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It’s all about the teams, the rivals and the race in an intense new world of professional motorsport.

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It’s all about the teams, the rivals and the race in an intense new world of professional motorsport. Racing alongside a teammate, you must overcome key rivals and satisfy team sponsors in ferocious races where every pass and position counts. In a huge career, specialise in your favourite racing discipline or conquer them all feel the aggression of the pack in Touring Cars, manage tyre wear and race into the night in Endurance events, race Open-Wheel cars with precision, show car control in Tuner events and react on the fly in Street races. Each unique category features series dedicated to different classes, including Touring Cars, Hypercars, Endurance GT Cars, Prototypes, Single-Seaters, Super Modified vehicles, Drift cars and many more. Bursting with content, GRID Autosport features over 100 routes across 22 incredible locations and the world’s most exciting contemporary and classic high-performance racing cars to collect, tune and upgrade. Development has been driven by Community feedback to include the return of in-car view, authentic handling and multiplayer racing powered by RaceNet to deliver new challenges every week, plus all-new Racing Clubs for online team competition. Party modes, Demolition Derby and competitive split-screen modes complement the game’s extensive career mode and expansive core online game.

Key Features:


    Live out your professional race driver dream. Join and switch teams, earn sponsor rewards, beat your rivals and race with a teammate. Choose your favourite style of racing or conquer them all.


    Compete in series dedicated to Touring Cars, Hypercars, Endurance GT Cars, Prototypes, Single-Seaters, Super Modified vehicles, Drift cars and many, many more.


    Take on aggressive pack racing in Touring Cars, manage your tyre wear in Endurance competitions, race smoothly and with precision in Open-Wheel cars, demonstrate your car control in Tuner competitions and react on the fly in Street Races.


    Love the cars you race as you tune and upgrade the world’s most thrilling contemporary and classic high-performance racing cars. Show your style online by creating your own liveries and building your car collection.


    Join with friends to form Racing Clubs and race under your own team colours against other clubs in the community. Receive new challenges every week, track stats and climb leaderboards powered by RaceNet.


    GRID Autosport’s new handling model recreates the feel of motorsport’s most exciting contemporary and classic racing cars, hitting an authentic, responsive sweet-spot between Arcade and Simulation handling.


    Feel the pressure of racing wheel-to-wheel against advanced, realistic rival driver AI who will defend their line, take chances or spin out under pressure depending on their personalities AI will adapt to the racing style taking place for an authentic experience, for instance, racing more cleanly in Open-Wheel events, or making contact in Touring Cars.


    In front of cheering crowds, every pass counts and every position matters. Become immersed in the race with the return of in-car view, use Teammate controls and Radio comms to ask your teammate to attack or defend for you to take the advantage.


    GRID Autosport features over 100 routes across 22 incredible locations and the huge career and core online game is complimented with Party Modes plus competitive split-screen.


    Codemasters has consulted extensively with the Community, Racing Drivers and experts from AUTOSPORT magazine in designing and producing GRID Autosport.

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Namco Bandai Games
Friday, June 27, 2014
English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • Operating system: Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4Ghz or AMD Athlon X2 5400+
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Hard disk space: 15 GB available space
  • Video: Intel HD3000 or AMD HD2000 Series or NVIDIA Geforce 8000 Series Series
  • Sound: Direct X compatible soundcard
  • Additional Notes: Supported Graphics Cards •Intel HD3000 Series, HD4000 Series, HD5000 Series, AMD Radeon HD2000 Series, HD3000 Series, HD4000 Series, HD5000 Series, HD6000 Series, HD7000 Series, R7 Series, R9 Series • NVIDIA GeForce 8000 Series, 9000 Series, GTX200 Series, GTX400 Series, GTX500 Series, GTX600 Series, GTX700 Series • AMD Fusion A8 or higher
Recommended Requirements
  • Operating system: Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 8 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 or AMD FX Series
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Hard disk space: 20 GB available space
  • Video: Intel HD5200 or AMD HD7000 Series or NVIDIA GTX600 Series minimum 1GB RAM
  • Sound: Direct X compatible soundcard

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Reviews for GRID Autosport™

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Speed, accuracy, excitement!


The graphic leader in Racing games undoubtedly is series of GT and Forza. But the Grid series has always been able to deliver a satisfactory graphic in all versions for the players. In this release, we can say that "Codemasters" has not focused much on graphics, and its goal is to provide graphics like Grid 2 with minor improvements. We should admit that they have succeeded in this. But i have to point out that If you really expect to have a much better graphics than Grid 2, Grid: Autosport may not be able to meet your expectations. the makers' target was not just to improve overall graphics but to focus on details. design of cars has always been one of the strengths of the Grid gaming series. In this version, Codmasters has been able to work well as in past versions and to implement its ideas in the best way, given the limitations of the seventh generation. you could say the sound in this game is all in the voice of your guide in the competition. Someone who constantly listens to your racing situation during the competition and tries to impress you with tips and sentences. In general, sounding does not differ much from the second version, and you will experience the same feeling that you have in the second version. The sounds of cars are very beautiful and attractive in their kind and excite you.This is the winner card for "Grid is Autosport"! The sound inside the game menu are very ordinary and can not be honoured. Of course, you can't expect more from a Racing game! If you are looking for a different experience than the second version of the Grid, this game may not be suitable for you. But if you really enjoy the game's Grid and Racing games, I suggest you experience this title.

A more realistic take on the Grid series


Grid Autosport takes a more realistic approach to the racing genre compared to Grid 2. In this game there are different genre's you can explore and master. The races and objectives in these different genre's are different. In Endurance you have to worry about tire wear and to get the furthest possible. Open Wheel competition makes you drive formula cars and try beating your opponents. There is also drifting and several classes you can race with as well. The racing feels like it leans more towards simulation. But the arcade elements are still present, as it doesn't quite feel as sharp as other simulation racers. The AI feels competitive and tries to bump you sometimes in the stock car races. They don't let you buy that easy. You can't just start at the end of the pack and hope to win all the time, because the AI is good enough to hold you back. Therefore it helps to qualify to a better position at start to make it easier. There is no progression system as there was in Grid 2. The only progression you have is to level the class you are racing in to level 10 to be eligible to race in the world series. Which is the ultimate goal. There you race in all the classes you have before and try to win in a series of races. The cars look good, but the game is showing its age by only being on generation 7 consoles. The game still gets the job done, but it doesn't look as good as current games that are on new consoles. The game has no issues with the framerate and the cars look really detailed if you crash in the game. Perhaps the best graphical addition to the game, if you crash in the wall, the car will look like it. There are also little to no bugs in this game. The cars sound like their real life counterparts and it sounds realistic. But other than that it doesn't have much going in the audio. The game has a teammate giving you instructions sometimes during the race, but those are usually the same and don't change a lot. The game gives you a lot of different races that can easily last 50 hours if you do all of them. The value is good compared to other racers where it gives you enough to do to keep you busy. It also varieties enough to keep it interesting through the game, instead of just being the same type of races all the time. If you like a racing game that isn't that realistic and you want some value for your money it is a game for you. The graphics look good and it also sounds like you are in a race.

grid > grid: autosport > grid 2


se queda en el segundo pelda?o por faltar algunas cosas que el grid tenia como la opcion de contrartar un compa?ero de equipos y la competencia entre equipos por temporada, la jugabilidad mejoro mucho y la dificultad para controlar el coche tambien y eso le da ese punto extra al juego. si quieres jugar un arcarde bueno este no te decepcionara. 9/10

Half simulator half game


I enjoy playing grid auto sport because its physics its really good simulator but is still a game.For me its something between car simulator and game,but if u into cars u definitely gonna like this game. Career mode is little bit boring but the multiplayer mode and playing with friends is where all the fun is. It has too much car of customization which i like it and u sure gonna spend whole day finding out what rims u like. So my scores are 100 for the multiplayer definitely best multiplayer mode from racing game and for the career i go 60.

Better than Grid 2 but not Grid


Its a shame that after so long from the first game of the series its yet to be surpassed. Traditionally this would be normal for any other genre except racing, driving doesn't feel as fun as it once was and whilst its challenging there's issues holding it back. For one, the 'quick fix' cockpit view return, merely a blurred pixelated stencil with rearview cameras that don't work at all! At least its something but its so terrible I doubt you'd want to use it. Career mode feels like there's too much grinding before you get to the championships. Whilst having a variety of racing styles is nice its very weird to hop between F1, Endurance, Sport Cars & Demolition. It may seem like good value however it also means that none of them feel perfect. If you're itching for a racer it'll qualify your needs but don't expect anything new

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