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Guild Wars 2: Digital Deluxe Edition





Guild Wars 2 is redefining the future of online role-playing games.

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Game description

"ArenaNet has built one of the most exhaustively detailed and rewarding MMOs in existence, one that never unfairly penalizes and fosters an incredible urge to explore through a generous reward system and achingly pretty environment design." - IGN.com

"A paradise for explorers and thrill-seekers alike, and the best online role-playing game in years." - Gamespot.com


Digital Deluxe Bonuses:

  • Summons Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill:

    This unique elite skill allows the player to summon a temporary Mistfire Wolf pet for use in combat.

  • Rytlock Miniature:

    This rare miniature is a perfect replica of Rytlock Brimstone and will accompany your character on all of their adventures throughout Tyria.

  • Golem Banker:

    Your very own golem banker at your command for 5 days! This mechanical man-servant will grant you access to your account storage from anywhere in the world.

  • Chalice of Glory:

    Earn some extra Rank points with this one-time use chalice. Rank points mark your progression in PvP gameplay.

  • Tome of Influence:

    Give your guild a one-tme boost of influence. Useful for unlocking guild vaults, emblems and other items for your guild.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Events:

    Explore an ever-changing fantasy world where your actions have a real and persistent effect on your surroundings. Dynamic events respond and change based on how you react to them. Will you defend that village from rampaging centaurs or let it burn? The choice is yours!

  • Personal Stories:

    Your personal story begins with key decisions you make when creating your character’s biography and then evolves with each fateful choice you make in the game. You decide who lives, who dies and what path you’ll walk in life, and those choices have a lasting effect on both your personal story and your private home instance.

  • Action-Oriented Combat:

    Experience a new kind of high-impact, fast-paced combat. Attack on the move, dodge and roll away from enemy blows, team up with other players for powerful combos, take advantage of handy environmental weapons, and unleash spectacular skills and spells. Guild Wars 2 is putting the fun back into fantasy combat.

  • Sprawling Dungeons:

    Only the most experienced groups of adventurers dare enter the dungeons, huge private adventure areas where the risks are immense but the rewards are great. Dungeons take many forms, but in each you follow a gripping plot in story mode and then branch into the even more challenging free-roaming explorable mode.

  • Competitive PvP:

    Face off against small teams of other players in intense matches where skill and audacity determine the victor. Battle over key objectives on a wide variety of maps loaded with game-changing secondary objectives like cannons and trebuchets. Make a name for your team during the daily, weekly and annual PvP tournaments.

  • Worlds Collide:

    Prepare for battlefield combat on an epic scale! In world vs. world, armies of hundreds of players from competing servers wage war across four sprawling maps, seizing objectives and scoring points for their side. Lay siege to castles, raid enemy supply caravans, build weapons of war and clash with other players in truly massive battles. There’s always something to do on the battlefield and new players can start WvW right away!

  • No Subscription:

    Get the game and play online for as long as you want. It's that simple.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • Windows® XP Service Pack 2 or better
  • Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz, Core i3, AMD Athlon 64 X2 or better
  • 2GB RAM
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800, ATI X1800, Intel HD 3000 or better (256MB of video RAM and shader model 3.0 or better)
  • 25GB available HDD space
  • Broadband Internet connection
  • Keyboard and mouse

  • Due to potential changes, system requirements may change over time and you may be required to upgrade your current system (or obtain a new system) to continue to play the game

Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Guild Wars 2: Digital Deluxe Edition

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A good opponent for great MMORPG Games


As you know, Guild Wars 2 became a free to play game after three years from its release date and I think it is an appropriate opponent to popular MMORPG games like World of Warcraft, Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2. Like a role playing game, in Guild Wars 2 you can choose a character for yourself and choose whatever you want to look like. When you arrive at Guild Inc 2, you will find four different classes of characters, each with different abilities and different stories. The most attractive part of the gameplay is related to game battles, even though the elemental battles of the game are very small and easy, but you can slowly learn their gameplay process. If you are an MMORPG enthusiast, Guild Wars 2 can entertain you for several hours.

Recommended for mmorpg lovers or beginners


This game is a very good pick in the MMO-genre. I am in love with the universe it self. This game is visually stunning and has amazing music. This universe really feel dynamic and breathing, and ArenaNet really succeeds at creating a unique game with unique mechanics. I always come back to this game, and this game will always have a place in my heart.

For the most part... an ok game.


Guild Wars 2 had a lot of Hype to live up to. Did it do it? Well... kinda... The surely delivers on what it promised at first: Lack of Trinity (No Tank, DPS and Healer), a more emersive story and a new take on questing. Was it enough to make it the groundbreaking game it was supposed to be? No. The Lack of Trinity that everybody was talking about previous to the game being released, instead of making everybody feel useful, it made everybody feel useless. There is nothing unique about you... everything you do, everybody else does. There is no strategy other then full attack and full damage and rush forward spamming 1. The story is really lackluster and even tho might be fun to play the first time, the other times you have to do for all of your characters just make it boring and repetitive. The crafting system is useless other than gathering EXP and getting Legendaries that serve no purpose. The dungeons have been abandoned, the first ones stayed were pretty fine but other then that... no more dungeons being added any time soon. The game that promised SOO much to get rid of grind, just made a gigantic grind fest of grinding for skins instead of actual progress. There is no late game which is a HUUUUUUUUGE issues since the game just gets you to cap level in about 3 days of playtime. And all the efforts by ANet are being placed on the wrong part of the game. They are 100% focused on making this game E-sports viable while mostly negleting other problems with the game. Is this game worth it? I will say give it a pass, it had it hearth in the right place but overall missed the mark.

It was ok


I never played GW1 but I jumped into GW2 with high expectations. I didn't really enjoy the game; I found the "heart" quests to be boring, tedious and there wasn't enough of them to move to the next zones - had to find similar level zones in different race areas to get the required levels. I did all the random events etc and still never got enough XP for the zones. It felt unfinished and a drag. I love my MMOs, but I just did not like this one.

Great MMO


Brilliant value for a one time payment. The art and music are just amazing and the world events are really cool if you can find a party of people to take part in them with. If you are looking for an MMO then you have no need to look any further.

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