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Guise of the Wolf





In the medieval Kingdom of Uhorsko, a young alchemist named Dominik is summoned to assist in stopping a ravenous beast.

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Game description

In the medieval Kingdom of Uhorsko, a young alchemist named Dominik is summoned to assist in stopping a ravenous beast. Dominik's goals soon change as he discovers he has been bitten, and cursed to become the very thing he has set out to stop. Now he must delve further into a dark castle in search of a cure, and cold answers to the enigma he finds himself entangled in along the way.

Key Features:

  • The unique "play As a Werewolf" indie game of 2014

  • A blend of action, adventure and stealth elements

  • Non-linear exploration, puzzle solving and role playing elements

  • A gothic atmosphere

  • 6-7 hours playing time with an affordable price including digital copy of the game music track

  • Full voice-over dialogue and subtitles deliver a chilling tale

  • Xbox 360 Controller support with vibration function

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Merge Games
Fun Creators Ltd
Friday, January 24, 2014
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Processor: 1.8 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB minimum
  • Graphics card: DirectX 9.0 or higher, pixel shader 2.0 or higher
  • Sound card: DirectX 9.0 or higher
  • Hard Drive Space: 1.7 GB
  • Game size: 711.6 MB
  • Controls: Windows compatible keyboard and mouse / Xbox 360 controller
Recommended Requirements
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 2 GB

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Reviews for Guise of the Wolf

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One of the WORST Steam Games I have ever played.


This is a perfect example of a game that has a interesting concept, but is so bad mechanically, visually, and gameplay wise, that it doesn't even matter. The game is basically about you, some random guy without any backround information, have crashed due to a unknown beast that crashed your carriage, and you wake up next to a big castle, and must find your friend named Lazlo. When first starting, I was greeted to a outline-like art style, like in the Wolf Among Us, which looks okay, but is so badly rendered that it gets very choppy. The game gives no indication of where Lazlo is, and when searching, I came up with a number of gliches. 1. You can, at the right angle, no clip through trees, rocks, you name it. 2. A weird tunnel-like shape in the river that looks so ugly, like it was a glich, which I hope it was After finding Lazlo in the middle of nowhere, that somehow lets you access the castle that you weren't allowed in before, because.....why not. You are greeted to a terrible character model of the Count's wife, that belongs in a 2000 game. Her dialog is basically pointless, as she doesn't explain much, which I guess was a piss-poor attempt to add confusion as to what is happening. After leaving the chat, you are put in a bedroom where you slept, according to her. I found, as I looked around, 5 copies OF THE SAME BOOK on a bookshelf (Called The Hungarian Kingdom) and a bag. I grabbed the bag to see what it was, and how detailed of an item name, it was actually called "Bag." The only reason you want this game is to laugh at how terrible it is all around, or to see how to not create a game. The only steam game I think is worse is "Bad Ratz" and that's saying something. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!

Not Even Worth a Few Laughs


This game is horrendous. There is no other way to put it. This game is simply awful in every meaning of the word. It isn't worth the time, the money, or the aggravation you will face upon purchasing this "game". First off, this isn't an Early Access game. The countless bugs are part of this game's full release. It's pretty clear no one play tested this game. You will find yourself clipping through trees, boulders, walls, and occasionally falling through the ground into the infinite void. The graphics are intended to be cel-shaded, but the art style fails as the black outline is never rendered properly. Character models are straight up ugly to look at. They will contort and bend in strange ways, the guard's faces have sections literally missing. Sometimes characters will appear completely transparent or black. Even some of the animations are literally missing. If you attack a person as a werewolf, the person will scream, blood will come out, but they will retort to the standard "angel pose" of a basic character model, meaning the animation is literally MISSING. In terms of story, there isn't much of one. Characters vaguely tell you what to do, and when they do it's ridiculous. At one point you are intended to pickpocket a key off of a guard to progress, but the game doesn't tell you that pickpocketing is even a function. If you MUST buy this game, for the sake of wanting to become a werewolf, you will need a guide, and then pray that you don't instantly die from falling through the floor, followed by regretting you thought this game was worth the time. Save your money, or buy something else.

Has many flaws, but it is still enjoyable


Guise of The Wolf is a fun indie game. While there may be other games that do the werewolf part better, like Skyrim and Wolf Among Us, GOTW can still give you a good time if you look past it's many flaws The gameplay is a combination of action, adventure and has a touch of stealth. As a human you have to hide and steal items from castle inhabitants. When you transform into a werewolf you use your strength to fight enemies and your agility to overcome obstacles in the game's platforming sections. Despite all this sounding good in theory, the actual gameplay is rather boring and unpolished. The stealth sections are plagued by a broken and really predictable AI, also the werewolf gameplay isn't very rewarding because it's too easy to one hit kill every enemy, The story starts off strong but it gets a little boring and predictable as the game progresses. The game's setting is fantastic and I really liked the castle's dark and gothic atmospheres despite some areas being a little empty and generic. There are also a lot of jump scares throughout the game, that are pretty annoying. All in all, Guise of The Wolf was an enjoyable ride for the 5-6 hours it lasted The gameplay employs a cel-shaded graphical style, a pretty good choice in my opinion, as it covers up the graphic engine's weaknesses. However it still looks like a 2000 game and the character models are low res and blocky. The music is really good albeit a bit repetitive and has a gothic feeling to it, but the voice acting is pretty average. If you want a cheap indie adventure game with fairly low system specs, Guise of The Wolf won't leave you disappointed.

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