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Game description

The mid 1960's was a time of racing legends, a time when race car drivers were the real heroes. Golden age of Racing gives you the chance to relive the best years of Grand Prix racing. These cars are high horse-power, no down-force, rear-wheel-drive works of automotive art.

Push your car to the limit around ten of the most challenging tracks on the international circuit competing against incredibly intelligent opponents that know how to hold a grudge.

So strap yourself in to the seat and start your engine. Only your reflexes can save you now!

  • Fantastic seat of your pants racing with an historically accurate racing feel - these legendary vehicles feel like nothing you've ever played before.
  • Gameplay modes include Time challenge, Exhibition, Championship season and Competitive two-player split-screen modes.
  • A trophy room to record your lap times, race wins and progress through the championships.
  • Immense quantity of un-lockable content including new cars, tracks and extra's for your vehicles.
  • Seen a great pile-up mid race? Instantly view it at a variety of speeds and angles then carry on racing when you're done!

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Midas Interactive Entertainment
Midas Interactive Entertainment
Friday, May 7, 2010
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows Vista
  • Processor: P4 1.4 MHz or Equivalent
  • DirectX 8.1
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Free hard drive space: 109 MB
  • 3D Accelerator with Hardware T&L and Pixel Shading 128MB
  • DirectX-compliant Sound Card
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Golden Age of Racing

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This is a cheap product!


Golden Age of Racing is Midas Interactive's attempt at catering to fans of the 1960s Grand Prix racing age. Having always been curious about this period of Grand Prix racing, I was naturally attracted to this old budget title. You can tell from the main menu alone that they try to capture the style of John Frankenheimer's Grand Prix film with the split screen. Unfortunately, this isn't what most players will notice once the game starts. That's because the graphics are pretty appalling. Everything looks incredibly cheap, from the cars down to the barely populated tracks. I suppose that should not be surprising given the budget nature of the game. Although there are some interestingly designed cars in this game, all of them have very low polygon count and the textures are very simple. The tracks themselves are static and feel very dead. It is a great shame because there are some interesting track layouts here. If you are the kind of player that enjoys some pretty eye candy, you might as well stick forks into your eyes. The music department does not fare any better in this game as the tune that plays on the main menu will no doubt simply put you to sleep. It may carry that same 60s vibe, but it sure does its best to convince you to put the game down. Fortunately, a racing game is about the driving so the only real sound you need is from the engines. The game delivers somewhat, but it is not distinct enough for each of the slim selection of cars available. How do you extend the lifespan of the game with a paltry list of cars and tracks? Midas Interactive commits a great sin by padding the same tracks over and over to different 'championships'. You might get a few new trophies... ahem... reskinned trinkets in your trophy room, but the process of attaining them is exactly the same. Even worse, the races get longer and longer, amplifying the repetitive nature of the title. Each track comes with subtle changes in configurations giving you a false sense of getting a new track. It's freaking cheap. Oh, I said that already? Sorry, but I can't help it. From a technical standpoint, there is indeed plenty to hate in this game. You would not be at fault for blacklisting Midas for such a cheap product. It screams this sort of quality from the get go, but is there truly no good thing about this game? There is! It's the actual driving. Make no mistake though, this isn't the game where you can just sit and go crazy. The game is very, very unforgiving with your treatment of the car. Each of them demands a certain respect and once you try to bully it, you'll soon be hitting the gravel traps and hay stacks. Pushing requires a certain level of sensibility from you because there is a lot of understeer and lack of grip in these vehicles. I suppose the same could be said for cars in the 1960s. Whether or not the physics feel realistic is one thing, but it certainly makes the attempt to keep you honest. It's a bit floaty, but it's certainly not a game breaker. After all if you've made it this far into the title, you've had forgiven the developers over its myriad of atrocities. I can understand the hate this game gets. In a way, I hate it too because they clearly didn't even life a finger to do a genuine effort to impress. If you're not one to put your head down and learn how the driving works, you're really going to wish you had set the disc on fire. On the other hand, you probably already did.



Golden Age of Racing is a game based on racing cars of the 60's era. Although this is an interesting setting, but from a gaming point of view it is pretty useless. Firstly game doesn't look good. Graphically tracks feel empty and unimaginative, though cars are faithfully created with even support an in-car camera that helps to create a sense of realism. As this game is depicting an era where cars were not so fast, it really gets boring to play a racing game which isn't able to convey a sense of speed. Everything is so slow and gets boring real fast. Car handling is also more of a chore then actually fun, its uneven and those of you who are looking for some fast speeding roadsters will be greatly disappointed. Game supports a split screen mutiplayer and a number of different game modes that are fun if played with a friend.The game is strictly for vintage car fans. Serious racing fans should look elsewhere.

It is easier, drive a car really


I did not like the game much. The downside is the gameplay, very difficult and requires much practice, so here casual gamers are going to have a challenge here. The graphics are good for the time, the sound (very realistic). The positive is the amount and variety of cars that we have to choose, and the price quite cheap.

unbelievably dull


This game breaks all records on the account of boredom it recreates. Awful graphics, variety as good as none, and terrible gameplay are a few things that you will find in this game. There aren't many good things to say about this game, although there is a split-screen mode that makes the game fun to play with friends.

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