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You no longer have to fantasize about being a zombie goat in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, your dreams have finally come true!

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Game description

That's right - you've found the ONLY SURVIVAL GAME that is NOT in Early Access!*

You no longer have to fantasize about being a zombie goat in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, your dreams have finally come true!

Key Features:

  • Mandatory crafting system because everyone else is doing it

  • Zombies that bug out. Thereís a pun here about actual living bugs, but weíre not going to bother

  • You can craft anything in the world, as long as it's one of the half dozen weapons in the game

  • Zombies, because this is a zombie game, remember?

  • A pretty big new map with some stuff in it

  • Completely realistic survival mode where you have to eat every damn five minutes to survive because Dean Hall & Garry Newman said so

  • Tons of unlockable new goats with special powers (wow, never thought I'd ever write that sentence a couple of years ago. Also hi mom)

*not totally sure if this is even true, to be honest we didn't bother to look it up. But it's still pretty funny, right?

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Coffee Stain Publishing
Gone North Games
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Requires Goat Simulator (Base Game) to use this DLC
Minimum Requirements
Recommended Requirements

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Simulating being a goat in a zombie apocalypse? that crazy xd.


If you are one of the fans of Goat simulator the game where you pretend to be a goat this game is not going to be the exception this game has the same mechanics as the normal game only that has many more Easter Eggs and you can kill many zombies, I recommend it.

A great addition to a crazy game.


Goat Simulator: GoatZ is a DLC for Goat Simulator. In this addon, we get one map and the main attraction that is the survival mode. In this mode, we have to watch for our goat not to die and feed her so she does not die of starvation. The map in this DLC is really cool and surprisingly big. I really recommend if you got bored of the core game.

More fun with goats


The Goatz DLC for Goat Simulator adds a new map as well as a few great gameplay mechanics specific to the oh-so-played-out zombie genre. Some of these are quite different from the base game, like hunger and crafting. While this first DLC may not be the most engaging compared to the newer ones, it's a good choice for fans of the game, especially for completionists.

I'm not impressed


Honestly, I didn't go in expecting much. Zombies have been brutally overused for years now, especially in video games. It pretty much just ads zombie goats to the game. So it's the basic experience but slower. Kind of defeating the whole point of the hectic ridiculousness of the original. Also, I can't get over the lack of creativity it took to decide this was a good idea.

Further Awesome DLC From An Awesome Game


If you loved Goat MMO, this one will blow your mind. It's a parody of the recent trend in gaming, where the market is slowly getting saturated with all the zombie-themed games; and at the same time it is a capitalization of this same trend (an ironic twist that I am not surprised to see) that makes GoatZ probably one of the best and most awesome DLC I've ever seen. The price is justified. Do not be alarmed. It is normal. In all seriousness though, this game dumps a ton of new content, updating this highly inane game: a new game 'mode', new items, crazy zombies, crafting (oh, boy!), and the return of our beloved goat! I highly recommend this DLC.

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