Characters: A new protagonist, Chuck Greene, must save his infected daughter, clear his name, and survive 72 hours in Fortune City.

  • 2-Player Co-Op: Online co-op play is introduced to the Dead Rising universe for the first time as players can invite their friends to partner up with them at any time to take on the zombie massacre- tag-team style! Killing zombies with a friend is always more fun!

  • 4-Player Terror is Reality: 4 players compete in a gladiator type TV show named Terror Is Reality that pits zombies against a group of players in the ultimate Vs. multiplayer blood bath

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Blue Castle Games
Tuesday, September 28, 2010
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows Vista®/XP, Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz or better, AMD Athlon X2 2.2 Ghz or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM, 8.5 GB free hard drive space
  • Video Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800GTS or better, ATI RadeonTM HD 3850 or better
  • DirectX® 9.0c and DirectX® 10 (Enhanced for: DirectX 10, 64-bit, multi-core)
  • Requires software installation of and log-in to Games For Windows - LIVE
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Loses the camera of the first game but makes improvements on gameplay and with AI

Dead Rising 2 improves on the original by keeping what made the original good and interesting while also improving the AI and your arsenal of weapons. The game includes the timed events and rescues of the first game buy ends up being a bit easier to get into and more forgiving, the AI is much improved for other survivors making it easier to have them fight with you or follow you. Story and characters keep the mixture of funny and serious B movie elements that is entertaining throughout the game. The biggest edition is the ability to bring items to a workbench where you can combine them into powerful and entertaining weapons. The only negative when compared to the first game is the loss of the ability to take and save pictures. Well worth buying if you were a fan of the first game.

Even better than the first one!

Imagine the first dead rising,and make it twice as good and wacky.Thats Dead rising 2.Dead rising 2 is a bloody wacky zombie killing game where you play as Chuck in "fortune city" who is battling zombies to get his infected daughter daily doses of "Zombrex" the only medicine that slows down the turning into a zombie,which is the only way she doesn't turn into a zombie as soon as she is bitten.This can get tedious as you need to stop your rampage and murdering of zombies to give it to her every in game morning but the game is good ad for 4.29 on sale it is a great game.

Dead Rising 2? More like Dead surprisingly good

I love Dead Rising. It is the game that made me get an Xbox 360, so naturally, any sequel would appear on my radar. This game does away with grizzled photojournalist Frank West ( who has covered wars) and introduces Chuck, a motocrosser who loves his daughter. This game does away with the fun of a massive mall and gives us totally not Las Vegas, complete with bad magicians and gambling. The weapons get beefed up to 11 with combo weapons now in play, which ass another dimension to the game. The weakest point of this game comes with the lackluster story and the inability to play drop-in drop-out coop with more than one other player. Besides those minute points, this game really shines.

No es lo mejor.

El juego es divertido. Pero la mecanica del tiempo te limita DEMASIADO, si no llegas a tiempo a cualquier cosa tienes que volver al ultimo guardado, y cabe destacar que NO hay autoguardado. Los luchas contra los jefes son estupidas. Solo depende de lo que lleves, a la mayoria con un francotirador los matas en nada i las armas cuerpo a cuerpo son inutiles. Los zombis estan para molestar, hay un punto en el juego en el que aparecen mas zombis de manera normal i no paran de agarrarte nada mas pasar por el lado, la mayoria de veces quitandote irremediablemente una barrita de vida. No presenta ninguna dificultad matarlos, de hecho, hay incluso pocas ganas en hacerlo. Antes de acabar, si quieres jugar este juego con mando olvidate, porque no tiene compatibilidad con el de XBOX ONE ni con el de 360. Y para rematar... no hablemos del final... o de los finales.

McGyver vs Zombies

This game can be fun, and frustrating at the same time. If you just kinda screw around, explore the mall, and tinker with the stuff you find, to then make the zombies unlife an unliving hell, then this is a pretty good power fantasy, and you can do pretty much anything you think you'd do in an actual zombie apocalypse. On the other hand, if you want to finish the story....oh boy... The problem is twofold. First, every boss in the game is so overpowered, that it's ridiculous! The undead only take a few hits, yet these psychos can withstand entire clips of machine gun fire, and then take you out in an instant. Oh, and every fight is the same. You run from them for an hour, then while they laugh maniacally or something, you need to shoot them repeatedly in the forehead with rocket launchers, then continue to run until one of you drops. The other problem is the saving system. You can only save at the base or at the toilets. Now, guess where one the bastards are hiding.

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