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Gunspell is cross-genre game, where RPG meets Puzzle.

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Game description

Gunspell is cross-genre game, where RPG meets Puzzle.

Become a member of powerful Order that protects the Earth from creatures from the dark-side. Travel across worlds, fight monsters, complete different quests, up-grade your weapons and magic. Combine guns and magic to take on vampires and demons, heroes and monsters in this epic adventure!

Key Features:

  • Match 3 battles with a lot of features

  • Multiple strange new worlds to explore

  • Hordes of enemies to fight

  • Tons of different weapons, items and spells!

  • No need to wait! Replenish stamina with a mini-game any time!

  • Awesome graphics!


Game Awards:

★ DevGAMM 2014 Award ★ MS Windows Store Staff Pick

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Indie, Adventure, RPGs, Puzzle, Mac
Friday, November 7, 2014
English, French, German, Russian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements


  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Processor: Dual Core CPU
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Additional Notes: Touch screen supported


  • OS: Mac OS X 10.6
  • Processor: Dual Core CPU
  • Additional Notes: Touch screen supported
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Gunspell

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It's something I guess


To put it bluntly, Gunspell isn't really a that great game. It's a half-a**ed mobile port of a Puzzle Quest clone... however, I do find it to be a bit of a guilty pleasure. The combat is ridiculously easy (though some say that the enemies do become more difficult later on), but the puzzles in their simplicity are still quite addictive. The plot is barely there, but the world, main character and the enemies are amusingly cheesy in modern fantasy style. It gives me bit of Dresden Files vibes, and that's a big positive mark for me. There are far too few modern/urban fantasy style games, regardless of the genre. There is some obvious legacy of the games mobile roots. Namely a limited amount of moves until you need to recharge in some way (wait real time, pay ingame gold, use meditation), and the aforementioned gold. For me, the move limit means I tend to play in small bursts, as recharging is still annoying even though the original versions doesn't have micro transactions. The gold is still too rare, as it's dependent on random drops from encounters (instead of ?'s), and meditation frankly sucks on PC, as the methed was clearly designed for touchscreens. All in all, Gunspell isn't a great, but it isn't as horrible as some reviewers make it to be. It's an amusing little puzzle game that's fun to play for a bit, but due to its nature works best as such. It's current price is somewhat high for it, however if you can find it for cheap in sale or part of a bundle, I would recommend it for fans of casual and/or puzzle games.

Horrible port


Gunspell is a mobile port. A terrible mobile port. This game was originally for Android. So, it seems that’s where it’s best to play it. The game appears to not be meant for use with mouse at all. The menus are a bit OK, but for a Match 3 game, and such a terrible one, it’s impossibly overpriced. Every time you change the screen to anything else, like menu, options, play, fight, there is a loading screen. That is needed on Androids, NOT on PCs. That was not removed when this mess of a game was ported. Also, it seems the person who has written the plot was not aware of what he was doing. It’s an incomprehensible mess. No difficulty, no replay value, no story content. 1/10 Never buy.

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