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Galactic Civilizations I: Ultimate Edition





Galactic Civilizations is a space based strategy game in which you are in control of humanity's destiny.

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Game description

Galactic Civilizations is a space based strategy game in which you are in control of humanity's destiny.

The year is 2178, the Terran Alliance has invented a new technology -- Hyperdrive. But the secret has leaked to the other civilizations starting a race for all the inhabitable worlds in the galaxy! As leader of United Earth, you must research new technologies, build an economy, create a powerful military force, all the while carefully balancing your political, diplomatic and trade skills.

Galactic Civilizations I: Ultimate Edition combines the award-winning Galactic Civilizations with the Altarian Prophecy expansion pack to create a stellar adventure.

Key Features:

  • Replayability:

    Galactic Civilizations is readily playable by casual gamers and includes a powerful, sophisticated AI and game mechanics that make each gaming experience different and highly addictive.

  • Immersive Storyline:

    Playing as the leader of humanity, you have a rich and deep heritage to lead the human race and become one of the principal species of the universe.

  • Multiple, Balanced Paths to Victory:

    Achieve victory using military strength, economic might, or political power.

  • The Metaverse:

    Gamers with a Stardock account can be part of the "metaverse," where victories, defeats and campaigns can be recorded, allowing players to share their gaming experience.

  • A Map editor that allows players to design their own custom maps.

  • A scenario editor that enables players to create specific game environments.

  • A Campaign editor allows users to create a set of games that are linked together to tell a story.

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Stardock Entertainment
Stardock Entertainment
Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista SP2 / XP SP3
  • Processor: 600 MHz Processor
  • Memory: 128 MB
  • Hard disk space: 700 MB
  • Video: 8 MB DirectX 8.1 Compatible Video Card
  • Sound: DirectX 8.1 Compatible Sound Card
  • DirectX®: 8.1
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Galactic Civilizations I: Ultimate Edition

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Not for Casual starlords


This is the kind of game, that needs a manual...and i mean, not just read once, but kept at your lap, all the time. You have a chance, to customize your empire greatly, and also the world around you, but be aware, this game really doesn't hold your hand...at all. I loved watching others play it, but when i tried, i always fail at it. I played other 4x games. Imperium Galactica and Civilizatio 5 are my favourites, but they were way more easy to control then this. So yeah, if you want a really complex and rewarding game, and smarter then me, then try this. But i warn you, it's really really complex.

4X at it's best.


I've played other 4X games, like Master of Orion, and such. But only GalCiv got me going. And going... Played it for months. It was so enjoyable, because it's easy to learn. You don't have to spend weeks learning how to operate the game, as it's often the case in the 4X genre(for the unaware it means eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate). It may be old, but it's a brillaint game.

Good Strategy Game!


If you are fans of old Microprose strategies like Master of Orion 1 & 2, you will be right at home with this bad boy! It's mechanics are essentially similar to those of an old time strategy, just in space. That being said, this is not a game so easy as to allow you to just jump in. It needs patience if you are to understand its depth, Certainly worth the tag price, it talks mostly to those gamers who care more about gameplay than image! I would say, buy it!

A good strategic title


Galactic Civilizations I: Ultimate Edition is an interesing strategic title, where you must guide humanity into the universe "domination". The game campaign is pretty long, with a nice variety of things to do. The interesting thing is that, having a Stardock account, you can share your stats with other player. There is a great replay value in the title, thanks to the campaign and scenario editors. Graphic is not the top, but it makes its work.

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