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Game description

Without further ado, feast your eyes upon our Indie Mega Bundle.

We love indie games here at Green Man Gaming. That's why we've carefully selected the titles in this bundle to offer you almost endless hours of fun. Within you'll find some of the most exciting and inginuitive indie publishers out there. 


This bundle includes:

  • The Lady
  • Ballistick
  • Centauri Sector
  • Chronicles of a Dark Lord Episode 1 TOF
  • Chronicles of a Dark Lord Episode 2 WOTA
  • Hidden Mysteries: Civil War
  • Legends of Solitaire: Curse of the Dragon
  • Montagues Mount
  • Roogoo
  • The Detail: Episode 1
  • Velocibox
  • Hoven the Sages Spinel
  • Apartment 666
  • A Land Fit For Heroes
  • Cell HD Emergence
  • Orboron
  • Paranautical Activity
  • Reverse Crawl
  • Spellweaver Vampire Overlord
  • The Joylancer Legendary Motor Knight
  • Air Guardians
  • Corporate Lifestyle Simulator
  • Huntsman: The Orphanage
  • Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle
  • Red Goblin: Cursed Forest
  • Three Dead Zed

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Green Man Gaming
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Reviews for Indie Mega Bundle

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Looking for an actual review? Here it is.


Yes, it's cheap, and I suppose the purchase does help the developers behind this game, but you should know what you are spending your $4 on. So, the bad: Most of these games are not good. That's not to bash on the developers or their efforts, I'm sure they are working hard for what looks to be their first serious efforts towards video game development. But just a quick venture through Steam will show that there are only a few games above $5, which isn't a sign of quality, per se, but it at least shows some kind of production value present in the game. Just cause it's cheap doesn't mean you should buy it. Also, many of the games have 'mixed' or 'negative' reviews, although more the former than the later. And some simply don't have enough reviews to get a decent score. That being said... The jewels of this pack are Paranautical Activity, Reverse Crawl, Velocibox, and the Spellweaver Vampire Overlord deck for the free-to-play Spellweaver TCG. Collectively, those titles are $34, which is still a steal regardless of the other games involved. And even including the titles that aren't quite up-to-stuff, it is probably a worthwhile purchase. This is partly because A), there is something for everyone, whether that be point-and-clicks, horror, platforming, fps roguelikes (Paranautical Activity), or RPG's - or B), because some offer some really fascinating concepts like Cell HD Emergence. So that's what you are getting into by grabbing this deal.

Worth the bargin!


The price of the bundle and what you are getting out of it is unbeatable. Sure it isn't like a battlefield type game where you can constantly play for hours upon hours of the game stuff, but with 25 games to play with, you're bound to have so much diversity. Within these particular 25 games, I see plenty of diversity within the given genres. Definitely worth the $4 it's on sale for.

Get it while at sale!!


Currently, at this sale it's literally like they're giving it for free, just look at the price! This is a big & good collection of Indie games. Besides, it's like those games cover almost all genres. Some of the listed games above are more well known than the rest but give them all a chance at this price that they are. My favourite ones are Three Dead Zed, Corporate Lifestyle Simulator and Montague Mount. Some of them are creepy too, like Montague Mount. If you like Indie games or wanna collect more games, absolutely get this bundle. You won't be disappointed with this price it is currently on, it's totally worth it. My rating for Indie Mega Bundle: 100/100 (I'm NOT kidding)



They are giving it to you basically, buy it

A Pack With Indie Games.


This Pack is on Sale. Offers up to 25 Indie games on Steam, and it's only $4 dollars. Go Buy It !

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