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Game description

Team up with friends and players you meet online to test your steering skills – and courage – in hundreds of high-speed showdowns and in-race challenges while driving the coolest cars on the planet.

Whether you’re first or last, there's always something to play for.

Under the hood:
• Make or join your dream driving club online, or begin your solo racing career offline.
• Create, share and play unique in-race challenges in stunning locations.

Game info
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Sony Interactive Entertainment
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Singleplayer, Multiplayer
Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, German, French, English, Dutch
Customer notes

• You’ll need a PlayStation®Plus membership to access online multiplayer.

In-game purchases optional

Download of this product is subject to the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and our Software Usage Terms plus any specific additional conditions applying to this product. If you do not wish to accept these terms, do not download this product. See Terms of Service for more important information.

One-time licence fee to download to multiple PS4 systems. Sign in to PlayStation Network is not required to use this on your primary PS4, but is required for use on other PS4 systems.
See Health Warnings for important health information before using this product.
Library programs ©Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. exclusively licensed to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Software Usage Terms apply, See eu.playstation.com/legal for full usage rights.

Minimum Requirements
  • 1 player
  • Network Players 2-12 - Full game requires PlayStation®Plus membership to access online multiplayer
  • 17GB minimum save size
  • DUALSHOCK®4 Vibration Function
  • Remote Play Supported
  • HD Video Output 720p,1080i,1080p
Recommended Requirements

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User score

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Reviews for DRIVECLUB

Slip 'N' Slide Ride.

I bought the game on a whim & also after looking at several other racing games for the PS4, I got the game @ a discount price which was good. Overall it's a beautiful game & the cars are spot on graphic wise & the environments are stunning & the rain looks real & there are many options to custom paint your car but that's where the customizing ends as far as that goes. When it comes to car handling it isn't that great if you compare it to say the handling of Gran Turismo game cars, the cars in this game just slip & slide too much & the braking is sub par. The penalty hits you take for hitting a barrier because you can't brake decent are retarded, if a AI car hits "YOU" you loose pts though u have an option to select Light, Medium or Heavy braking non of that matters if you are trying to do fastest lap times & things of that sort. I'll say it is very arcady in feel. I would have liked to been able to set up my cars the way I set them up for other racing games, the options to tweak car settings & unlock better parts would have been a welcome edition to the game, also an option to change your tires I mean you run the generic game tires every race even in the rain. Now for the part that makes the game a little better. There is no story mode just pick a race & go !! Also you get tons & tons of unlocks most you have to purchase but they are generally cheap so no big deal there & they are worth it for extra cars to add to the game. When I 1st started it up I got like 12 FREE cars but I had to manually get them they didn't auto install but that was OK. If you like bikes this game has them!!! I mean lots of them !! also you like lots & lots of tracks with minor to hard challenges then this game has got that too it even has Drift races for you Drift fans out there. Over all I give the game a solid 10 in the graphics department & a 7 for car handling only because you can't tweak anything, I'll also throw in 8 for content cause there's lots of it, if it would have been free DLC I would have nodded a 10 cause who doesn't like free right??

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