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Game description

The town doctor Macario Magnus has lost his wife and daughter in an accident where their car has fallen from the bridge into the river. He finds her wife’s body in the river, buries her and retreats from the life of a doctor. The daughter’s body was never found.

Crushed with pain for his family he becomes obsessed with an idea to get in contact with their souls. This crazy experiment contains the process of consuming a lot of different potions which ruined his health and made him more obsessed with this idea. But on the other side, one of these potions gives him superhuman power to enter other people’s dreams.

His disappearance was reported by his neighbour living next to his small house, in which he dwells since the tragedy. Sarah Green, young detective, gets this case. After searching his house, she continues to search other locations in the town. In front of the house she finds her lost brooch. As the investigation continues more and more details are connected with her and her past.

Half the way through her investigation she realizes that Magnus has been kidnapped! The search continues on locations which are well known to Sarah from her childhood. The road ends in the castle, the old home of Mr. Magnus… Which secrets will Sarah reveal? Is she going to find missing Dr. Magnus?

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Immanitas Entertainment GmbH Limited
Immanitas Entertainment
Immanitas Entertainment GmbH Limited
Monday, March 24, 2014
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • Operating system: Windows
  • RAM 512mb
  • Hard drive space:
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Dreamatorium of Dr Magnus

Disappointing Hidden Object Game

This game's not terrible, but its downsides weight it down too much for me. GOOD: The game looks pretty good in general. I think the music's fine, too - it's relaxing. The game also has a nice configuration menu, with a bunch of options regarding the gameplay. MEH: The game in general is a bit too easy. It's not that long, and has no replayability. BAD: The voice acting for the main character is really bad, and you'll hear her often, considering she's the protagonist. The antagonist doesn't feel threatening, as the protagonist doesn't seem to care. The story isn't particularly good either. A big part of the game feels like you're just searching for whatever random MacGuffin someone wants. The ending is a bit of a letdown - it leaves a bunch of questions unanswered.

Point and click for your life!

I really liked playing this game despite it being very similar to most point and click games. The game play wasn't all too appealing, but the story, lore and characters that you run into is very interesting and entertaining. I really liked playing the game for a few hours, but even the amount of content is not enough for keeping players interested in playing.

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