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Delta Force - Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre





Delta Force — Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre is the official expansion pack to the #1 best selling PC game in North America. 

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Game description

Delta Force — Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre is the official expansion pack to the #1 best selling PC game in North America. Team Sabre was developed using the Delta Force — Black Hawk Down engine and it requires the mother product to run.

The game is a military-based shooter but the missions are fictitious and not based on any actual real events. The expansion follows the Team Sabre Squadron as they are deployed to take out targets and carry out mission objectives in two separate single player campaigns (*approximately 5 missions each) that take place in Columbia and Iran. The multiplayer feature boasts 30 new maps and an enhanced level of mod support for players to build their own unique maps.

The highlight of this expansion pack is that it features lush jungle terrain, never seen before to this extent in a Delta Force game. This also adds an exciting element to gameplay in both the single and multiplayer game.


2 all new single player campaigns that take place in treacherous South American jungle terrain and across islands in the Persian Gulf. 
New Weapons & Vehicles: Select from 24 weapons to achieve your mission objectives, including 3 new to the series, the H&K G3A3, H&K G36E and the H&K PSG1 Sniper Rifle. New modes of transport include the MH-53M PaveLow IV helicopter and the RHIB Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat. 
Free unrivaled multiplayer mayhem — up to 64 players via NovaWorld and up to 50 players on a LAN (tbd). 
30 new multiplayer maps. 
Uses an enhanced version of the Delta Force — Black Hawk Down engine with mod-support features for building unique multiplayer battlefields. 
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Warrior Foundation

*features subject to change

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THQ Nordic
Ritual Entertainment
Thursday, June 18, 2009
Digital PC Download
Customer notes

Please note: Requires Delta Force: Black Hawk Down (base game) to use this DLC.

Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista 
  • Processor: Pentium 4 1.4 GHz or Higher 
  • Memory: 512 MB 
  • Graphics: 64 MB 3D Card 
  • Hard Drive: 750 MB
Recommended Requirements

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Trades the more urban areas for the open landscapes of most previous series entries


Team Sabre is an expansion to Delta Force Black Hawk Down that adds new levels, weapons, and vehicles. Levels have left the more urban areas of the original campaign for the more open areas that previous games were known for. The change in level design once again means that armed with a sniper rifle you can easily kill most enemies thanks to the, still, lacking AI. The new vehicles are never controllable instead being something to ride in or shoot out of. Not much is added to the single player game, another drawn at release might have been new content for the multiplayer but that isn't going to be as interesting this time around. The game has aged better than some of the previous titles but was still only an average game when it launched and is less now.

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