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Guardians of Ember: Deluxe Edition





The Deluxe DLC contains many useful items master your challenges in this new Hack'n'Slash MMORPG. 

The Deluxe DLC includes:

Once (transferable between characters)

  • White Maned Horse Mount
  • Pangolin Pet

For every new Character

  • +64 Inventory Slots for every new Character
  • +80 Storage Slots for every new Character
  • Epic Level Up Bag
  • Infinite Skill Reset Scroll 
  • Infinite Attribute Reset Scroll
  • Exclusive PvP Stance
  • Iron Hero Item
  • Exclusive Title
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Game description

After years of war the world of Olyndale has descended into chaos.
As a Guardian of Ember, your brotherhood marks the last line of defense against a dark menace. Sinister forces threaten the land and can only be stopped by the ancient Ember. The future of Olyndale lies on your shoulders. It is your fate - and your duty - to retrieve the magic stone and bring back peace to Olyndale.

Choose from six different classes and extend your skill set by selecting a secondary class after reaching level 15. A variety of 58 different regions with over 60 randomized and challenging dungeons await, where you battle against monsters, mortals and the living dead during your crusade to retrieve the Ember.

Developed by the hardcore gamers of Runewaker (the team behind Runes of Magic and Dragon's Prophet), Guardians of Ember combines Hack'n'Slash and traditional MMORPG with a focus on action oriented combat in PVE and PVP as well as near endless character optimization.

Character​ ​customization/optimization:​ W​e have quite an extensive character editor which
offers pre-default faces and hairstyles but comes with a variety of sliders for the face and the
body as well. Players can choose from body height to width, bizeps, eye width, chin position
etc. With the dual class system, four races, 6 classes (Knight, Priest, Arcanist, Ranger,
Engineer, Dark Knight), players have all possibilities to customize and optimize their
character to their personal liking and playstyle. It is even possible to use armour as
costumes (subduct of all stats, just for a customized look and roleplaying). We also have
additional costumes in the game.

Skills:​ ​Each class has three primary, three secondary and eight advanced skills. There are
around 300 active and 72 passive skills in total in Guardians of Ember. Each skill can be
leveled up several times to a new form of the skill. This does not necessarily mean only a
more powerful one, but another variation. Per Skill there are four different variations. Only
one variation per skill can be used at the same time on the quickslot. Players can also
choose from a bunch of passive skills from their primary class. Up to two passive skills can
be activated at the same time, although unlocking the second slot requires the player to
reach level 30.

Dual​ ​Class​ ​System:​ Players are able to choose a second class when reaching level 15. We
have a total of 6 classes, including the "Dark Knight" which has been added during Early
Access. When choosing a secondary class, players need to level this class up as well. The
good thing is: you can change your secondary class anytime and match your new playstyle!
While being Knight and Ranger might be perfect for playing on your own, you can easily
switch to be Knight and Priest if necessary before your next raid. This makes group forming
also more dynamic.
Each secondary class has to be leveled individually. But you don't lose the levels, when you
switch classes, meaning after switching from Knight (lvl18)/Ranger (lvl3) to
Knight(lvl18)/Priest(lvl1) you can still switch back later on to Knight (lvl18)/Ranger (lvl3).

Housing:​ Every player can have its own house. It is possible to choose from different
pre-made house structures. If you have the space, you can also place down two houses
beside each other. Objects can be placed freely on the ground, inside the house and also at
the walls. Whatever you fancy! Players can invite friends over to their house to show them
around or to let them benefit from bonuses. Different kinds of house spirits can be hired to
give you additional bonuses (like crafting different potions quicker) and to craft items for you
over time, for example potions. You can also plant and harvest different crafting material.

PvE​ ​-​ ​Dungeons:​ We have over 60 randomized dungeons as well as some story-based
dungeons, whose layout is fixed. Before entering a dungeons, players can choose from two
different difficulty options, which also influence the loot.

World​ ​Events​: Occasionally special world events happen in different regions of "Guardians
of Ember". Every player can participate and work towards a special goal during these
events. After reaching the first goal, a big boss will be freed for example, that then has to be
killed and drops loot. With our game tools we can create additional events, which gives us a
great opportunity to plan for upcoming community events.

How​ ​much​ ​MMO?​ Olyndale, the world of "Guardians of Ember", is divided into over 50
different regions, including cities as well as the outside areas. We not only have clusters of
players roaming in the cities, instead players can also meet up outside the city walls, form
groups on the go, challenge each other for a duel or just help each other out, creating a real
MMO feeling. Guardians of Ember has also typical MMO features like fishing (to gather more
keys for additional dungeon loot, or to gather crafting materials), different professions,
crafting and enchanting to boost your weapons.

PvP:​ We offer arena style battles with 1vs1 Duels, 3vs3 and 5vs5 matches. In addition we
have a special PvE mode called "Horde Mode", where players are challenged against
hordes of beasts, which has been added during Early Access. The longer you survive, the

Horde​ ​Mode:​ With the Horde Mode we added a new exciting feature and game mode to the
game during Early Access. For those that already cleaned the last dungeon, found or crafted
the best loot possible and reached at least level 10, the Horde mode is the place to go next.
With a group of four additional fearless friends, players face infinite waves of monsters
whose sole purpose is to destroy the ember crystal. Once destroyed or if all players have
been killed, the match is lost, but those that stand their ground will gain a unique title to
proudly show off to other players as well as honor points. These points can be cashed in at
traders for exclusive items. To balance any level difference between the participating players
ranging from level 10 to 58, the Horde Mode raises stats like health, damage and defense to
a maximum for all players.

Cash​ ​Shop​: Yes, we do have a cash shop in a Buy to Play game. We have been very
cautious about this and open with the community how we want the cash shop to function and
what will be included. In the first couple of weeks of Beta testing, we gained a lot of feedback
on the original cash shop, so we changed it accordingly. We now have a cash shop, that
offers different Loot Orbs, as people requested to have a chance to get a special item
certainly by buying a Loot Orb. Loot Orbs by default can include a variety of different things
like XP booster, mounts, pets, resurrection scrolls as well as reskill scrolls or inventory
We have special Loot Orbs, that will always give you inventory expansion or reskill scrolls,
and we have added similar ones for mounts or pets due to community request.
Every item is for convenience only and Loot Orbs are (besides Frozen Ember, our premium
currency) obtainable via "Empire Coins", a special currency gained through daily quests and
achievements as well. By doing all daily achievements you can obtain one Loot Orb for free
per day.

Crafting:​ ​Crafting is a big part in Guardians of Ember and basis for high-end gear. Crafting
unlocks at Level 15, and although it is good to have an early look into the complex crafting
system, most materials can be acquired best in the high level regions like "Feydal Quarry".
Resource nodes can be found via the "Diving Compass", a small tracking device that is
placed in the world and directs you to the nearest node. The resources can then be grabbed
by placing a Mining Golem. The nearer the better!
There are 4 professions to choose from and changing them later on will reset the current
profession level and cost materials. So choose wisely!
● Armorsmithing​ lets you craft light and heavy armor, as well as shields.
● Blacksmithing​ is for one-handed and two-handed weapons.
● Crafting​ is for crafting staffs, crossbows, and "gunblades", as well as bows.
● Alchemy​ is the mastery of crafting potions with various effects. Most potions need a
big amount of fishing... so pack your fishing rod!

Enhancement​ ​System:​ ​As well as the Crafting System, Enhancement unlocks at Level 15
and is basically the ability to upgrade the stats of your equipment and create powerful runes
to enhance your weapons and armor with them.
Enhancing a piece of equipment is easy. It just needs materials which can be acquired by
scrapping "old" items you don't need anymore. Different items need different materials to
enhance. Armor needs Heavy leather, weapons need wheatstone and accessoires powder.
Enhancement can upgrade your weapons until +12, but sometimes an Enhancement can go
wrong and downgrade your items as well, though they will never break! So be careful.
To create a Rune, players can use a melting stone to extract stats from a piece of
equipment, that they want to add to another piece (given that piece still has free rune slots!)
Here is also why the random stats on items in Guardians of Ember are coming handy for
you, since you can adjust them to your liking or use them for runes!
Modifying a piece of equipment is the easiest. You can re-roll enhancements on your
equipment randomly as much as you like (or can afford it).

Mounts​ ​and​ ​Pets​: Guardians of Ember features a variety of different mounts and pets to
accompany on your journey through Olyndale. From normal horses to big Scorpions, choose
the mounts that suites your characters appearance best. As your little helpers, pets will grab
all the dropped loot and stuff it in your bag automatically. You can always adjust what rarity
they should pick up, so keep your bags free off garbage. Mounts and Pets can be acquired
via Loot Orbs, level bags or during special events.

Guild​ ​Skill​ ​System:​ ​With the newly implemented Guild Skill system, players profit from a
variety of extras when upgrading their own Guild. Guilds are upgraded via ingame Gold until
Level 5 and need Energy to upgrade to Level 6. There are a total of 14 guild skills currently
available including:
● Increase Amount (increases the amount of possible guild member)
● Repair Equipment (reduces the base repair costs of all members by XY)
● Running Technique (increases movement speed while activated by XY)
● Technologies on Control (increases movement speed on mounts while activated by
● Hunting Technique (Increases attack damage by XY)
● Self-defense Technique (Reduces damage by XY)
● Therapy (Increases healing power bonus by XY)
● Critical Technology (Increases critical hit chance by XY)
● Block Technology (Increases block chance by XY)
● Experience and Technology (Increases battle XP bonus by XY)
● Plunder Technology (Increases Gold drop by XY)
● Treasure Divination (Increases loot drop by XY)
● Crafting Technology (Upgrade a rare degree of probability by XY)
● Fishing Technology (Improves fishing bait by XY)

Depending on the guilds level, the improvement percentages varies. Guild skills are also
upgraded separately via Research Points, which can be fully reset. Overall there are active
and passive skills. Active skills are separated into three categories and only one skill per
category can be activated per time, meaning three active skills in total at a time. Active skills
also have a cooldown equivalent for the time the skill was active. (3 hours active time equals
3 hours cool down after deactivation).

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Insel Games Ltd
Action, MMOs, RPGs
Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Multiplayer, Single player, Co-op
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows Vista or newer 
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4G or better 
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM 
  • Graphics: GeForce 9800 GTX+ or Radeon HD 4850 
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection 
  • Storage: 10 GB available space
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Interesting DLC for an overlooked game.


Deluxe Edition is a DLC for Guardians of Ember that contains some elements that according to the authors could help their title stand a chance with Blizzard's Diablo 3 that remains unbeatable in terms of fanbase for many years. So what do we get in this DLC? A pet, some more inventory items, a way to infinitely reset our stats and some additional stuff. The price is affordable and the core game is fun. Give it a try but if you want to buy the game and the DLC look for the Deluxe version as it already contains this edition.

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