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Ghost Whisperer consists of 2 different stories centered around the characters and themes raised in the hit television series.

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Ghost Whisperer consists of 2 different stories centered around the characters and themes raised in the hit television series. In Ghost Whisperer, players will take on the role of Melinda Gordon (played by Jennifer Love Hewitt on the television series) as she responds to the pleas for help from several different spirits who have unresolved issues that must be addressed before the ghosts are able to cross over to the other side. Other characters from the series (Melinda’s husband Jim, business partner and friend Delia, Delia’s son Ned, and ghost listener Eli) also play prominent roles in the game.


  • Visit over 20 familiar Grandview locations, such as the Town Square and Melinda’s antique shop!
  • Hunt for clues to the past with the Ghost Whisperer cast in this light adventure game!
  • Scour spooky Hidden Object scenes and master over 20 puzzles across two paranormal cases!
  • Guide Melinda Gordon as she helps wayward spirits find peace!
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Legacy Interactive Incorporated
Legacy Games
Legacy Interactive Incorporated
Sunday, July 8, 2012
  • Windows Vista/7/8
  • 1.8 GHz processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • 32 MB video RAM

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Awesome Game

I have only just bought this game today but I have already completed 1 case and I'm on my second case now. I am really addicted to this game and I recommend it to anyone that likes hidden object games as well as suspense, point and click and the paranormal. I love how the objects in hidden object games are quite hard to spot and they take some brain power. I like a challenge anyway. The puzzles in the game are challenging at times but oh so exciting and they keep me hooked. I love the graphics, the music, the sound effects and most of all, the "not knowing" what is around every corner. It's not scary in my opinion but I am cool with that. I would give this game a try and it's on sale at the moment too so what have you got to lose? I am absolutely loving this game and I know I will play it more and more

Mediocre game, but worth a try.

For starters the graphics are average, there are no voiceovers and the gameplay is a little outdated. There are 2 gameplay modes: Casual and Expert. The items and objects are very hard to find, and hint system doesn't help much. But on the other side the puzzles are fun and can be skipped. When you finish the first episode of "Forgotten Toys", the episode called "A Brush With Death" will be unlocked. It’s as long as the first part. Some thing are rather illogical – for example you have to find plug for the computer from the antique shop, and [spoiler] you can find it on the floor in the hospital. Why?! But the story itself is quite good. I enjoy “who done that” kind of plot.

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