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All parts of the award-winning series forged into one matchless collection. Enjoy the full experience of the Gothic series including all 3 parts & addons!

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Game description

All parts of the award-winning series forged into one matchless collection. Enjoy the full experience of the Gothic series including all 3 parts & addons!

Begin your journey as the nameless hero in a prison on the island of Khorinis in Gothic 1 and return to the mainland of Myrtana in Gothic 3. Witness the destruction of the magic barrier and the fall of the dragons, investigate the numerous mysteries of Khorinis and determine the struggle between humans and orcs. Your deeds will affect the fate of the whole empire – for better or for worse… Shape your destiny and Myrtana’s future!


  • The full award-winning Gothic Series including all 3 parts & addons!
  • Immerse yourself in a huge living and breathing environment, meet unique characters and experience the epic story of Gothic
  • Mercenaries, humans, assassins & orcs: Choose your faction!
  • Make history: various, nonlinear storylines with different outcomes empower you with almost limitless possibilities and guarantee long-term challenges
  • Over 150 hours of immersive game fun
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THQ Nordic
Trine Games
THQ Nordic
Thursday, February 28, 2013
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: 2000
  • RAM: 1024 MB RAM
  • CPU: Intel Pentium® 4/AMD CPU 2 GHz or similar
  • GPU: Direct3D compatible graphic card with minimum of 128 MB and Shader Model 1.4
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Gothic Complete Collection

Must play for every RPG games fan.

I still remember the day that Gothic 1 was out. Before I bought it, I tried demo version and oh my god... it was my first time playing 3D open world RPG game. It was amazing experience. I rushed to shop and bought full version. I have spent so many times, beating this game on every possible setting. This is how my love for this series started. Gothic 2 is much bigger and better, but still doesn't have atmosphere that the first game had. Sadly, 3rd game and expansion are worse, but still playable. If you was never fan of Morrowind game then you will probably love Gothic. If you love open world games you will probably love Gothic. If you enjoy good RPG games you will probably love Gothic. It's nothing like today's RPG games, but that doesn't mean old games are worse. If anything, they are much better. Every Gothic games have so much to find, secret places, interesing story, great characters and big, open world that will make you visit every possible place. It's truly gem that is worth every price.

One of the most suprising ideas...

...for a RPG when Gothic 1 came out. Starting character feeling like a mice when beginning adventure, because almost every character was able to kill you. What more a dangerous world which you could explore freely. Then came Gothic 2 bigger and better with it's good addon. And finally Gothic 3 which was huge but largely dissapointing with lack of polishing. Don't mention terrible Forsaken Gods. For parts 1 and 2 I give 99, but for 3 and FG 70. So it gets 85 ;-)

Gothic Complete Collection is incomplete

Gothic as a game is a very good game especially gothic 1 and 2. Gothic 3 is not bad too but it is missing from collection. Don't buy that package if you want to play Gothic 3. I contacted support stuff but so far this problem isn't resolved. They contacted publisher and are awaiting for the answer. One month has passed the problem still exists. I don't know why they selling this package if they know it is INCOMPLETE.

Great pack

Gothic 1 might have bad graphics (compared to what games have now) but the game itself is great it has a great storyline , great gameplay and a great world which really fits the story. Gothic 2 the sequel to Gothic 1 also a very great game slightly better graphics great voice acting (this is also true for Gothic 1) again a great story and a big and beautifull world you can (well not can but MUST) go back to the Colony from Gothic 1 eventually which was pretty awesome to see back in the game and really being in a war against orcs and other monsters alike Gothic 3 is fun but doesnt really feel like a continued story from 1 and 2 dont get me wrong it has great gameplay way better graphics and a very beautifull world it has more features (like arena's , Choosing your faction and more) but it feels like whole different game all in all this pack is really great if you love old school RPG's

My favourite RPGs

Gothic 1,2 and 3 in one package?! Plain awesomeness. Gothic 1 is probably the best RPG I have ever played. Of course, nowadays, the graphics are really terrible, and one may hate the game for it. Sadly, that would be a big mistake. The story, the gameplay and the characters are great, i replayed the game at least 4 times to get into every possible class type and to see the story from different angles. Gothic 2 is almost as good as the first one in the series. The story is great, the gameplay did not really change, the world got bigger and the threats as well. And now to the black sheep... honestly, I like it. I heard many times how big of a disappointment it was for many Gothic fans, but I like it, I love the story and the characters... but even I do have a problem with how easy the game became. While it was a challenge to overcome most of the enemies in the first 2 games, in Gothic 3 even the biggest enemies where quite easy to defeat. But still, it is a good game. To put it in numbers: Gothic 1 100% Gothic 2 95 % Gothic 3 90 %

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