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ONE GREAT ROLE PLAYING GAME, TWO EPIC QUESTS! Experience an amazing adventure in one of the most complete and fascinating universes in medieval-fantasy literature.

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Experience an amazing adventure in one of the most complete and fascinating universes in medieval-fantasy literature. Game of Thrones is a great Role Playing Game that puts you at the core of a thrilling plot, where your fate will be guided by vengeance, allegiance and honor.

Play as two very different heroes across the two main quests leading you to the heart of mythical locations from Westeros. Amidst a background of conspiracy and betrayal, try to survive the orchestrated machinations around the Iron Throne.

Develop your characters, learn powerful skills, and participate in tactical and spectacular battles; sharpen your diplomacy skills to sometimes favor speech over violence. But more than anything, beware... all your actions may have heavy consequences on your adventure!

Key Features

  • 2 original stories based on the universe of “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin
  • Spectacular and tactical battles!
  • Many secondary quests to complete
  • Explore the mythical locations from the saga, and meet iconic characters
Game info
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Focus Home Interactive
Focus Home Interactive
Thursday, June 7, 2012
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows Vista SP2/ Windows 7
  • RAM MEMORY: 2048 MB
  • SOUND CARD: DIRECTX 9 Compatible
  • Internet connection required for the game activation
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Game of Thrones

Worth a try

Pros: +Game of Thrones setting +Good story +Memorable characters Cons: -Bugs and glitches are common -Subpar combat The Game of Thrones video game does not quite live up to its TV and literature counterparts. That said, it is definitely worth trying if you are a Game of Thrones fan! What GofT lacks in combat and optimisation, it mostly makes up for with a great story and generally memorable characters. Will this be your favourite game of all time? Probably not... Will you enjoy it for what it is? Yes, just be aware that it is not close to being perfect.

Enjoyable story but lacks replay-ability

(previously posted on my Steam review) Pro's: 2 storylines that take place within the Game of Thrones setting. Great for people who are fans of the books / HBO series, not so much for people looking for the next best RPG. This is not the RPG you are looking for. Con's: It is ALMOST like Dragon Age, but not as polished as Dragon Age. Very little combat, more story driven and really more for people that are FANS of Game of Thrones. I repeat, if you are looking for the next best RPG, this is not it. I'm giving this game a 7/10 only because there is a George RR Martin avatar in-game.

Okay Game, Not the Best Though

This game is obviously based off of the books and TV show. I would say it's not bad, but it isn't amazing. The worst part about it is the combat. Many will say it is broken. I think it could use a lot of work, but it is still doable. Once you reach the higher levels with your characters you can unlock skills that make combat far easier. So if you can deal with this, maybe you will enjoy the game. The graphics are under today's standard, but to me that doesn't detract from gameplay. The story itself is actually great and as long as you can deal with O.K. graphics and crappy combat, you can, very much so, enjoy this game. After all it more so tries to tell a story and combat is just a way from getting from point A to point B. So if you are a fan of the books or TV series, I'd recommend this game.

Pretty damn great

This game is a perfect present for any self respecting fan of the Game Of Thrones franchise, either the books or the HBO series that is broadcast on television. Many aspects of the game are absolutely top notch. This includes the stellar voice acting, the story line and the revolutionary controls. The only large problem I have with the game is the lack of graphics involved in the game. Character models and details just don't keep up with the newer game titles that are being released and it really drags the realism down of the game as it prevents you from being truly immersed. If you like Game Of Thrones you should get this!

A great game that needs time to be appreciated to the full.

Without any background on the Game of Thrones series, I strongly doubted of being able to love this story. Apparently, I had no reason to do. The game is all about story, friendship and family. If you want, throughout the game, there is a lot of information on the different houses, characters, areas, etc... You can spend a lot of time reading text, which recommend to be quite close of your screen since the text is a bit small. But, if you lack info on something, for sure, it will be in the game. You play 2 different characters, which are most of the time accompanied by one person each. So, you control 2 characters almost all game long. You can slow the combat to use your special abilities. This reminds me Dragon Age, but without being really able to pause completely the action. If you play on Hard, the combats are very though. You will need to bring several potions with you or you will not be able to complete it, trust me. You can play as Mors Westford, who is a night-guardian. You can also control a dog, which is pretty nice to eliminate enemies from behind. However, the same animation is played while you do. This can become repetitive after a while, but you cannot do it too often anyway in the game. The other protagonist is Alistair Sarwick, who is the oldest son of the King. He will want throughout the game to protect his father's throne. He has the Fire ability, which is more or less used. There are several collision bugs. When you open a door, you can pass through it even if it is not finished opening. However, the sound is pretty good and the civilians discussion do not get too repetitive, unless you stick to a place for a long time. On the other hand, some guards will recognize you even if it has been 15 years that they have not seen you and that fact that you are fully dressed with a full mask, cuirass and boots. That removes a bit of immersion to the game. There are quite few secondary missions, some are well hidden. They will give you some extra XP to upgrade your character's abilities. You may be able to fully upgrade them if you do enough of these side quests, but I only was able to max my character in the last chapter of the game for my part. I missed 3 of these missions I think, according to in-game stats. Globally, if you like games with strong story, even if the combat might be sacrificed a bit, this is definitely for you, even if there are some critics that might have put you on the defensive. Go ahead!

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