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Happily Ever After is the hilarious new fairy tale puzzle adventure from Honeyslug!

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Game description

Happily Ever After is the hilarious new fairy tale puzzle adventure from Honeyslug!

Play as a blogger and find yourself stranded in the magical kingdom of Unbelievaville. Following a hostile encounter with the Evil Queen, your only way home is to help out the cast of familiar fairytale characters with unfamiliar problems. These inhabitants include BB Wolff - the local smarmy estate agent, Goldilocks, a special girl with very particular tastes, a stunt bike gingerbread man and an oafish, lazy prince who is charming only by name.

Releasing with 24 levels and over 100 games including hidden objects, logic puzzles and many more unique brain teasers - This is no bedtime story! This is a wonderful game with something for all ages and will provide hours of entertainment.

Happily Ever After has been developed by Honeyslug, a BAFTA winning London based independent developer that create and collaborate on video games across a range of platforms. Twice featured in the prestigious Independent Games Festival in 2010 and 2011 previous hits include Kahoots (PSP minis, iOS, PC), Poto & Cabenga (iOS, PC) and Balloon Headed Boy (iOS, PC).

Lead designer on the project is Nat Marco, Honeyslug's co-founder.

The amusing script has been brought to the game by Hannah McKay who has written regularly for television including Hotel Trubble Jinx.

Hannah is also a contributing writer on Olivia Lee’s Dirty Sexy Funny (Paramount) and has written for Channel 4’s Funny Cuts.

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Saturday, March 31, 2012
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements

Processor: 1Ghz

Graphics: Intel Atom 945G for Netbooks. 128Mb VGA 16-bit Graphics card for other

Hard Disc Space: 180Mb

Audio: 16-bit sound card

Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Happily Ever After

Cute and Fun game for all ages!!

So I have always loved computer games.. Ever since I was a kid I've loved adventure games and I still do. Even though I'm 40 now I freely admit I like playing these kinds of cute cartoony point n' click adventure games!!! I have lots and lots and I'm happy to have found this sweet little hidden gem! I can't find it anywhere else either! So give it a whirl! The graphics are cute - and it's got a wide variety of fun little mini games - find the difference, packing objects into a box so they all fit properly, hidden objects, and lots of others!! It's a fun game and if you've got kids then it's sure to be fun to play with them... Or without them!! If you'd like to see some gameplay check out my play through on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/6y2-FQwexH8

I loved it

Happily Ever After is a really, really underappreciated game. I hadn't even heard of it before I was it on GMG. The story is bizarre and funny. The graphics are goofy and the puzzles are new and creative, almost as good as LucasArts ones. And they are really challenging, but actually logical, which I loved. After you pick up this gem, you'll be addicted. It's just so fun. If you like adventure games, get Happily Ever after. It's really worth it.

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