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Gods Will Be Watching is a minimalistic “point and click thriller” centered on despair, commitment, and sacrifice as players face narrative puzzles and moral dilemmas that will affect both the lives of your team and the people you’re are sworn to protect.

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Game description

Gods Will Be Watching is a minimalistic “point and click thriller” centered on despair, commitment, and sacrifice as players face narrative puzzles and moral dilemmas that will affect both the lives of your team and the people you’re are sworn to protect. Set against the backdrop of an interstellar struggle, Gods Will Be Watching follows Sgt. Burden and his crew in six tense chapters from hostage situations and wilderness survival to biological weapon prevention and agonizing torture scenarios. Each decision is crucial and players will need to choose between the lives of their team and the saving the world from genocide. There's no good or evil, just decisions, with only you and the gods as a judge to your actions.

Key Features:

  • An innovative departure from the traditional point and click adventure taking place in six intimate, tension-filled scenarios linked together through an epic narrative of interstellar espionage.

  • Set morals aside as you navigate Sgt. Burden and his team through harrowing predicaments and make decisions that will either save your team or sacrifice their lives for the sake of the mission.

  • Solve a wide variety of narrative puzzles and moral dilemmas using your own wits and burden the consequences of your choices. Do you intimidate or comfort your hostages to maintain your tenuous control of the situation? Should you kill the weakest member of your party to save on food for the strong? What is one life worth in the face of annihilation?

  • Receive your judgment from the gods upon failure and compare your choices to all other players in the universe over time.

  • Over 1,500 beautifully designed sprites tell your story against 15 stunning backgrounds and an emotionally stirring orchestral soundtrack.

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Devolver Digital
Indie, Adventure, Mac
Devolver Digital
Thursday, July 24, 2014
English, French, German, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements


  • OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core™ Duo or faster
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with at least 512Mb
  • Hard Drive: 460 MB available space


  • OS: OS X 10.8
  • Processor: Intel core 2 Duo (3Ghz)
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: OpenGL compatible, 512MB Memory
  • Hard Drive: 460 MB available space
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Reviews for Gods Will Be Watching

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Wonderfully immersive game, brutally difficult


Short game with kind of a binary ending. Graphically it isn?t a highlight but after the 1st chapter I was so fully emerged into the story, that I didn't realize it anymore. You definitely get your bang for your buck. The difficult choices you?re forced into will give you a different game experience depending on what you focus respectively what your personality is. The story is split into chapters, where you can compare your results with those of others. Much like in the game ?the walking dead?. Personally I love games that push me into reevaluating my moral standards, games that teach me what I consider to be right and how much or even whom I?m willing to sacrifice for it. This kind of games are like mirrors. Indeed the gods will be watching. See if you can gaze into the reflection and accept who you are.

truly awful


Wow, this game is impressively boring. I avoided looking into this game too much to avoid spoiling the plot, but if I had seen just how boring the gameplay is, I never would have bought it. You play as a manager. Aside from the extremely dark tone, this game plays like you're managing a fast food franchise. Have Bob work the grill, Susan on cash, etc. Oops, there's a mess in the bathroom, so pull Tibor off the fryer and have him clean it up. And this was on the easy difficulty where there's much less chance to get forced to restart the level because of a bad die roll! I was hoping for hilarious evil options like in KOTOR, and there's some of that (the pixel art animations for people who are stressed out are funny) but mostly it's just silly.

Frustratingly fun


One of the finest experience games I've ever played. Although Gods Will Be Watching has little replay value, Gods Will Be Watching is a captivating but brutal sci-fi point and click adventure game. Don't miss it if you love extreme emotional experiences and dilemmas. While only one person can play the game, I found that having another person with you made for a better experience due to how difficult the game can be from time to time. Every stage or mission of the game is different and has different mechanics. It's really a brain teaser as it can push you to your limits. The isn't a lot of replay value because you can't change the story at all very much. You can however do better on missions but saving more people, etc. The game was good up to the mission where you have to wander around the desert. I couldn't play the game anymore after my 8th try because the mission was too based on RNG. I don't like games that decide my progress with RNG and it ultimately wasted my time. Overall, Gods Will Be Watching truly is a fun puzzle/adventure game but it has moments that are beyond frustrating.

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