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Game description

KrissX (pronounced ‘kriss cross’), is a casual puzzle game designed to test your vocab and brain power to their limits with a plethora of mind-bending word games.

Help Wordsworth the Owl on his mission to solve jumbled word puzzles by following clues and swapping letters around. With over 3,500 words to unscramble and a variety of game styles including Quests, Time Attack Mode and Timeless Play, there is endless replay value. Uncomplicated controls mean instant pick up and play appeal so it’s an interactive and fun gaming experience for players of all ages.

Decipher brainteasers and test your knowledge with a host of great features:

  • 150 vibrant levels to master at your own pace in Quest Mode
  • Beat the clock in Time Attack mode
  • If you’re successful you’ll be rewarded with badges and high scores
  • Huge numbers of bonuses to unlock to complete your collection of badges
  • The option to challenge family and friends with puzzles of your own creation
  • Unique puzzles every time you play - never play the same game twice.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010
Digital PC Download
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Minimum Requirements
  • Windows Vista/7
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Reviews for KrissX

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A nice crossword puzzle game


The achievements are all easy to get, if a little time consuming which is a good thing. This is not a skill intensive game, its just thinking. If you like puzzle games, if you don't mind doing crossword puzzles, if you want a game to get some easy achievements on, this is it. The 2 complaints I have with the game is the stupid owl gets in the way sometimes in the bottom right and there are religious overtones in a lot of the words, ie: sometimes the word is redemption, minister, genesis etc. Those are pretty minor complaints for what is otherwise a good game that accomplishes what it means to do: be a crossword puzzle game. But its a solid time waster, worth about $1.

Quite Difficult


Krissx is a new word game based around unscrambling letters to form words. To do this, you have to switch two letters at a time into their correct places for the word. You do get a short hint, since many words are anagrams of each other—such as to help you know the difference between “sink” and “skin.” The game comes with a number of formats for these words to appear in, the most common one being a simplified crossword design. Intersecting letters are locked in for you, giving you a valuable hint. But there are other challenges, too, such as unscrambling words that are stacked horizontally, but you can only switch the letters between them vertically. Or timed challenges, where you have to put the letters in alphabetical order in a certain number of moves. KrissX provides a lot of gameplay options, which can keep you from getting bored with one particular type.

One for younger fans seeking to expand their vocabulary.


KrissX (pronounced Kriss Cross btw) is the latest addition to a long line of word based puzzle games for PC. It is your quest to help "Wordsworth" the brainy looking owl mascot to unscramble some words by swapping individual letters around. Unlike other titles in the genre KrissX actually has more in common with crossword puzzles but does it have enough to lure you away from the newspaper? Visually KrissX looks very much like a Popcap title which isn't a bad thing. The resolution is stuck at 800x600 so don't expect any high definition action but overall it doesn't look too shabby. The graphics are plain and simple with an empty landscape in the background that only changes to reflect the seasons. The owl mascot is also present on the levels to give it a bit more life I suppose but the little fellow has the nasty habit of obscuring some letters on the word grids. He fades away when you are working with words in his vicinity but it feels just a tad too slow. Since time is of the essence in some game modes this is a bit annoying. The same goes for the word clues that appear when you hover your mouse over the rows and columns. Nothing gamebreaking but over the course of 150 levels it can become a nuisance. While I had fun with KrissX it just never became as addictive as a really good puzzler should. It makes for a nice change of pace but once you've done everything there is to do you'll probably move on without looking back. I can heartily recommend this game to parents seeking to expand the vocabulary of their children but chances are older players have already played something similar and better.

Great for learning new words


This is a great game for improving your vocabulary. There are several game modes in this game, where you have to unscramble letters to form a specific word. If you're stuck, the game will give you clues (refer to last picture) which can help you unscramble the word; even if you don't know the word, you could randomly arrange the letters and eventually unscramble the word (although it would be much harder for long words) and learn a new word in the process. The music and atmosphere of the game is not bad. I would recommend this game.



This is kind of a challenging game, as you have to hustle "mumbo-jumbo" words to get actual words. After you finished the quite short quest mode, there is of course a time attack mode, in which you can get high scores. Your family will try to beat them, so you will then again try to beat them. In the end you end up playing it more than you'd have wanted. A great upside in this game is that every game is different, as the words are always different, this makes this game to one that you'll play for many hours. Definitely buy!

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