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Gothic 3: Gold Edition





Gothic 3 Gold Edition presents the main game Gothic 3 and the appropriate add-on "Gothic 3 - forsaken gods". This add-on contains new quests, new monsters, answers all questions of the past and guides the gamblers in new chapters...

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Game description

"At times gorgeous, at other times frustrating, it's worth persevering with just to bask in its snug atmosphere" - Eurogamer.net

"Gothic 3 is definitely something any self-respecting RPG-lover will want to get his or her teeth into" - Computerandvideogames.com

Gothic 3 Gold Edition presents the main game Gothic 3 and the appropriate add-on "Gothic 3 - forsaken gods". This add-on contains new quests, new monsters, answers all questions of the past and guides the gamblers in new chapters...

In the first two parts of Gothic, you fought along a hard way from being a prisoner to becoming the hero of Khorinis, the strategically important mining island. Now the time has come for you and your friends to discover and fight across the mainland of Myrtana.

The situation is desperate: The orcs have beaten King Rhobar’s troops and are ruling the most important parts of Myrtana, enslaving the human population. Only the tricky inhabitants of the south and the wild barbarians of the icy north are holding against the orcish domination.

And there are rebels, lurking around in the shadows of Myrtana’s forests and trying to fight a hit & run guerilla war. It’s your choice if you want to join them or the orcs – but whatever you do, the destiny of Myrtana will depend on you!

Forsaken Gods includes new quests, new monsters and many of the old friends whom gamers around the world got to know in previous episodes. Gothic 3 - Forsaken Gods will answer all the questions which have risen in the past and will slowly introduce the fans to a new chapter...


  • A totally new graphics engine creates the most realistic and fascinating in-game world possible: Myrtana awakens!

  • Huge living and breathing environment reacting to the actions of the player and creating endless choices of interacting with the world and its population

  • New fluid action-packed combat system with spectacular fighting styles, including 2-swords-fighting

  • No linear levels – The Player defines the pace in which he advances through the game. Every action has ramifications for the world at large

  • Countless side quests to choose from

  • One of the best AI’s ever provides hundreds of characters with realistic behavior reacting to your words and actions

  • More than 50 different kinds of monsters and animals, together with countless humanoid friends & foes, contribute to a living world

  • A totally class-free character development system gives you the chance to create the char of your dreams with the abilities of your choice!

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  • 63

  • Rating
THQ Nordic
Piranha Bytes
Friday, April 10, 2009
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • Windows Vista

  • 2 GHz Processor

  • 1 Gb RAM

  • Video card memory: 128 Mb with Shader 1.4 or higher

  • DirectX®: 9.0c

Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Gothic 3: Gold Edition

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Great story idea and gameplay that could have gone somewhere


The Gothic Series has always been the underdog in the RPG world oppresed by greats such as Elder Scrolls and Neverwinter Nights. On paper Gothic 3's story and ideas sound golden but when converted to the real game the result is nerve wrecking. Gothic 3 looks amazing in ads and screenshots but when I loaded up the game for the first time I was in awe of how choppy the gameplay was. I thought that this problem would pass as I continued in the game but it only got worse. The frame rate skips every 5 seconds and is almost unplayable. This is very saddening seeing as my PC can run Oblivion on medium high. The requirements for Gothic 3 are either way too high or there are serious graphics coding issues. Beside the point of near unplayibility Gothic 3 delivers a rich story involving Orcs ruling the Morra land and it being your choice to help them rule or start a revolution to save the human race from extinction. The combat system is simple with click and more click kills and can make some RPG experts weep and noobs rejoice. The game's enemies are well balanced overall but sometimes the bad guys get crazy bursts of power usually ending in the player lieing in a heep of blood with the words "The End" over their head. Overall Gothic 3 could have been an amazing RPG that could have competed with Oblivion and NWN 2 but is ruined due to graphic issues and a simple combat system.

Unique RPG, but be prepared to work at it


As others here have said, if you patch this up with the (large) community patch and spend a little time with it this is quite a unique game that I haven't experienced the likes of elsewhere. Admittedly I never got into the earlier Gothic games and Risen just passed me by, but this hooked me and dragged me into its quirky world. The thing about it is that the world is very open - you can kind of do what you want in what order and things adapt and change on that basis. There is a main quest which does have alternate endings, but you can really approach things how you want and there are some adventuring gems in there. Like the tomb that you enter with some orc allies and have to take on a virtual zombie army (like nothing I ever saw in Oblivion). Altering allegiances and the conquest of towns. You can take on the whole orc army if you want to in some large battles (with a very limited number of allies it has to be said). The characterisation is quite quirky - the main hero is more Clint Eastwood in his spaghetti western prime than anything else - and some of the dialogue is cheesy but it builds this kind of believable, quirky, deep world. Performance on moderns PCs will be fine, back when it was released it was a little bit of a hog but will be no problem now. Visuals are rustic but Ok, but it is the world it creates which is worth experiencing. If you haven't already, give it a try, for the price now there is nothing to lose...

A failure, but a very good game if you patch it


Every time sequel is released it is hard to evaluate it. Especially if previous game set quite a high quality plank. I case of Gothic 3 we have two excellent previous games, great setting and nice story. That is why quality plank for Gothic 3 is very high. It is common knowledge that Gohic 3 was released too early, full of bugs and not finished. But later great community patch was released that fixed a lot and gave us real Gothic 3. That is why I won't consider unpatched Gothic 3. In comparison with previous games there are a lot of changes in gameplay, character mechanics and graphics. In general I think that fight mechanics became better, more dynamic than in first two games, but harder too. Graphics is amazing (even some glitches won't spoil experience). Everywhere you could see ideas of the developers, but almost everywhere they are unfortunately not finished. For example, freeing the cities. Great idea! But after first two liberations it gets repetitive and boring. In some cities there are a lot of quests to help you to liberate the city, in rest there are almost none. Somewhat similar character models are also great minus. Story starts with interesting twists and turns but finishes very abruptly. Gothic 3 is a good game, though fans will be probably dissapointed.

Bugged but good RPG


The problem with Gothic 3 is not its mediocre story or its dull characters but its many bugs that still exist even after you apply all the official patches. Of course you can also use the "unofficial" community patch that fixes most but not all the bugs. However if you can overlook all of the above you'll find a massive open world game where your choices matter with three different geographic and weather zones (temperate , desert , arctic) , a plethora of quests that have multiple conclusions and a lot of monsters to slay. If the bugs didn't exist we would be talking about an excellent game that could challenge even the mighty Elder Scrolls series. Truly a lost opportunity.

Good RPG, but buggy if unpatched


What sticks in my mind most from Gothic 3 is how open the world was. It was perfectly possible to go from the starting point to the frigid north, or the desert in the south (but unadvisable, because pretty much everything wants to kill you [except for the things that wouldn't unless you provoked them, which is a nice touch]) The story finds itself in the back seat a bit, with such an open world. It's possible, right up til the very end, to change your mind and essentially undo everything you may have done for any given faction in favour of another. This could sometimes, in my experience, break the story a little and leave you stuck. Gothic 3 also suffered from many bugs, some small, others potentially game-breaking. Fortunately, there are patches available to fix these. Story: 6/10 - diverting enough for an open world RPG, but suffers because of open-ness World: 8/10 - totally open, populated with hostile, docile and in-between animals Combat: 6/10 - challenging, which is good. But a bit unresponsive and counter-intuitive at times, which isn't Overall Feel: 8/10 - the game invites you in, easy to get invested in your nameless character's life

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