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Hotel Giant





Build your very own hotel and design the building to your unique specifications. Observe your guests behavior, assess their happiness, and make modifications according to their moods.

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Game description

Our Hotels. Your Rules. In Hotel Giant, you call the shots as you direct every aspect of hotel operations. You control the construction of your hotel – from site selection to building type – to personalized room features. Build up to 19 different hotel complexes, ranging from romantic get-away hotels to skyscraper business hotels to luxury 5-star hotels with exquisite spa and entertainment facilities.

You’ll also get the chance to satisfy your inner voyeur by observing your guests’ every move and reacting to their feedback.

  • 19 vastly different hotels to manage providing huge variety to gameplay

  • 23 international cities to establish yourself in including London and Sydney

  • 8 completely configurable room styles to design and decorate including Guest Rooms, Restaurants, Bars and Libraries

  • Over 400 interior décor items including lights, wallpaper and tables to provide almost limitless design opportunities

  • 3 different camera angles take you deep into the experience

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Enlight Games
Enlight Software - Infinite Interactive
Friday, January 20, 2012
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • Operating system: Windows Vista and Windows 7

  • Processor: 1GHz CPU or above

  • Memory: 128 MB RAM

  • Hard drive space: 700 MB

  • Video card: Direct X compatible video card

Recommended Requirements

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a wonderful memory from the past!


Hotel Giant (unlike the second one) only has a sandbox mode, however that did not stop me from enjoying it and recommending it! You start out by selecting how many years you want to play, how much money you start with and the location of your hotel. Later you get to select the appearance of your hotel and then you can start building! Now here is where decision making comes into play How many rooms will you build? What types of rooms will you build? Single bed? Double bed? Multiple beds? Economy class? Or something really expensive? The game will provide you with the list of the people that chose your competitors hotel instead of yours, so you can always check what's the most popular type of room. Facilities. Will your hotel have a restaurant? A bar? How about a spa? Or a business meeting room? Maybe some shops? Different rooms require different amount of space. There's nothing sadder than building a spa and hearing a constant complaint from customers of "it's not big enough". You also only have so much space to use for building, therefore you have to think carefully. Would I rather provide a service or have more rooms? Advertising opportunities. You can offer packets to your guests. Would it be useful to sell the use of a business meeting room and a 4 bed room for two nights in a packet together? It's all about thinking, building and watching little simulated guests use your facilities, complain and praise them. While it's less fleshed out than Hotel Giant 2 I remember having a lot of fun with it.

Not bad


Hotel Giant is actually not a bad game. It isn't great, it has its flaws. Hoter Giant is a sim game where you manage a hotel. The presentation is meh. The tutorial is awful. But if you are patient, you can find a nice game.

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