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Vote in the Golden Joystick Awards and you’ll not only help decide which 2015-16 favourites win a coveted golden gong – but can also claim digital PC copies of Spec Ops: The Line and Sid Meier's Pirates! as well as a Green Man Gaming Mystery pack, for just £1/$1/€1. Make sure you use your voucher when purchasing this title! 

If you've voted already, claim your voucher at Green Man Gaming's Golden Joystick's site.
NB. Do be aware that this Golden Pack will contain a Steam copy of Spec Ops: The Line and Sid Meier's Pirates! You need to be 18 or over to buy Spec Ops: The Line.
The mystery pack may contain Steam, Origin, GOG or Uplay keys. Check your key delivery email for further information. Game keys for the mystery pack are allocated randomly, and customers may receive a game they already own.
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Green Man Gaming
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Reviews for Golden Pack

Beautiful and an excellent price

1$ for 2 excellent games and another mystery game is just an incredible deal. Be sure to vote for the Golden Joystick Awards to qualify for one of the best deals ever!

Good for the money

Spec Ops is a good game with a great history, but it didn't age well. The controls and graphics feel a bit clumsy, and there aren't really much decisions to make. I liked it tho, and highly recommend it, specially with this price.

The pack is a steal!

You get 2 incredible games - Spec Ops: The Line and Sid Meier's Pirates - and you get a mystery game just for kicks, and it's all for $1. Spec Ops or Pirates are a steal for $1 separately, but now you can get them both for just $1, which is a ridiculously great deal with a mystery game thrown in. And to top it all off, if you actually play Spec Ops on your Steam account, you get $1 back in GMG credit. You absolutely can't go wrong here, 2 amazing games and a mystery game for $1, with your money spent coming back to you to spend again on GMG. Not getting this is missing out on a fantastic deal.

Fantastic deal for $1

I got this as part of the $1 deal for voting on the Golden Joystick awards. Spec Ops alone makes it worth $1. And it's a great game.

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